Fralin Split Blade hum-bucking Pickup

This is a fully hum-bucking replacement for Strat® style pickups with all the high-end clarity you expect from a traditional single coil.

The Split-Blade is available in four outputs (Vintage, Blues, High Output, and Super High Output) and two colors (off-white and black). All 3 sets come with a 10% stronger bridge.

We now make the blades in 3 curves: from 7.25" - 9" round radius, 9.5" to 11" middle radius, and 12" + radius.

This design likes being close to the strings and will not pull the strings out of tune. It will work fine with a 300k or 500k pot for a brighter tone.

    When ordering please specify:
  • Output:
    • Vintage
    • Blues
    • High Output
    • Super High Output
  • Cover Color: Off-White or Black
  • Radius:
    • 7.25" - 9" Round Radius
    • 9.5" to 11" Middle Radius
    • 12" and Flattest Radius
  • PRICES: $100 each/Set $300
Split Blade White Split Blade White
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Lindy Fralin Split-Blade Stratocaster Pickups, Guitar Player ©

"Long recognized for his accurate-sounding vintage-style pickups, Lindy Fralin has devoted much of his more original thinking to capturing realistic single-coil tones in new hum-rejecting designs. Fralin has been widely acclaimed for his Gibson Humbucker-, Fender Jazzmaster- and Gibson P-90-sized "Split Singles", which use two staggered (but individual) coils in a single housing, each wound to opposite polarities to reject hum. But fitting the same principle into a Stratocaster-sized bobbin has eluded him—until now." Read more here, Dave Hunter, Aug 2010

Vintage Hot Strat Replacements vs. Split Blade Strat Replacements
Blues Special Strat Replacements vs. Split Blade Strat Replacements