Rewind Process:

Our rewind process is not just a rewind – it’s a complete Vintage Restoration. It’s a diagnosis, repair, and careful restoration back to complete, heathy working condition. Our process starts from the ground up – we find what’s wrong with your pickup, and make attempts to repair it first. If we can’t repair the pickup, we completely disassemble it, clean and straighten any parts, and re-assemble it with new lacquer and glue.

When you get a fully restored pickup, your pickup has been completely taken apart and rebuilt with great precision and care. We have special techniques to preserve the way your pickup looks, as well as winding by hand – just like Fender and Gibson did it back in the day.


Rewinds are $75 per coil. Included in this service is the whole restorative process and Wax Potting. Please see below for à la carte services.


Most Rewinds take about 3-4 weeks, in the shop. If you want it back sooner, please include $50 with your payment as a Rush Fee. This guarantees that your pickup will be shipped within 5 days. See below for Rush Information.

How Do I Pay?

You may enclose a check for the entire amount, if you’re sure the cost. For instance, if you know you have a Strat coil that is dead, enclose a check for $91. ($75 Rewind, $16 Shipping – Domestic).

You can also pay via PayPal. For instructions, please see our FAQ here.

If you’re unsure of the cost, and need a diagnosis, follow the instructions below to mail it to us, and include a note explaining that you need a diagnosis. We’ll call you with a price!



We only rewind and repair Fender® & Gibson Humbucker® Pickups. If you have a Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster, Mustang, Musicmaster, Duosonic, Jaguar, P-Bass, or Jazz Bass pickup, we can work on it.

We do not work on “Stacked” pickups, like the Fender Noiseless line. If your pickups are filled with Epoxy, we are unable to work on these pickups as well.

For all other pickup rewind needs, or for any rewind not listed above, please contact Tom Brantley.


      1. Package your pickup carefully.
      2. Include a note (Preferably typewritten) with the the service(s) you’d like to have us perform, as well as the following:
        1. Full Name
        2. Mailing Address
        3. Daytime Phone Number
        4. Email


Our Rush Fee is $50.00. This guarantees a week or less in the shop.


Our Mailing Address:

Lindy Fralin Pickups
2015 W. Laburnum Ave. 2nd Floor
Richmond, VA 23227

à La Carte Services:

Wax Potting:

Wax Potting: $10 per pickup

We will submerge your pickup in a wax bath until the bubbles cease to escape from the pickup. This cures most microphonic problems and will preserve the life of your pickup tenfold by reducing corrosion and increasing the durability of the pickup.

New Leads:

New Leads for Strat – Style pickups are $10 per pickup.

This service includes new Fender® Style Cloth leads and fresh solder.

New Leads for Humbuckers are $30 per pickup.

This process involves taking the humbucker apart, cleaning up any adhesive and wax, and applying the new lead, replacing adhesive and melting wax around the area. It’s very messy and labor intensive, thus we charge a premium for it. Please specify if you want Gibson Braided Shielded, 2-Conductor, 3-Conductor, or 4-Conductor when you order.


  1. Thanks Lindy, and all the folks at Fralin Pickups. Got the rewound Jazzmaster pickups installed yesterday and used the guitar last night at practice. Wow, excellent sound. Just what I hoped for, a “vintage” Jazzmaster sound. The pickups had more output and presence, a real bite to the sound; but, still warm/dark. the trebly sound the duncan pickups were giving me is not the sound I associate with jazzmasters; running through my Blackface Pro Reverb I was able to get great clean tones and overdriven tones with real bite. Thanks again. You guys rock.

  2. Lindy, I live in town and pass your shop every day, and I’ve heard of your incredible workmanship for years. What I’m wondering is, I have an old Kramer (my first quality guitar from about 1989) that’s got bad action since I replaced the neck. If I bring it in for a new pickup, can/ will you do anything other than pickup work, i.e. work with the neck/action at all, or is your workshop exclusively pickup work. I can leave it there indefinitely, there would be no rush whatsoever. I’d love to retrofit it with Tele equipment.

    Buckley Fountain
    6914 Old Westham Rd
    Richmond, VA 23225
    804-320-6120 – leave message anytime if preferred

  3. Ok, my bad. Missed the note- you won’t work on a Kramer, will you? Sorry. I’ll contact Mr. Brantley.

    Is it only Gibson and Fender? Do you not work on PRS’ at all?

  4. Hahaha! Typical Lower 48 business mentality, ALASKA and HAWAII are part of the U.S. It doesn’t cost more than double to ship to Alaska using USPS, thanks for being not only ignorant, but greedy…

    Can you say “Hidden Profit”?

    1. Hey Bill,

      It’s true that USPS ships flat rate to AK and HI! However, we ship FedEx 2-Day. This not only ensures your pickups are delivered in a safe and efficient manner, but it also costs us more, most of the time breaking even.

      Thanks, though!


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