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Fralin Steel Pole 42 Tele Replacements: 50% Single Coil, 50% P-90 Tone! Built with adjustable steel pole pieces, these pickups take on some of the character of a P-90 for a big, round Tele tone. These pickups sound big, bold, and mean!


Bridge Options

Specify if you want White Cloth String or Black Cloth String on your bridge. If no option is chosen, you will receive White String.


The Steel Pole 42 set of Single Coil Pickups is one of our most popular sets of pickups. The perfect blend between a P-90 and a single-coil. Musicians looking for a thick, warm, and beefier sound will love the sound of these pickups. This model is wound with 42-gauge wire, and features ceramic bar magnets that blend the P-90 and single-coil sound perfectly. The Steel Pole 42 Pickups are beefier than the Blues Specials and our Stock set while still remaining bright and snappy.


  • P-90/ Single Coil Hybrid sound, in a Single Coil Position
  • Direct replacement for Fender® Telecaster®
  • Huge mid-range tone with a Ceramic bite. This equals more growl and aggression
  • In a set, the Bridge Pickup is calibrated to sound just as hot as the neck pickup
  • Features Ceramic Bar Magnets
  • Adjustable Steel Pole Pieces


When playing clean, Steel Pole 42’s sound large and rich, especially in the lows and highs. Not as dark as a P-90, this model still retains a beautiful openness and clarity while still remaining very dynamic. Steel Pole 42’s sound thicker in the midrange with more of a “chainsaw” grind, as opposed to a smoother AlNiCo distortion. This model is also brighter and has more of an aggressive top-end, as opposed to our Blues Specials which are slightly smoother. For musicians looking for more of a traditional P-90 sound, we recommend using our Steel Pole 43 Pickups.


Our Complete Set is our best-selling option. It has a slightly hotter bridge to compensate for the brightness near the bridge. If you’re buying a single pickup, please see the box below describing the information we need to get you the correct polarity information, and read this important article: “What’s The Deal With Polarity?”


Hand wound with 42 gauge Single Poly Nylon wire, Ceramic Bar Magnets, Adjustable Steel Pole Pieces and cloth leads. We recommend using 250K Pots with these pickups. Please see notes on Polarity below – if buying a single pickup, you might have difficulty matching ours to what’s already in your guitar. The Steel Pole 42 Neck will read approximately 7.7K, and the Neck will read approximately 6.7K. The Neck will read higher because we use 43 Gauge wire, which has more resistance. Output will be equal.


At Fralin Pickups, we are a total and complete custom shop. Need something specific? Upon checkout, use the “Notes” field to write anything you want!

Wiring Diagrams


Complete Set, Bridge, Neck

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2 reviews for Steel Pole 42 – Tele

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter P. (verified owner)

    Just installed the Steel Pole 42 bridge in my stock early ’67 Tele and it really adds body while keeping plenty of twang and treble for clean country – a very good solution for thinner sounding Telecasters. The Blues Special was great too but this particular piece of ash seemed to need the Steel Pole 42 to get body. Thanks again as always. One could have a nervous breakdown reading all the mojo out there while shopping for pickups. I like Fralins – staightforward, simple, and natural sounding.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jason Olsen (verified owner)

    I just installed a set of these in my Telecaster. They sound phenomenal. Great full Tele sound when playing clean, and a little more bite when overdriven than stock Tele pickups. No lack of twang, but definitely a fuller sound over all. I couldn’t be happier with these.

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