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Rewinds, Repairs, and More! If you need work done for your pickups, this is the place. If you’re sending in a pickup for Rewind, Repair, or Wax Potting, fill out this form below to get started. You’ll need to pay the required $30 Diagnostic Fee plus Return Shipping in order to initiate a rewind or repair.

Update 2024:

To ensure your safe delivery of your precious rewind, we’re shipping all pickups back to you Signature Required. Return shipping is now $25.

Before We Begin:

We do not work on all pickups. If you haven’t contacted us first, please Contact Us before sending in your pickup(s). Also, you do not need to pay the Diagnostic Fee more than once.

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Shipping Options

Additional Options For Shipping. Starting March 2024, all pickups will be shipped back to you Signature Required.
You may request Additional Insurance in case your shipment becomes lost.


Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

Upgrade To A Prewired Pickguard

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Things You Should Know:

  • What Pickups Do You Rewind?
    • Only standard Fender or Gibson Pickups. For all other models, please call the shop and speak to Lindy to determine if we work on them.
  • Do I need to pay the diagnostic fee more than once if sending in multiple pickups?
    • No. The Diagnostic Fee covers multiple pickups.
  • How Much Does A Rewind Cost?
    • $100 per coil. For example, a single Strat rewind would be $100. A Humbucker would be $200.
  • How Long Does The Process Take?
    • It depends on our shop capacity at the time, but an average is 4 Weeks.
  • Why do I need to pay a Diagnostic Fee?
    • The $30 Diagnostic Fee covers the processing of your rewind or repair as well as determining what is wrong with your pickup(s). The Diagnostic Fee is non-refundable but goes towards the price of any repairs needed.
  • How Much Is Shipping?
    • $25 for standard shipping within the continental US. $45 for standard shipping to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii, and $60 for international shipping. Additional insurance and fees may apply if shipping to a residence. Starting March 2024: All Rewinds will be shipped back to you Signature Required
  • Why am I paying shipping to send the pickup(s) to you?
    • Paying return shipping upfront ensures a quicker delivery and process of your pickup(s). When your pickup(s) are done, they return to you!
  • What should I send with my Pickup(s)?
    • We do not accept wiring harnesses. Please send as little as possible - don't send mounting hardware, covers, grounding plates or height adjustment foam. All we need is the pickup.

Customer Reviews

1 review for Pickup Service

  1. Bruce Atkinson

    Just a huge “Thank You” for your help getting my vintage CAR strat bridge PU back to sounding fantastic. Even though the news regarding the “original” PU was not good your honest/professional consult and repair/replace was awesome.

    The guitar now sounds like a vintage strat should in all PU positions once again! (as well as the repair to the 62 DuoSonic PU – great there as well!!).

    Outstanding professional service and products!

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