Pre-Wired Customizable Telecaster® Control Plate


Customize and upgrade your Telecaster, instantly. With over 150 combinations available, you can select your options, and we’ll wire it up just how you like it. Installation involves soldering a few wires into place. As always, we only use the finest-quality USA-Made parts we can find.



We can wire up an output jack, or pre-install our Volume Kit for a few extra bucks!

Push-Pull Modifications

For a small up-charge, you can really improve your tone and functionality of your Tele® with our Push-Pull Mods!

Max-Out Your Telecaster. Instantly.

Our Pre-Wired Telecaster Control Plates are designed by you, and built by us. Our Chrome Prewired Control Plates come loaded with the highest quality materials available – from CRL® and Oak-Grigsby® Switches, to CTS® Pots. Of course, all our parts are made in the USA and are assembled and wired by hand in Richmond, VA.


We can wire up your Tele Control Plate a couple different ways: Normal Orientation and Flipped Orientation.

  • Normal Orientation:  With a Normal Orientation Telecaster Control Plate, your switch is closest to the headstock.
  • Flipped Orientation: This Control Plate is oriented with the Switch closest to the Output Jack, and the Volume Pot closest to the headstock. This is great for those who love to utilize volume swells.

Fralin Telecaster Control Orientations

Switch Type:

We can wire up your switch a couple of different ways – here are your options:

  • 3-Way CRL: This will give you normal Telecaster functionality – Bridge Only / Bridge – Neck / Neck Only.
  • 4-Way Oak-Grigsby: You will have to have a 3-Wire Tele Neck for this to work. This switch will give you Bridge Only / Bridge and Neck in Parallel / Bridge and Neck in Series / Neck Only.
  • 5-Way CRL: This is perfect for Nashville Telecasters, with 3 pickups.

Pot value:

Choose 250K Pots if you have single coil Telecaster pickups, or pickups that are brighter in nature. 250K pots will make darker sounding pickups too dark and muddy.

Choose 500K Pots if you have Humbuckers, P-90’s, or other dark-sounding pickups. 500K pots will make single coil Telecaster pickups sound too shrill.

Tone Cap Value:

Read up on our Tone Caps here.

  • .02 mfd sounds great on most Fender guitars, and will give you a medium roll-off in tone.
  • .05 mfd will offer a much deeper and darker roll-off than .02.
  • Magic Cap: This is a very low capacitance cap (.0015 mfd) and really only works on the Bridge Pickup only. It tends to make treble strings sound fatter.


We can add on some cool push-pull modifications to your control plate to make your tone unique. For an explanation of the Bright Switch, click here.

The 2-Tone Cap Modification allows you to have 2 tone caps on your guitar at the same time. If you want this, please let us know in the “Order Notes” field on the checkout screen which cap you want when pushed down, and what cap you want when pulled up.


  1. How long will my Control Plate take? Please give us 5 days to build and assemble your Control Plate. All orders are built to order and wired by hand.
  2. Can you wire it up without the Chrome Plate? As it turns out, No. If this matters to you, you can pull out all the wiring once you receive it to put it in your own Control Plate. It’s just too time consuming and unsafe to ship without a solid control plate holding everything together.
  3. Can I return my Control Plate? No. Since these are so custom and made to order, all Telecaster Control Plate sales are final, and not available for exchange or return.
  4. What if I don’t see exactly what I want? Use the “Notes” field on the checkout screen to type in any special requests. Use this field to describe how you want it wired as well, if you want anything customized. We’ll make it to your specs.
  5. Do you offer different knobs and plates? We can special order these – please add 2 -3 weeks to your order.


Check out our downloadable installation guide here, with all variations explained.

Installation Guide



Normal Control Orientation (Switch First), Flipped Control Orientation (Volume Pot First)

Switch Type

3-Way CRL® Switch, 4-Way Oak-Grigsby® Switch, 5-Way CRL® Switch (For Nashville Guitars)

Pot Value

250K Pots (For Single Coil Pickups), 500K Pots (For Darker-Sounding Pickups)

Tone Cap Value

.02 mfd (Standard Fender), .05 mfd (Standard Gibson), Fralin Magic Cap (For Brighter Pickups)



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