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Lindy in his OfficeLindy in his OfficeLindy in his Office

"The first time I heard Jimi Hendrix, I was not only fascinated by the music but also the tone of the instruments. Since that time, I have been on a never-ending pursuit of the perfect tone for guitars and basses. I am continually thinking of ways to improve tone, which means reinvesting in my company by engineering new parts, building prototypes, and trying new ideas. Let your guitar inspire you!"

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How we got our start

Lindy Fralin has been a pioneer and innovator in the Guitar and Bass pickup industry for 30 years. His guitar pickups are found in some of the most notable and influential guitarist’s guitars today.

Fralin Pickups started as a humble, one-man shop in the historic Fan District in Richmond, Virginia. Passionate about guitars and tone, Lindy began repairing broken pickups from local music stores. Lindy started rewinding them with a winder built from a sewing machine motor and pedal. After some local musicians listened and heard Lindy’s pickups, Lindy quickly realized that he was on to something.

Growing his rewind business, Lindy got his hands on some of the most sought after pickups available. He received countless pickups from all eras, and his passion for music pushed him to examine all the details of these vintage pickups and determine their “magic.”


Fralin Pickups is a full-fledged manufacturing shop. In addition to our pickup line, we now feature Prewired Pickguards and Telecaster Control Plates. Lindy and his team are always pushing the boundary further in the industry. We are always looking for new designs and improvements to our current line to make our pickups the best on the market.

Keeping true to our roots, we’re still a small and humble shop of 11 employees. The Fralin Pickups team strives to make the highest quality product available: from start to finish. Our pickups are assembled from the highest quality materials we can get our hands-on.

We use all USA-Made parts, and we build, wind, and test every pickup by hand – with unsurpassed attention to detail. Our goal is for our customers to be completely blown away by the tone, clarity, and articulation of our pickups. We will continue to strive to make the best-sounding pickups available, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

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