Stratocaster Wiring Diagrams

Standard Stratocaster

Blender Pot Stratocaster

H-S-S Stratocaster With Gradual Tap

HSH Stratocaster

HSS Split Blade Strat

HSS Strat With Resistor

Soapbar P90s - Strat

HH Strat Wiring Diagram

Telecaster Wiring Diagrams

Standard Telecaster Wiring Diagram

Telecaster With Flipped Control Plate

Nashville Telecaster

Broadcaster Wiring

P90 Neck & Bridge Wiring

Telecaster Deluxe Wiring Diagram

Telecaster With P90 Neck

Telecaster With Humbucker Neck

Telecaster With Humbucker Neck & 500K Resistor

Telecaster With Neck Humbucker (Partial Tap Split)

Telecaster Wiring Diagram With 4-Way Switch

Telecaster Wiring Diagram With Bright Switch

Telecaster With Series / Parallel Mod

Misc. Fender Wiring Diagrams

Mustang Wiring Diagram

Jaguar Wiring Diagram

Jazzmaster Wiring Diagram

Gibson Wiring Diagrams

Gibson Les Paul Wiring

Gibson Les Paul Wiring (3-Conductor)

50's Gibson Wiring

Gibson With Coil Split

Gibson With Gradual Split & Blender

Gibson With 2 P90s Wiring

Gibson Wiring With P90s (2C Lead)

Gibson Les Paul Jr. Wiring Diagram (Braided Lead)

Gibson Les Paul Jr. Wiring Diagram (2 Conductor Lead)

Mini Humbucker Wiring Diagram With Master Tone And Blender

Dynasonic Wiring Diagrams

DynaSonic Wiring Diagram

DynaSonics in a DuoJet®

Bass Wiring Diagrams

Jazz Bass Wiring Diagram

Jazz Bass With Concentric Pots

PJ Style Bass

P-Bass Wiring Diagram

51 P-Bass

Misc. Wiring Diagrams & Install Guides

Prewired Pickguard Install Guide

Fralin Humbucker Wiring Codes

Prewired Telecaster Control Plate Install

Volume Kit Installation

Fralin Bright Switch Modification

Engage / Disengage Volume Kit Push Pull Mod

Blender Pot Installation

Fralin Bright Switch - Volume Pot Mod