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P-90 In Humbucker Cover

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 9 customer ratings
(9 customer reviews)


The Lindy Fralin Standard Single-Coil P-90, now featured in a Humbucker Cover. Get all the P-90 Tone, and Humbucker looks! This guitar pickup sounds just like our Fralin P-90’s – fat and rich, defined and clear. Also available in a Hum-Cancelling version.


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We all love the sound of a screaming P-90 Pickup. It’s been used on countless records and countless guitarists rely on it to give them that aggressive tone they’re after. It’s Rock & Roll, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Blues, and Country all rolled into one. At Fralin Pickups, our P-90’s are given a healthy dose of USA-Made Parts and wound by hand, one at a time to deliver what you love most: amazing, unforgettable tone. This pickup is our standard P-90, now offered in a Humbucker Cover. Our stock set has a Stock Bridge and a -10% Neck. This calibrates the set to have the same output. If you would like to customize this option, please see below for a more detailed description.


  • Adjustable Pole Pieces for Fine-Tuning Single String Balance
  • Size Will Fit Any Humbucker Routed Guitar
  • AlNiCo Bar Magnets for a Smooth Tone
  • Wound with 42-Gauge Wire to specification
  • Our Bridge is reverse-wound to give you Hum-Cancelling in the Middle Position
  • USA-Made Parts


Fralin P-90’s have a huge, fat, midrange tone.  You can expect a clear, present, round bottom-end, and a sharp, aggressive top-end, with a clear, fat midrange in-between. Our P-90’s have that undeniable thick Single-Coil tone, with a warm low end and a fat top end. Single notes have a punchy, thick sonic footprint and have great sustain. Chords break up nicely with a slight compression and great note separation. Fralin P-90’s offer undeniable clarity and definition while remaining strong, fat, thick, and punchy.

P-90 In A Humbucker Cover

Choosing The Pickup:

Our Stock Set is a Stock bridge and -10% Neck.

  • Each additional 5% added (+5%) will give you 5% more mids, and 5% less highs. It’s thicker, with more output. Higher output pickups have more compression and are beefier sounding
  • Each 5% subtracted (-5%) will clean up the pickup nicely, giving it a clearer, more open sound. This will add 5% more highs and take away some midrange for a nice “scooped” sound. Lower output pickups have more articulation and are generally more dynamicthan higher output pickups.
  • We customize our pickups from our Stock Set. If you choose (-5%) on the NECK position, you will be getting a -15% Neck.


  1. Gibson® Braided Shielded: Most popular. Use this if you have no special requirements (Coil tapping, Phase Reverse or Series / Parallel).
  2. 2-Conductor With Shield: Use this if you have Phase Reverse needs.

Choosing The Cover:

The P-90 in a Humbucker cover requires a cover. Polished Nickel and Raw Nickel cost no extra. Shiny Black Nickel and Gold will be $5 per pickup.

Technical Information:

Wound with 42-Gauge Plain Enamel Wire. Built with AlNiCo IV bar magnets. The Fralin P-90 in a Humbucker Cover like to use 500K Pots. Our Stock Set of P-90’s read approximately 7K on the Neck and 8.2K on the Bridge.


Wiring Diagrams


Complete Set, Bridge, Neck

Neck Output

N/A, Stock, +5%, -5%

Bridge Output

N/A, Stock, +5%, -5%

Type of Lead

Gibson® Braided Shield, 2 Conductor with Shield (If Buying A Single)

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9 reviews for P-90 In Humbucker Cover

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pat (verified owner)

    These P-90’s are genius. I bought a new 2016 Gibson Memphis ES-339 with stock Burstbucker pickups (what could be better, right?). It sounded very good, but not great…a bit dark and one-dimensional. Having purchased Fralin Strat’ pickups in the past I thought of their P-90’s and tried ’em. Wow! These pickups are really, really versatile! These P-90’s most definitely elevated the tone of my 339…depth, full, some sparkle — not sure how they do it but these are the best. That said, there’s a tiny bit of 60 cycle hum under adverse environmental conditions, but not intrusive…less than a Strat’. If you can’t tolerate any hum, just get the noiseless Fralin P-90’s to elevate your tone! Enjoy!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Twayn Williams (verified owner)

    I bought a -5% (total -15%) neck p90 in Humbucker Cover to install in the neck position of a 2013 Fender American Standard Telecaster. It replaced a Seymour Duncan bridge Phat Cat (the bridge PC humbucks with a bridge Fralin Blues Special) and while it was a good sound, it was a little too dark for my tastes. I emailed Fralin and they got back to me very quickly with a recommendation. I bought it, installed it, and it’s spot on for what I wanted — about midway between the Phat Cat and a Fralin vintage Tele neck. Perfect for my needs which are clean swing/gypsy jazz.

    There is a caveat: the p90 comes with regular humbucker mounting “ears” which means that the neck rout on a Fender Am Standard or Special will not be deep enough. I had already had my guitar modded to fit the Phat Cat, so it was a drop-in replacement. I don’t know if Fralin can use a different base plate or not, but it’s worth enquiring into.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason Morales (verified owner)

    I ordered a stock pair of the p-90 humbucker style with Alnico bars instead of pole pieces for the neck pickup only. The idea was to put them in my LP Custom to sort of emulate a 55 custom with the p-90 and the staple pickups. I was so stoked to unwrap these guys. The build was beautiful and with the jet black covers these things looked fantastic. Upon installation they sounded wonderful. The bridge pickup had an amazing bark with the perfect amount of bite, super smooth and creamy going through my color sound power boost pedal. The neck pickup is awesome. Warm with that alnico spank that you might find in a fender. A real treat to my ears through a clean channel. All in all no regrets on picking these babies up. Only thing I might have changed was to go another -5% or so on the neck pickup. No shortage of power there at all.
    I will also add that the people a Lindy’s shop were super nice and helpful. I called 2 different times and had great exchanges both times with the staff there.
    Thanks guys. Well done!!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Sombrero D’Argentinovich (verified owner)

    As someone has already mentioned – Genius! I just had one of these installed in the bridge of a Gibson Les Paul Vixen model. It is +5% wound as I wanted just slightly more mids and less treble. After plugging it into my little hand-wired Marshall and striking that first chord I stood there for a few seconds with a giant grin on my face. You think I was happy? You’re DAMN right I was. This was the sound I was after! Balls & incredible clarity in the same package; no painful highs, and an incredible richness to every note. This is the sort of pickup that will inspire you and keep you playing for hours.
    The guitar in question came with the stock Gibson blandbuckers. I swapped them for vintage-flavoured bareknuckles which were a mild improvement at best( they really need to stick to high output). The Fralin P90 may as well be from another dimension compared with the rest. And it’s the same price! If you like TONE get this pickup!!!!!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Josh Lewallen (verified owner)

    I changed out the Starla bridge humbucker in my PRS Vela. The Vela has a D-type single coil neck pickup & a Starla humbucker w/ a push/pull pot for single coil tones. I felt the Starla bucker to be extremely bright and kinda thin. I didn’t care for the tone of the pickup with the tone rolled back and it’s the 1st time i’ve ever reached for my treble knob on my amps to dial it back before noon. This Lindy Fralin P-90 in a humbucker case was a perfect fit all the way round (physically & tonally.) I play modern worship music and i love my midrange. Playing in a band with two piano players, bass, and an acoustic guitar there’s alot of frequencies covered and i have my slim space that needs to cut at times and lay underneath or soar on top at other times with ALOT of effects going on. This pickup is perfect. It’s dynamic. It does what i asked of it and there’s not a gigantic volume jump between the PRS D-type neck pickup and the Fralin P-90. That being said i got the 2 conductor wire and used my push/pull pot for some out of phase tones. There’s a volume drop there, but it’s another useful and phenomenal tone. Very AM sounding and very useful at times. I’m digging this pickup.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nathan Gist (verified owner)

    Well dear reader I’m very pleased with my set of these p 90s . I’ve only been playing a few years but I’ve worked a lot of shows in San Francisco at The Fillmore so I know how good a guitar can sound . I had the bridge with 5% added per my techs suggestion and a stock neck I had him put them in an SG studio he says it sounds great and very unique in that guitar he should know he’s been NEIL YOUNG’S tech for 40 years. I love Fralins they’re in my two road worn strats and tele and in my heritage 535 I’m currently having a guitar built and we’re going to get a Fralin firebird for the bridge and a stock p90 for the neck , fingers crossed , it’ll squeal , scream and crunch like “old black” . Thank y’all so much for making such great products in my state of birth .

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff McCoy (verified owner)

    Unreal! I’ve tried 3 or 4 other humbucker sized P90’s and researched maybe 10 more. I have a number of P90 equipped guitars, so this is an area of great familiarity for me. Lindys humbucker sized P90 is the ONLY one that matches the sound of a true P90! I was so floored by how this pickup sounded that for a second, I thought I was playing one of my vintage juniors. The quest for a true sounding P90 in a humbucker size ends here my friends. From now on the only pickups that go in my guitars are Fralins. Period. Thanks a million Lindy, you nailed it.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    GHenderson (verified owner)

    Replaced the muddy pickups in my PRS McCarty Korina,nice and tight with a crisp sound. I do regret not buying the hum canceling version as they do hum a bit. A new guitar for $300.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    C Harrison (verified owner)

    These have a really great tone. I wanted something in a newer Epiphone Riviera (humbucker size) that would be close in sound to some vintage gtrs I have that still have their stock P90 pickups. I decided to go for the stock P90s (I don’t mind the hum, I’ve always played single coils with hum and it’s never been an issue with me or anyone else I’ve worked with in the studio or live) and they seem very close to the old pickups. I wonder if they might even sound better, if I could hear them in the same gtr? They make this Epiphone a real joy to play now and I’m using it a lot. The only problem I had buying from Lindy was making up my mind between all the variety of great sounding humbucker sized pickups he makes. No regrets though. If your looking for a straight up P90 replacement, these sound really sweet and right for a P90. P90s to me, have such a cool sound for any style I usually want to play. This is my third set of Lindy’s pickups, and I have a feeling I’ll be hear again geeking out on which set to buy for another guitar.

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