Pickup Dimensions

Need to check if our pickups will fit your instrument? Here's all the information you'll need.

Stratocaster Dimensions

Standard Strat

Fralin Strat Sizing & Dimensions

For Vintage Hots, Real 54's, Woodstock, Blues Specials, High Output, Steel Pole 42 & 43.

Split Blade

Split Blade Strat Dimensions

For Split Blade Strat Dimensions

Telecaster Dimensions

Standard Tele

Telecaster Dimensions - Fralin

Vintage Hot, Blues Specials, High Outputs

Steel Pole

Steel Pole Tele Dimensions

For Steel Pole models

Split Blade

Split Blade Tele Dimensions

For Split Blade Telecaster models

Split Steel Pole Tele

Split Steel Pole Tele Dimensions

For our Split Steel Pole Tele Bridge

P90 Dimensions

Soapbar P90

Soapbar Dimensions For Fralin Pickups

Dogear P90 (Plastic Covers)

Plastic Dogear Dimensions For Fralin Pickups

Dogear P90 (Metal Covers)

Metal Dogear Dimensions for Fralin Pickups

Jazzmaster Dimensions


Jazzmaster Dimensions

Please note the differing heights between models.

Mustang Dimensions


Mustang Dimensions

Humbucker Dimensions

Traditional Humbucker

Fralin Humbucker Dimensions

For all humbucker-sized models

Mini Humbucker / Firebird

Mini Humbucker Dimensions

Dimensions for Mini Humbucker, Firebird, and Mini Big Single

Wide Range Humbucker

Wide Range Humbucker Dimensions

Bass Dimensions


P-Bass Dimensions


51 P-Bass Dimensions

For Both Split and Single Coil models

4-String Jazz Bass

4-String Jazz Bass Dimensions

5-String Jazz Bass

5-String Jazz Bass Dimensions