Fralin Blues Special Single Coil Pickup

Our second best selling set! This set is wound with 42 SPN and has 5% more turns than the Vintage Hot. This makes it a 5% stronger pickup. It will have 5% more mids and 5% less high end. It is ideal for a stock sound with just enough thickness for single note soloing. On request we will make 2% or 7% instead of the normal 5% overwind.

    Approximate Ohm Readings:
  • Neck - 6.2 K
  • Reverse Middle - 6.2 K
  • Bridge - 7 K
Blues Special Strat Replacements vs. Split Blade Strat Replacements
Blues Special Strat Replacements with Back Plate Noise Canceling

Strat® Style Replacement Prices & Order Info Top Λ

PRICES: $85 each/Set $250

  • Base plate $10 (For Bridge pickups, not necessary for Steel Poled Sets)
  • Blender Pot $10 (see schematic Strat with Blender Pot)
Note: All sets have a Reverse Middle, although a Reverse Bridge or Neck is available at no additional charge.
How to Order: