• Lindy Fralin Humbucker - Polished Nickel
  • Lindy Fralin Humbucker - Zebra
  • Lindy Fralin Humbucker - Raw Nickel
  • Lindy Fralin Humbucker - Gold
  • Lindy Fralin Humbucker - Double White
  • Lindy Fralin Humbucker - Double Black
  • Lindy Fralin Humbucker - Black
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Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


The Lindy Fralin Unbucker gives you great coil-tapped and humbucking tones – all in one. With the Unbucker, the coils are wound slightly different from each other, giving you a stronger single coil tone when tapped.


Pickup Cover (Optional)

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At Fralin Pickups, we’re known all over the world for our great sounding Single-Coil and Humbucker guitar pickups. Why not combine them both and get the best of both worlds? The Fralin Unbucker is one of our best-selling pickups as it allows for great Humbucker guitar tones, with a mis-matched coil configuration to give you a great Single-Coil tone when tapped. Our Stock Set includes a 7.5K Neck and 8.5K Bridge.


  • Mis-matched coil turns for a stronger single-coil tone
  • AlNiCo IV Magnets for a smooth, rich sound
  • Fits any Standard Humbucker or F-Spaced Humbucker routing
  • Made and wound with USA-Made Parts by hand in Richmond, VA


Bright, chimey, with a clear, open midrange. The Fralin Unbucker features a stronger wound screw coil that gives this pickup a unique tone. Our Unbucker sounds similar to our Pure P.A.F. with a more open and airy midrange and top end. You’ll get outstanding clarity and articulation with the Fralin Unbucker – something we’re known for. When you tap the slug coil, you’re left with a strong single-coil tone. This pickup is perfect for anyone who wants a little more versatility out of their guitar by coil tapping. When playing dirty, you’ll get a nice, sharp pick attack and great clarity, and a tight and punchy low end. Keep in mind that Unbuckers won’t be 100% hum-cancelling due to the mis-matched coils.


  1. What’s the difference between this model and the Pure P.A.F.? The Unbucker has slightly more turns per coil and uses a stronger magnet, giving this pickup a warmer and thicker tone than the Pure P.A.F.. It also has a bit of scooped mids due to unbalanced coils.
  2. Can you Coil Tap this model? That’s the whole point! Choose 3-Conductor Lead and use our diagrams here.
  3. What Lead should I choose? Go with 3-Conductor if all you want to do is coil tap. If you want the maximum options, go with 4-Conductor.
  4. What Output should I choose? Our most popular set is our 7.5K neck and our 8.5K bridge. If you want a stronger and darker tone, go with a higher output. If you want a clearer and more open tone, go with a lower output.
  5. What Spacing should I choose? Gibson style instruments use 49.2mm on the neck and bridge. Fender style instruments use a 52mm Bridge and a 50mm neck.
  6. Wiring Diagrams? Here!


  1. 49.2mm: Choose this for Gibson Standard Spacing
  2. 50mm: Fender Neck Spacing
  3. 52mm: Fender Bridge Spacing


  1. Gibson® Braided Shielded: Most popular. Use this if you have no special requirements (Coil tapping, Phase Reverse or Series / Parallel).
  2. 3-Conductor With Shield: Use this if you have Coil Tapping or Phase Reverse needs.
  3. 4-Conductor With Shield:  Use this if you have Coil Tapping, Phase Reverse, Series or Parallel needs.



Ohm Readings

Sizing Information

Polarity Information



Complete Set, Bridge, Neck


N/A, Zebra, Black, Double White (only for 50mm, 52mm)


Gibson Spaced Set (49.2mm Neck & Bridge), F-Spaced Set (52 mm Bridge, 50mm Neck), Gibson Spacing: 49.2mm, Fender Bridge Spacing: 52mm, Fender Neck Spacing: 50mm, N/A

Type of Lead

N/A, Gibson® Braided Shield, 2 Conductor with Shield (If Buying A Single), 3 Conductor with Shield (If Buying A Single), 4 Conductor With Shield (If Buying A Single)

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3 reviews for Unbucker

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Casey (verified owner)

    Amazing sounding pickups. The clarity in the notes even on a dirty setting is fabulous. Plus coil tapping brings in a whole new set of tones to play with. Best purchase I’ve made in awhile.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Guy in Kansas

    I’m not really much of a review writing kind of guy, but I had to tell the world about the Unbucker. I have a PRS MCCarty that I simply love playing because it’s very comfy. Sadly, I always end up reaching for one of my other guitars because I simply didn’t like how dark and flat it sounded thru my amp. I have considered selling this guitar many many times but knew I’d take a loss so I kept it. I’m really glad that I did. I scoured the internet and Youtube looking for possible replacement pickups and happened upon the Unbucker.
    I decided that rather than sell my guitar or trade it in and take a multiple hundred dollar hit that I’d buy them.
    The short of it is that my guitar now has the sparkle and snap in it’s tone that I have always wanted with out losing the rich sounding low-end. . I also have the benefit of the fantastic split tones that it offers. Before, my guitar suffered a very noticeable drop in volume when splitting. Now it’s like I have a whole other guitar built into mine. The split tones do not sound (to me) like conventional “F” style single coils. They have their own tone in this guitar which is even better!
    I am so pleased with the outcome that I had to type a review. To me, these pickups were worth every cent. If you are looking for great humbucker tone with clearity and snap, as well as having great splitting without volume drop, you should give these a try!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ben Murphy

    Hands down my favorite neck humbucker. Several years back I tried one on a whim and was shocked. There was the sound I’d been looking for for years. Now these are standard issue for me in every one of my guitars.

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