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  1. Hello, I have one of your stock neck P90 pickups with Gibson style leads. I am told that it is clockwise wound with a south polarity. I want to install it into a Tele with a bridge pickup that is counterclockwise wound with a north polarity. The only issue is that I wish it had the two conductor lead for this install. Will it still be fine with the Gibson lead if I extend the ground to the back of the volume pot??

  2. Just purchased a MK mod shop 55 gtr. Nice gtr.
    Has the Fralin mini on neck and A PAF on the bridge.
    Volume and Tone controls are coil split.
    No resistor in the circuit, just one CAP on the volume pot.
    When I select the neck pickup, it sounds split.
    Very low volume. Only when I pull the volume pot, I hear the humbucker tone.
    Could this be reversed?
    I can’t find a diagram on how to rewire this properly.
    There are no resistors in this circuit.
    Nor do I know what would be the recommended value of resistance.
    This whole setup is very strange to me.
    Need help please.

    1. Hey Denny,

      There are probably no resistors on your circuit, only push pull pots. I would recommend reaching out to Michael Kelly here for assistance.

  3. Hello, my name in Nick. I hope you can help me. I can’t seem to find a wiring diagram for my telecaster that has an HSS configuration. Middle pickup is reverse wound. I have a fender 5 way switch, single volume, single tone. I want position 1(bridge) full humbucker, POS 2 split humbucker (north coil/inner), POS 3 split humbucker+middle, POS 4 middle+neck, POS 5 neck. Ideally I’d like POS 2 to be split humbucker+neck but I keep reading you can’t do this unless you have a super switch which I don’t have and don’t intend to install. Can you help me? I love the fralin blender pots I have them installed in all of my Stratocasters ?

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