Wide Range Humbucker

  • Hum-Cancelling
  • Clean & Articulate
  • Traditional Appearance
  • Vintage Output
(28 genuine reviews)


The Fralin Wide Range Humbucker is a cleaner and more articulate version of the original, with all the clarity and definition you’ve come to expect with Fralin Pickups. Made with USA-Made parts and wound by hand, this will give you an amazing, sweet era-authentic tone!



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Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


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True '70s Wide-Range Tone

Want to learn more about our Wide Range Humbucker? Here's all the information you'll need:

Wide Range Humbucker FEATURES:

Our Wide Range Humbucker is a modern take on the original classic. Originally built and designed by Seth Lover for Fender, this was the answer to Gibson’s darker-sounding humbuckers. Today, Lindy Fralin took his idea a little further, by making this pickup sweet, articulate, and clear and clean. Our Wide Range humbuckers will drop right in to your guitar, as they are the same fit and finish as the factory ones. This pickup will sound reminiscent of our P-92’s – Bold, but clear and articulate.


  • Loud, bright, articulate clean tones and smooth, slightly crunchy distortion tones.
  • Same size as the original Wide Range Humbuckers
  • Threaded Alnico 5 Pole Pieces and for top-end sparkle
  • Traditional humbucker design and looks
  • USA-Made Parts, and Wound to spec, one at a time.


The Fralin Wide Range Humbucker is Clean, articulate, and bright. If you have a darker or dull-sounding guitar, these will breathe new life into it. Lows are big, bouncy and clear like most Fender humbucker designs. The Mids are slightly scooped with an emphasis on the high mids. This pickup is sure to cut through the mix, without sounding brittle, shrill or thin. Playing dirty, this pickup won’t break up as early as traditional humbuckers. It will still sound thick in the low mids and smooth on the top-end. As with all our pickups, we take care to make sure we wind it to your specifications. Want it to sound a little fatter and darker? No problem – we’ll wind it to spec, free of charge.



Tonal Graph for Wide Range Humbucker:

The tone graph below for our Wide Range Humbucker features Lows, Midrange, Highs, and general Output.


Attack: Dynamic & Full

Tech Specs

See below for the estimated DCR and Polarity Information for our Wide Range Humbucker.

Neck Ohm Reading:9K
Bridge Ohm Reading:9.7K
Neck Polarity:Reversible With 2-Conductor Lead
Bridge Polarity:Reversible With 2-Conductor Lead
Magnet Material:USA-Made Alnico 5
Wire:USA-Made 42-Gauge Single Poly Nylon
Bobbin Material:Nylon
Baseplate Material:USA-Made Nickel Silver
Cover Material:USA-Made Nickel Silver
String Spacing:54mm
Recommend Pot Value:300K | 500K*
Recommended Cap Value**:0.02mfd

**We recommend a 0.02mfd Cap Value on most guitar and bass pickups. The exception is a Magic Cap, which Lindy prefers on the Bridge Pickup of Fender® guitars only. Learn More about Caps Here.

300K pots will give this pickup a slightly darker and warmer tone.


Wide Range Humbucker Dimensions


Lead Color Codes

See below for our Lead color codes. For help with matching to other manufacturers, check out this resource here.

Gibson Braided Lead:

2-Conductor With Shield
Gibson Braided Lead - Use on Gibson-Style Instruments only, where each pickup has it's own respective volume and tone pot. Do not select this lead on Fender-style instruments, unless the instrument is wired like a Gibson, like a Telecaster Deluxe. This lead is non-reversible. You cannot split the humbucker with this lead.

2-Conductor Lead:

2-Conductor With Shield
Two-Conductor Lead - Select this lead if wiring to a Blade Switch or buying a single pickup. 2-Conductor allows you to reverse the phase of the pickup.

Wide Range Humbucker Questions And Answers:


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    How would I order the branded pickup covers by themselves. I bought a neck and bridge off the secondary market that have mismatched covers. Also, which material gives the sweetest tone? I thought I remembered chrome was good for this?
  1. Q How would I order the branded pickup covers by themselves. I bought a neck and bridge off the sec...... Read more
    There are no answers for this question yet.
  2. Do these pair well with the steel split poled tele pickups? For a 72 custom tele. Thanks!
  3. Q Do these pair well with the steel split poled tele pickups? For a 72 custom tele. Thanks!

    Hey Joe, yes they do! You'll get a clean humbucker tone out of the neck, and a clean P90 tone out of the bridge. It will be a great combination.

  4. Wanting to get and install a set of widerange humbucker into my thinline tele with 2 conductor wires into a sorderless wiring harness .
  5. Q Wanting to get and install a set of widerange humbucker into my thinline tele with 2 conductor wi...... Read more
    A You can do that - avoid "Quick Connect" systems and use something from Obsidian.
  6. Hi... maybe a silly question but is there a recommended method or tool for installing threads to mount the humbucker? Not sure if I should try to find a 3-48 sheet metal screw?
  7. Q Hi... maybe a silly question but is there a recommended method or tool for installing threads to ...... Read more

    Hey Joseph, a tap and die set would be the correct tool for this job.

  8. Are these threaded magnetic poles like the original Fender pickups, or do these have separate magnets?
  9. Q Are these threaded magnetic poles like the original Fender pickups, or do these have separate mag...... Read more

    Hey Jeff, our Wide Range Humbucker features threaded magnetic poles.


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Go the extra mile and combine our Wide Range Humbucker with a Telecaster Control Plate!:

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28 Genuine Reviews for Wide Range Humbucker

  1. Mark Schuster

    Wonderful pickups if they are the same, in the mid 2000s wernt these called split singles, humbucker sized but actually one pickup for the top 3 and one for the bottom 3 kinda sound like p 90s .I loved them but you can’t coil tap these right because it doesn’t contain 2 full coils? Thanks. I’m an old customer. Going to get started again, got I’ll for a while. Mark Schuster, Marks Custom Guitars, Princeton, WISCONSIN.

  2. Danny Thompson
    Verified Buyer

    Made a “72 Fender Telecaster custom” partscaster and wanted a wide range neck pickup that would pair well with a Joe Barden bridge pickup and after doing some research I opted for the Fralin and I was not disappointed! But be warned this is a very high output pickup. Take that into consideration with what you are pairing it with.
    It has a brighter tone than the original CuNiFe pickups, which for me was a good thing.

  3. Koji
    Verified Buyer

    Great pickups. Looks cool and sounds great. My guitar has been reborn.

  4. ben
    Verified Buyer

    Beautiful pickup. Paired with a Split Steel Poled Tele pickup. Sounds amazing. Set the heights on you pickups, it will open them up!

  5. Daniel Meyer

    There are two Fralin Wide Range Humbuckers on my Deimel Firestar and i love it. They are clear, have a beautiful texture and it is pure joy to play them.

  6. Karl Maciag
    Verified Buyer

    Wow what a difference! My 72′ Tele Deluxe RI was a gift from my wife, but I found myself playing it less and less as it sounded dull and muddy compared to my other guitars that had either nice vintage pickups, or modern boutique pickups. After putting in the Fralin Wide Range pickups, it’s like having an entirely different guitar. The bridge pickup is full, with a bright top end that isn’t ice-picky. The mid range has a texture I’ve never heard out of this guitar, and the bottom end has all the growl I want. The neck pickup is warm, smooth, and has amazing clarity. I’m amazed at how much I’m playing the neck pickup now in this guitar. These pickups took an old favorite guitar and gave it new life! If you have one of the reissue guitars with the wide-range pickups, don’t think any more about it, buy them and get them in ASAP!

  7. Tom Coplen
    Verified Buyer

    Amazing! Unbelievable clarity. Rich and “chimey” yet warm and smooth at the same time. Couldn’t be happier!

  8. Eric Graham

    Fralin knocks it out of the park. These are the best Wide Range pickups ever made. While Fender dithered for 40 years waiting for a new source of CUNIFE magnets Lindy said ‘Hold my beer’ and got it done.

    Lindy took industry standard materials and crafted a clear, clean, articulate, and exquisitely loud wide range humbucker. The sound of these is true to the original. While sound can become a bit subjective, sustainability and cost is not. Lindy used industry standard parts easily sourced from USA manufacturers to build a boutique quality pickup at a lower cost.

    Do you want to pay less for a wide range humbucker that sounds better than the original? My answer was yes.

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