Lindy Fralin Humbuckers

Gibson’s classic double coil pickup. The coils are in phase to a guitar amp, but out of phase to the "hum" in the air. We offer this pickup in Zebra (one black coil and one cream coil) or Double Black. Other options include coil tap or Gibson style braided shield wire and outputs from 7.5 K to 10.0 K. All of our humbuckers are wound with 42 Plain Enamel like the old P.A.F.’s.

PAF style humbuckers are available in outputs of: 7.5K, 8K, 8.5K, 9K, 9.5K & 10K

Caution Sign Note: As with all pickups, more turns of wire gives more power, thicker mids and less highs.

5% Overwind = 5% More Power - 5% Highs Graph

* Note:
5% (+) Overwind = 5% More Power, 5% More Mids, but 5% Less Highs
5% (-) Underwind = 5% Less Power, 5% Less Mids, but 5% More Highs

Now available! Wider spaced humbuckers. We have 50 mm and 52 mm, in white or black, flat foot or deep foot. (White, flat foot shown at left or click for larger image - 9.8 KB.)

We recommend a stronger bridge. (i.e. 8 K neck, 9 K bridge). Our coil tap models are designed to be hum canceling when the tapped humbucker is combined with a Strat reverse middle. (Humb-Single-Humb or Single-Single-Humb). If you want to have a phase reversal switch, you can reverse white and black.

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Pure PAF Top Λ

Fralin Pure PAF


Introducing the "Pure PAF". This is my favorite humbucker. We wind these to 7.5k-7.8k in the neck position and 8k-8.4k in the bridge. We use ALNICO II magnets to soften the treble and smooth the grind.

They are clean and articulate with very good note separation. The parts used look like real PAFs and the tone is as close as we can get. If you want to coil tap these pickups, we suggest using our Partial Tap Kit.

Learn more about the Partial Tap Kit here on our Facebook page

Pure PAF vs. the new Hum Canceling P-90's


Split-Singles - P-92s & Twangmasters Top Λ

Fralin P-92 Split Single

Fralin Twangmaster

These are humbuckers in size and shape, and they are quiet, but the sound is pure single coil.

The "P-92" (has adjustable pole pieces) is fat but still has clear, bright wound strings.


The "Twangmaster" (has non-adjustable pole pieces) is even clearer with the sound you would expect from ALNICO V rods.

They are available with 8,000 to 11,000 turns. (in my guitar I have 8,000 and 9,200 neck and bridge) The covers are solid nickel-silver finished in Nickel, Gold and Black. Note: Covers are required.

    When ordering please specify:
  • Number of Turns (8,000 to 11,000)
  • Cover Color: Nickel ($10), Gold ($14 ea), or Black ($12 ea)
  • *Covers are required for Split-Singles, i.e., P-92s and Twangmasters
  • Fralin P-92 Twangmaster in Black Fralin P-92 Twangmaster in Gold Fralin P-92 Twangmaster in Gold

Premier Guitar, November 04, 2014

2014 Gear of the Year: Lindy Fralin P-92 and P-90 in a Humbucker Cover
“No longtime PG reader will be surprised to see Lindy Fralin among this year's award winners. Fralins have been among the Cadillacs of aftermarket pickups since the '90s. In the form of these humbucker-sized neck and bridge pickups, though, Joe Gore heard an extraordinary dynamic and harmonically rich P-90 tone that excelled even by Fralin standards. The Fralin P-92 also earned a Premier Guitar award, largely for a rich, larger than life tone with super-storn fundamentals that gave Gore the sensation he was playing a long-scale Les Paul.”

Read the entire review here »


Big Single Top Λ

Big Single

NEW! Big Single

A new kind of humbucker. This pickup has a big, round single coil sound with no hum.

It is in-between the P92 and Twangmaster in output but like them has a big round single coil tone.

It is thicker sounding than the Twangmaster but not as aggressive as the P92. It can be made in 42g wire from 6,000 to 7,000 turns and 43g wire up to 9,000 turns for more output and a darker tone.

This pickup can be also made in a Firebird style cover (see mini humbucker page).

Hear and see the Big Single in action on our Facebook page


Hum-Cancelling P-90 Top Λ

Fralin P-90 Hum-cancelling

NEW! Hum-Cancelling P-90's

This 2 coil pickup has the big midrange and the bright wound strings of the original P-90's. The stock set sounds the most like real "50's" P-90's. 5% under makes a very clean set and the 5% over makes a darker set. (Our favorite is the "Stock" set).

Note: This pickup can be damaged by over-tightening the screws into the pickup.
    When ordering please specify:
  • 5% under, Stock, or 5% over set
  • Dogear or Soapbar
  • Creme or Black cover
  • Gibson style braided shield or 2 conductor shielded
  • All sets come with a 10% cleaner Neck pickup
Pure PAF vs. the new Hum Canceling P-90's

Unbucker Top Λ

In our Unbucker, we wind the screw coil stronger than the slug coil. This makes the pickup sound a little more single coil, but the best reason to do this is for coil tapping. When tapped the stronger coil is active as opposed to half a pickup. Our best selling set of these is 7.5K neck (4.5-3) and 8.5 Bridge (5-3.5) 3 conductor lead with a Vintage Hot reverse middle in-between. (Humb.-single-Humb.).

Combining the two coils gives a total ohm reading or approximate output to compare to normal humbuckers.

High Output Humbuckers Top Λ

High Output Humbucker: More power, Longer sustain and Faster grind. Wound with 43 gauge wire from 12.5K to 13.5K with ALNICO IV magnets. This set taps very well, and also tolerates being turned down on the volume control. Read "Musician's Hotline" review of this pickup here

Humbucker Wire Code Information:

Three (3) conductor Four (4) conductor
  • White = hot
  • Black = ground
  • Red = center tap
  • Shield = ground
  • Black = inside slug coil
  • White = inside screw coil
  • Green = outside screw coil
  • Red = outside slug coil
  • Shield = ground

Humbucker Prices and Order Info Top Λ

Prices (each):
  • Humbuckers $130
  • Unbuckers $130
  • Hum-Cancelling P-90s $130
  • Split Singles $140
Please specify the following for Humbuckers:
  • Color: Zebra or Black
  • Output: 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9 or 9.5k
  • Lead Wire Type: Gibson style braided shield or 3 conductor for coil tapping
  • Covers:
      Nickel ($10 each or $20 a set )
      Black ($12 each or $24 a set)
      Gold ($14 each or $28 a set)
  • Covers required for Split-Singles, i.e., P-92s and Twangmasters
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