Split Blade Tele

  • Hum-Cancelling
  • Thick & Versatile
  • Unique Appearance
  • Vintage To High Output

Lindy Fralin Original Design

(107 genuine reviews)


A Lindy Fralin original design! Split Blade Tele pickups are noiseless pickups for your Telecaster. They feature a noiseless operation, with all the clarity you expect from a single-coil pickup. Split Blades are available in 4 outputs to help you fine-tune your tone and find your sound.


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Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

Lead Time

A Lead Time of 3 Weeks is just an estimate. Lead Times are subject to change depending on the current shop capacity and size of the order. We will always try to complete your order quicker than the stated lead time.

All Tele, No Hum.

Want to learn more about our Split Blade Tele? Here's all the information you'll need:

Split Blade Tele FEATURES:

Split Blade Tele Pickups: revolutionary design, pure Telecaster tone, no hum. Unlike most pickups, we designed our Split Blades with a left-right coil design, giving you a truer and more balanced single-coil tone. These pickups will drop right into your Telecaster, with no modifications necessary. You’ll get all the single-coil traditional tone, with no hum at all.

Our manufacturing process allows us to achieve unparalleled quality control. Split Blades consist of a precision injection mold and USA-Made Steel Blades. We use aggressive USA-Made magnets to make this model scream. Each bobbin is carefully inspected and cleaned before winding. We wind each pickup by hand, one at a time. Each pickup is wound using our proprietary “Sectioning” technique. This gives the pickup a sweet, clear tone. Finally, we wax-pot the pickup to preserve the pickup and prevent microphonics.


  • Lindy Fralin Original Design
  • Unique 4-Split Blade design for Humbucker and SSS tones
  • An interesting and unique look
  • Clean and clear, lots of Fender sparkle and twang
  • USA-made Magnets for optimal tonal balance and output
  • Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups
  • Three Blade heights available for different fingerboard radiuses
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built for unrivaled quality control
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects



Unhappy with Hum-Cancelling Fender Pickups, Lindy designed the Split Blade. It’s a hum-canceling pickup with traditional Fender-type sparkle. They’re unique: they offer a single-coil sound, no hum, and dashingly good looks. Expect fantastic a warm, full-bodied tone with incredible string articulation and enhanced detail. Wound strings sound clear and articulate due to a narrow magnetic field. Plain strings sound thicker than a single-coil with more of a sonic footprint. Chords will sound smooth and buttery, and single notes will sound large and full. Split Blades will not pull the strings out of tune – even if they get close to the strings. Also, adjusting the pickup’s height allows you to fine-tune your tone to your needs. Expect thick, warm, and dynamic tone with distortion.

Split Blade Outputs

Tech Specs

See below for the estimated DCR and Polarity Information for our Split Blade Tele.

Since we have a few different outputs for Split Blade, we've grouped them by their recommended Pot Value:

Vintage Output Ohm Readings:4.7K Neck / 5K Bridge*
Vintage Output Recommended Pot Value:250K or 300K
High Output Ohm Readings:6.8K Neck / 8.4K Bridge*
High Output Recommended Pot Value:250K or 300K
Blues Output Ohm Readings:5K Neck / 5.8K Bridge*
Blues Output Recommended Pot Value:500K
Super High Output Ohm Readings:7.2 Neck / 9.5K Bridge*
Super High Output Recommended Pot Value:500K
Wire:USA-Made 42 / 43 Gauge Single Poly Nylon, Depending On Model
Polarity:Hum Cancelling, Request 3 Wire If Buying Single
Pole Piece Material:Steel

* Due to the unique design of this pickup, ohm readings aren't very helpful. Our Vintage Output is close to the a Vintage Strat Pickup output.


Split Blade Tele Questions And Answers:


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    Good afternoon. I know the Fender guys think I'm nuts but I want to buy a reliced Fender Custom Shop Tele and replace the pickups. I'm 65 yrs old, been playing blues and classic rock for years but now only in my music room so I will not have a guitar that hums. Drives me nuts. Playing out, not too bad but at home, won't work. Suggestions: not opposed to humbucker in neck and single coil in bridge but would also like an SS suggestion. thx
  1. Q Good afternoon. I know the Fender guys think I'm nuts but I want to buy a reliced Fender Custom S...... Read more

    Hey Bob, there are a ton of options. I'd recommend calling the shop and discussing with one of our techs to help you narrow down a solution that works for you. - Tyler

  2. Hi, would a split blade blues output (in the bridge position) match the volume output of a neck humbucker sized P-90 (Fralin) ? I understand that the p90 is louder, but would there be a huge difference ? Could I still get a nice balance between the two pickups ? I currently have a steel pole 43 in the bridge of my telecaster (with 500k pots), and while I really like it for certain types of music, I'd like to get more twang out of the bridge picku... Read more
  3. Q Hi, would a split blade blues output (in the bridge position) match the volume output of a neck h...... Read more

    Hey Nicolas, yes - the Blues Output Split Blade and P90 will match together nicely!

  4. I am wanting to the split rails blues output on a Hamer Tele. I do not know the radius. Any help?
  5. Q I am wanting to the split rails blues output on a Hamer Tele. I do not know the radius. Any help?
  6. I'm mostly playing jazz and am seeking a darker sound with no hum, opposed to my custom shop Fender pickups which are ice pick like and bright. Would the blues or high output be better for this application?
  7. Q I'm mostly playing jazz and am seeking a darker sound with no hum, opposed to my custom shop Fend...... Read more

    Hey Keith, from personal experience, I really enjoyed the Blues on 250K pots for a warmer darker tone with no hum. Definitely great for jazz. - Tyler

  8. I've installed my pickups as shown with the four way switch wiring and although they sound great as long as my hand is on the strings or on the bridge plate but if I remove my hand they really buzz. I think the wiring is correct, blue from the front PU is grounded and the bridge is grounded as well. So I don't know what could be wrong, All suggestions are welcome. If it would be a help I can send you a picture. I do get all four sounds but your c... Read more
  9. Q I've installed my pickups as shown with the four way switch wiring and although they sound great ...... Read more

    Hey Louis, thanks for your question. This problem sounds like your bridge assembly is not grounded correctly. Is there any ground wire underneath your bridge? We commonly see a stripped wire sandwiched underneath the bridge assembly. Check if this wire exists and connects to ground. If not, your bridge assembly isn't grounded. Therefore your strings are not grounded. In this instance, touching your strings grounds them out.


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Go the extra mile and combine our Split Blade Tele with a Telecaster Control Plate!:

Get It Prewired - Lindy Fralin Pickups


107 Genuine Reviews for Split Blade Tele

  1. Louis Mendelowitz
    Verified Buyer

    The sound is wonderful. The entire experience couldn’t be exceeded. All of my questions, and I had several, were answered, quickly and completely.

  2. Doug Hutchison

    Great sound. Everything I expected from Fralin. I’m a disciple for sure! Installed in my Partscaster with Fralin’s pre-wired control plate and I couldn’t be happier!

  3. Dennis
    Verified Buyer

    I’ve recently built a tele with a homemade mini-humbucker in the neck position and regular tele bridge pickup. Each sounded fine alone but did not work together to my satisfaction even after various mod arrangements. The split blade is made for a 500 ohm pot so l thought I would give it a try. Perfect, just what I was looking for. The combination sounds great and the bridge position is killer. Highly recommended.

  4. Robert Andres Cuadra
    Verified Buyer

    I was looking for a neck pickup that gives me warm tones and sparkle. I play mostly Jazz/Blues and other genres at a lesser degree. This spilt blade with the blues wind is perfect. If you want warm clear tones and crunch when you need it, this is a great choice.

  5. Dave
    Verified Buyer

    I got the high output split blade Tele pickup to put in the bridge position of my 2011 MIM Telecaster. This is the third pickup I have installed in this guitar, and I’m sure this one will stay in. Dead quiet, and sounds like a Tele should. I’ve heard some people say they don’t get the high end sparkle with noiseless single coils, but that is not a problem with these. This pickup seems punchy and bright, but balanced. Once I adjusted my pickup height the balance between each string was excellent. I wish I would have gotten this pickup sooner!

  6. Dave Daniels
    Verified Buyer

    Love these high output Split Blade Pickups. Hands down far superior to the stock Tele pups.

  7. Lance
    Verified Buyer

    Probably my all time favorite pickups.

    Ive used these in several builds, and the tone is always amazing. 3rd wire adds wiring options. Worth the money

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