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A Lindy Fralin original design! Split Blade Tele pickups are noiseless pickups for your Telecaster. They feature a noiseless operation, with all the clarity you expect from a single-coil pickup. Split Blades are available in 4 outputs to help you fine-tune your tone and find your sound.



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All Tele, No Hum.

Want to learn more about our Split Blade Tele? Here's all the information you'll need:

Split Blade Tele FEATURES:

  • Lindy Fralin Original Design
  • Unique 4-Split Blade design for Humbucker and SSS tones
  • An interesting and unique look
  • Clean and clear, lots of Fender sparkle and twang
  • USA-made Magnets for optimal tonal balance and output
  • Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups
  • Three Blade heights available for different fingerboard radiuses
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built for unrivaled quality control
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects


Split Blade Tele Pickups: revolutionary design, pure Telecaster tone, no hum. Unlike most pickups, we designed our Split Blades with a left-right coil design, giving you a truer and more balanced single-coil tone. These pickups will drop right into your Telecaster, with no modifications necessary. You’ll get all the single-coil traditional tone, with no hum at all.

Our manufacturing process allows us to achieve unparalleled quality control. Split Blades consist of a precision injection mold and USA-Made Steel Blades. We use aggressive USA-Made magnets to make this model scream. Each bobbin is carefully inspected and cleaned before winding. We wind each pickup by hand, one at a time. Each pickup is wound using our proprietary “Sectioning” technique. This gives the pickup a sweet, clear tone. Finally, we wax-pot the pickup to preserve the pickup and prevent microphonics.



Unhappy with Hum-Cancelling Fender Pickups, Lindy designed the Split Blade. It’s a hum-canceling pickup with traditional Fender-type sparkle. They’re unique: they offer a single-coil sound, no hum, and dashingly good looks. Expect fantastic a warm, full-bodied tone with incredible string articulation and enhanced detail. Wound strings sound clear and articulate due to a narrow magnetic field. Plain strings sound thicker than a single-coil with more of a sonic footprint. Chords will sound smooth and buttery, and single notes will sound large and full. Split Blades will not pull the strings out of tune – even if they get close to the strings. Also, adjusting the pickup’s height allows you to fine-tune your tone to your needs. Expect thick, warm, and dynamic tone with distortion.

Split Blade Outputs






  • Vintage Output offers a thicker, darker sound than our Stock Tele pickups, while still offering bright wound strings. Vintage Outputs work well with 250K pots. This is Lindy’s favorite version of Split Blades. The Vintage Output gives you the closest tone to true Vintage guitars.
  • The Blues Output is 5% stronger than the Vintage output and offers 5% more bass and mids, and 5% less treble. Blues Outputs work well with 500K pots. The Blues Output, when combined with 500K Pots, will give you a beefier Telecaster tone.
  • The High Output is 5% Stronger than the Blues Output. We use a stronger magnet in this pickup which makes it brighter. the High Output model sounds great with 250K pots. A popular combination is using the High Output in the bridge, and a Vintage Output in the neck.
  • Super High Output is 10% stronger than the Blues Output. The Super High Output Split Blades work well with 500K pots. These models work best with regular Humbuckers, in an HSS or HSH configuration. The Super High Output Split Blade is the highest output we offer – you’ll get the earliest breakup and the darkest and beefiest tone.

Choosing The Radius:

These pickups are designed to work with the curvature (radius) of your neck. Be sure to have your radius measurement ready before ordering. Most vintage-style guitars are using the Round radius. Modern guitars are using the Medium radius. Guitars with a very flat fingerboard are using the Flat radius.

  • Round Radius (7.25″ – 9″)
  • Medium Radius (9.5″ – 11″)
  • Flat Radius (12″+ or Compound Radius Necks)



  1. What Output do I choose? Good question. Vintage and High Output models sound best with 250K pots. Blues and Super High Output models sound best with 500K pots. If you have the right pot installed, Vintage and Blues outputs will sound the clearest and most “Fender-y”. Their higher-output counterparts will sound thicker and break up quicker.
  2. What Radius do I need?
    1. Round Radius: (7.25?-9?)
    2. Medium Radius: (9.5?-11?)
    3. Flat Radius: (12+” or Compound Radius)
  3. How will this pickup differ from a standard Tele pickup? The tone is very similar! Whenever you have two coils in series like a Split Blade, you’re going to lose a bit of that Fender “sparkle”. However, we believe these are the closest you can get to the real thing.
  4. How far away from the strings does the pickup need to be? Split Blades like to be closer to the strings than a normal Tele Pickup. Check out this video here.
  5. Wiring Diagrams? Here!

Tech Specs

See below for the estimated DCR and Polarity Information for our Split Blade Tele.

Since we have a few different outputs for Split Blade, we've grouped them by their recommended Pot Value:

Vintage Output Ohm Readings:4.7K Neck / 4.7K Middle / 5K Bridge*
Vintage Output Recommended Pot Value:250K or 300K
High Output Ohm Readings:5.3K Neck / 5.3K Middle / 6.7K Bridge*
High Output Recommended Pot Value:250K or 300K
Blues Output Ohm Readings:5K Neck / 5K Middle / 5.8K Bridge*
Blues Output Recommended Pot Value:500K
Super High Output Ohm Readings:7.2 Neck / 7.2K Middle / 9.5K Bridge*
Super High Output Recommended Pot Value:500K
Wire:USA-Made 42 / 43 Gauge Single Poly Nylon, Depending On Model
Polarity:Hum Cancelling, Request 3 Wire If Buying Single
Pole Piece Material:Steel

* Due to the unique design of this pickup, ohm readings aren't very helpful. Our Vintage Output is close to the a Vintage Strat Pickup output.


Split Blade Tele Questions And Answers:

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87 reviews for Split Blade Tele

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  1. Brian Olderfellow

    Pros: Sounds good and has that deep, mellow sound that I was looking for to play Jazz. I had to take a lot of bass off my amp settings to compensate.
    Cons: Was not Drop in on my Squire Classic Vibe Tel even though I had email exchanges confirming that it was.
    My guitar Tech had to screw it down in place by going through the cover plate. Not sure if I can adjust anymore but shouldn’t need to as it does sound good and he set the guitar up really well.
    There is no need to roll off everything to get a warm tone. but I do still get a slight hum from it, but very much improved

  2. Chris Wright Verified Buyer

    Lindy is the man! I love that he has continued his personal style of communication while still making world-renown high-quality pickups. This split blade pickup has the bite, response, and clarity you’d expect from a tele bridge pickup, but with the silent quality of a humbucker.

    I recently acquired a ’74 Fender Telecaster Custom, and I loved the wide-range pickup, but the bridge pickup was shot, and I needed something that would stand up on its own, but not overpower the neck when using the middle position. Within a minute of calling Fralin, I was on the line with Lindy and we discussed the wiring, the pots being used (1 meg), and he steered me to this amazing pickup. Couldn’t be happier!

  3. James Neal

    I love it. This is an amazing pickup. Blends perfectly with the Sunbucker in the neck. Great communication and service. Thanks, Lindy & company! Y’all really are top-shelf. Rock on!

  4. Nathaniel Dominy Verified Buyer

    It’s dead quiet, super hot, and sounds killer. I love it!

  5. Palmer Buss Verified Buyer

    Just warmth no mud.

    I got the vintage output for the neck at customer service’s suggestion to go with a Split Steel Poled Tele in the bridge and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve not been a big fan of neck pickups in the past because they are either too muddy for my tastes, or feel weak with not enough warmth. This thing has made me realize I just hadn’t found the right pickup and the neck position can be amazing. This thing is nice and articulate, no mud, and has the sweetest warm tone.

  6. Foulet Gilles Verified Buyer

    Customer added no additional comments

  7. Denis Stijepic Verified Buyer

    Split Blade Tele Neck Pickup (Vintage Output)

    Installed them into an alder body with a maple neck, stainless steel frets, and modern hardtail strat bridge. Traditional pickups sounded dull with this combination. In contrast, the Fralin pickup sounds beautifully in this guitar. (I have tried only clean amp settings by now.) The pickup must be set sufficiently close to the strings to avoid weakly sounding g and d strings on my guitar. Due to the usage of blades instead of rods, no need to worry about string spacings and rod spacings. Everything fits perfectly. Very quick delivery to Europe.

  8. Mike Knarreborg Verified Buyer

    I have to say I really like these pickups. They have that Tele vibe going strong but are a little bigger and rounder to my taste. I especially like the vintage neck. I have the blues Bridge and it is a great compliment with the vintage neck. I will try the vintage bridge on my next build. And to top it all off they are dead quiet even on temporary outdoor stages with noisy power! Thanks, Lindy

  9. Gerald Wood Verified Buyer

    Was already using a Tele split blade in the bridge position and the split blade neck pickup that I just installed sounds just the way I predicted, awesome! Now have the Tele sound that I’ve been searching for!

  10. Mike Tremante Verified Buyer

    Great pickup with Steel pole 43 in the bridge. Perfect match. Have a 4-way switch and both in series are killer. Reacts nicely to volume control. When backed off it cleans up real nice.

  11. Anton Emtsov Verified Buyer

    Amazing pickups. Change my SD 5-2 Tele pups on Split blades and it’s great amazing sustain and bends with no end, really gold standard of pups, Thanks to all Lindy team.

  12. Jon Turner Verified Buyer

    Killer tones without the noise!

  13. Igor Olshevskiy Verified Buyer

    Split Blades-Tele
    bought Lindy Fralin for my Mexican telecaster Fender. The guitar gave a strong background with the Fender pro junior iii. The background is gone, the tone is magnificent. I am very glad. Thanks Lindy.

  14. William Scott Verified Buyer

    Finishing touch
    I built a partscaster with a resonator cone and figured a way to get a bridge pickup along with the neck pickup. The design of the split blade gave me some wiggle room tolerance as far as installation goes. The tone is exactly what I wanted. Tele twang with a bit more. I play blues-rock lead.

  15. David Noland Verified Buyer

    Clear Crisp
    These fit and sound great in my chambered Tele.

  16. Todd Kunego Verified Buyer

    Split Blades Tele
    Fantastic pickup. Lindy is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and more importantly a super nice guy.
    Thank you for a great pickup.

  17. Gary Oleyar

    I’ve been playing in the Jim Messina band for over 25 years. Talk about a Fender tone monster! Well, for the last year I’ve been playing a partsoTele on the road with him, along with -minimal- pedals, and my tone holds down the fort! I even have a 16″ radius fingerboard and these pickups do not have a divot in the sound. With all of the choices I’ve encountered these days I took a chance on these. I was gonna go simple-stock when these presented themselves. I cannot recommend these highly enough. Quiet, spanky yet polite, and no compromise in TeleTonality. Get ’em!

  18. Jon Turner Verified Buyer

    Excellent!!! Best noiseless strat and Tele pickups hands down. Great job guys!

  19. Steven Beardsley Verified Buyer

    My search is over!

    I had the split blades installed in a fender players Tele along with the Emerson prewired 3-way treble bleed kit. That’s a $400 upgrade on a $600 Tele. This by far is the best Tele I’ve ever owned. I’ve had several $4000.00 custom shop Tele’s with hand-wound twisted Tele pickups and I wouldn’t trade this Tele with the Fralin split blades for any of them. All the picking nuances just come up naturally. No hum and the best tone I ever experienced. I’ve always used the bridge pickup on tele’s just never liked the neck or both position until now. The neck pickup is so warm and fat I love if for blues solo’s from clean to just bluesy brake up. The split blades are truly awesome and worth it. For me, the search for my fender tone is done. It only took 45 years. Lindy thank you so much my ears no long search for that elusive fender tone any longer.

  20. Lance Gregory Verified Buyer

    Awesome pickups! Love these pups!

  21. Christophe Assier Verified Buyer

    Great tone, silent! Exactly what I wanted but better!

  22. Dylan Fagan Verified Buyer

    Clear, clean and hum-free
    Amazing pickups. They have the Tele bite and great definition. I was hesitant to go with a hum-canceling pickup in my Tele, but I am very happy with the sound. They are full and not brittle, and pair well with the bum icier I put in the neck. They’re a little hot, but not too hot. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good replacement that modernizes their guitar but doesn’t lose the Tele flavor.

  23. Brian Biddick Verified Buyer

    Simply the best noiseless pickup on earth!

  24. Van Rice Verified Buyer

    The Best! Great pickups, I put them in a telecaster partscaster I put together with roasted swamp ash body with tru-oil finish and roasted maple neck. Pickups sound great all the tele thing with out the hum. Highly recommend.

  25. Van Rice Verified Buyer

    Great pickups, I put them in a telecaster partscaster I put together with roasted swamp ash body with Tru-Oil finish and roasted maple neck. Pickups sound great all the Tele thing without the hum. Highly recommend.

  26. Michael D Morris

    I paired a split blade tele neck pickup with a unbucker in the bridge. My ear likes a thicker sound. I got my expected result. I spoke to the staff before I did this matchup. Lindy s staff gave the blessing. I’m using tele controls with 500k pots and 4 way selector switch. I have a push on push off button located on the edge of the body to tap the coil on the unbucker. It works for me.

  27. keoladonaghy Verified Buyer

    I replaced the stock pickups in my Classic Vibe Tele with a set of these – vintage output in the neck and high output in the bridge. My goodness, what a difference in every tonal characteristic I could possibly name. This is my second set of Fralins – I also put a pair of Pure PAFs in my Ibanez AS-73 earlier this year. And as different as these pickups are, they both still have this magical, audio pixie dust that just floats over the highs. I don’t know how else to describe the effect but I’ve not heard in anywhere else. I now want to build a guitar just so I can put a pair of Fralin P90s in it! Mahalo Lindy and crew!

  28. Matthew Dixon Verified Buyer

    Great Pickups. Love them. Spend the money and buy Fralin.

  29. Richard Rhode Verified Buyer

    Great! I have Fralin Humbuckers on one of my Epiphone Les Pauls. There’s a kind of “snap”(?) to them. Love it.

  30. Alan Pachter Verified Buyer

    Wow, what a sound! This is one monster pickup. Big, full sound. Great for those who are looking for a really big sound!

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