Wide Range Humbucker

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The Fralin Wide Range Humbucker is a cleaner and more articulate version of the original, with all the clarity and definition you’ve come to expect with Fralin Pickups. Made with USA-Made parts and wound by hand, this will give you an amazing, sweet era-authentic tone!


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Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.

True '70s Wide-Range Tone

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Wide Range Humbucker FEATURES:

  • Loud, bright, articulate clean tones and smooth, slightly crunchy distortion tones.
  • Same size as the original Wide Range Humbuckers
  • Threaded Alnico 5 Pole Pieces and for top-end sparkle
  • Traditional humbucker design and looks
  • USA-Made Parts, and Wound to spec, one at a time.


Our Wide Range Humbucker is a modern take on the original classic. Originally built and designed by Seth Lover for Fender, this was the answer to Gibson’s darker-sounding humbuckers. Today, Lindy Fralin took his idea a little further, by making this pickup sweet, articulate, and clear and clean. Our Wide Range humbuckers will drop right in to your guitar, as they are the same fit and finish as the factory ones. This pickup will sound reminiscent of our P-92’s – Bold, but clear and articulate.


The Fralin Wide Range Humbucker is Clean, articulate, and bright. If you have a darker or dull-sounding guitar, these will breathe new life into it. Lows are big, bouncy and clear like most Fender humbucker designs. The Mids are slightly scooped with an emphasis on the high mids. This pickup is sure to cut through the mix, without sounding brittle, shrill or thin. Playing dirty, this pickup won’t break up as early as traditional humbuckers. It will still sound thick in the low mids and smooth on the top-end. As with all our pickups, we take care to make sure we wind it to your specifications. Want it to sound a little fatter and darker? No problem – we’ll wind it to spec, free of charge.


Tonal Graph for Wide Range Humbucker:

The tone graph below for our Wide Range Humbucker features Lows, Midrange, Highs, and general Output.



  1. What type of lead should I choose? Since Fender debuted this pickup, 2-Conductor is so much easier to work with on Fender-style instruments. It also allows you to reverse the phase, if you end up swapping the pickup into another guitar, down the road.
  2. What cover options do you have? At this time, we only offer the Wide Range in Polished and Raw Nickel.
  3. What is the Spacing? 52mm.

Tech Specs

Our Wide Range Humbucker is wound with 42-gauge wire, we can put any number of turns on this to suit your needs. Stock Set: -2% Neck and +3% overwound bridge from the original. This equates to an 8.2K Neck and a 9K Bridge. This gives our pickup a slightly darker and fatter bridge, and a clearer and more articulate neck. Need something custom? No problem. We can wind it to meet your tonal desire. Pole pieces are threaded AlNiCo magnets



Wide Range Humbucker Dimensions

Wide Range Humbucker Questions And Answers:

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1 Questions about Wide Range Humbucker

  1. Hello, I love your pickups. They sound clear and fine. This time I bought a Wide Range Humbucker through a Japanese dealer. I intend to replace the original pickup of my Les Paul with Wide Range Humbucker. But I can’t put them in the original Mounting Holes. Would you please tell me how to put them in? Do I have to prepare new Mounting Holes for them.


Go the extra mile and combine our Wide Range Humbucker with a Telecaster Control Plate!:

Get It Prewired - Lindy Fralin Pickups


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  1. David McIntee Verified Buyer

    I put the Wide Range Humbuckers in my MIM Fender ’72 Thinline and it was glad I did. The clarity and fullness of the tone was more than expected. Thank you Lindy and company.

  2. Colin Campbell Verified Buyer

    I’ve only had these in my Squier Thinline Tele for a week, so I won’t give a full description of their comparative tone, etc. I will say that they have brought the sound and the response of the guitar… its musicality..to a much more satisfying level. Ridiculous, really…the improvement. Thank you very much.

  3. Manuel Martinez Verified Buyer

    Wonderful tone. It gave superpowers to my Fender Telecaster Deluxe 72 (2012 – MIM). I’m really happy. Thanks a lot!

  4. Matthew Dudek Verified Buyer

    Just What I Was Looking For!
    This is the fourth set of Fralin pickups I’ve owned, and as anticipated – they are fantastic! I had them installed in a semi-hollow Fender ’72 Thinline. Tonally, I feel they land somewhere between a single coil and a humbucker, but differently than P-90s do. The P-90s I owned (also from Fralin) were like a slightly hotter single coil with more output. I feel the Wide Range Humbuckers have some of the clarity of single coils, but also a fuller body of that is associated with humbuckers. Of course I’m using all sorts of subjective jargon right now, so do yourself a favor and take a listen some sound samples! And as always – Lindy and friends make up one of the finest companies to do business with. Their passion for pickups and music in general is apparent any time you work with them. Thanks for another awesome product, Fralin Pickups!

  5. Michael May Verified Buyer

    Awesome! These pickups sound amazing. I put them in a Squire Classic Vibe Starcaster. Nice warm tones.

  6. Brian Biddick Verified Buyer

    Simply the best pickups on earth! Best product. Best service. Period.

  7. Andy Hidber Verified Buyer

    Fantastic Tones!

    These pickups sound excellent, it seems that all frequencies are equally displayed, very round, warm and still tight basses, sparkling highs, and a good amount of mid range. This is sonic heaven! (Build into a Tele with maple neck, maple fretboard, swamp ash body, tune-o-matic roller bridge and bigsby)

  8. Matt Roberts Verified Buyer

    I put a set of these into my jazzmaster (had to route out the body) and they’ve blown me away. Thick and big sounding but also plenty of that fendery bite. I don’t know why you’d put anything else in a Jazzmaster at this point. Also these are the quietest pickups I’ve ever had. LINDY 4 LYFE.

  9. Lukas Schulz Verified Buyer

    I’m in love!
    Spoiler alert: these pickups are sounding awesome. I use them in my aqua flake Tele Deluxe for Emo/Post Rock and it’s total fun, I already played some shows with them. Especially I Like the Neck Pickup, deep, clear and detailed clean sounds that will make you become an addict. The middle position gives you nice, twangy tones, love it. I use the bridge pickup mostly for overdriven sounds and it has a nice bite and punch, great string definition, too. Much love from Hamburg, Germany?

  10. Almir Dervisevic Verified Buyer

    My Telecaster Custom completely opened up in neck position. Love it. It replaced muddy WRH originally installed. It’s very clear with definition

  11. Corey Lien Verified Buyer

    Crystal clear
    I replaced the stock WRHB (neck) in my ‘72 Tele Custom reissue with the Fralin WRHB, and it made a world of difference. The muddy, dull sound is now bright, clear, and articulate while still maintaining a thick quality. Love this pickup!

  12. andreazanolini Verified Buyer

    I installed this pickup in the neck position of my Fender Telecaster Custom 72 Reissue. The stock pickup was muddy and laking of mids and definition. This pickup has both a clearer and richer sound associated with a great dynamic. The pick up is “percussive” and the attack is great.
    This pickup changed my guitar and brought it to a new life.

  13. Jabe Beyer

    Lindy was kind enough to custom wind me a set of mid-range humbuckers for my Tele Deluxe, with just a touch lower output. Perfect tone, exactly what I was hoping for, and quick turnaround. I couldn’t be more pleased.”

  14. Matt Pethel Verified Buyer

    Brings life to MIM reissues!
    I dropped these bad boys into my 72 Tele Deluxe reissue, and I was blown away. First, it eliminated the notorious hum that comes with the stock wide ranges. It brings out the transients for a more defined, pronounced attack. It also scoops out a lot of the mud and my guitar has never cut through the mix so well! It’s seriously like a brand new guitar, and I couldn’t be happier. Highly recommended!

  15. Ben T Verified Buyer

    Thanks for the Wide Range Humbuckers and the personal call, Lindy. They fit the bill nicely. They are clearer and less congested than the stock wide range humbuckers. Your description of them is spot on, as being clear and articulate with a little push, and wide on the bottom and smooth on top.

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