Big Single Mini

Fat, Round Single Coil Tone, No Hum


  • Hum-Cancelling
  • Thick & Versatile
  • Unique Appearance
  • Vintage To High Output

Lindy Fralin Original Design

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The Fralin Big Single Mini Humbucker is a new kind of Mini Humbucker that has a big, round single-coil sound with no hum. This Mini Humbucker has a Bar Magnet that gives you an authentic Single-Coil tone, with more thickness and roundness. With two variations, you can choose if you want this pickup to give you more of a single coil tone, or more of a humbucker tone.


To ensure proper operation of your Big Single, install the pickup with the lead exiting the treble side of the pickup, not the bass side.


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Firebird Surrounds

Surround your pickup with a classy look. Note: Firebird surrounds will only work on import Firebirds – they do not fit USA-made guitars. Check Dimensions here.

Convert Mini To Soapbar

Convert your Mini Humbucker to work in a Soapbar rout. We will build your Mini into a Soapbar ring. To speed up your order, Please check out the spacing diagram and let us know how you want it mounted in the “Order Notes” field on the checkout screen to proceed.

Select how your current pickups are mounted to the cavity.


Since you're buying a single pickup, we might need more information from you. To avoid unnecessary delays in your order, please choose one of the options below:


Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

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Mini Footprint. Huge Single Coil Tone.

Want to learn more about our Big Single Mini? Here's all the information you'll need:


The Big Single Mini is one of Lindy Fralin’s original designs. Based on his desire to improve the clarity of the humbucker design, Lindy created the Big Single. Lindy was pleased with this tone so much, that he worked it into a Mini Humbucker cover. With the Big Single, you’ll get a bouncy, round single-coil sound – with no hum. We pack a single-coil tone with a thick midrange into an eye-catching look.

  • Single-Coil Tone, in a Mini Humbucker footprint
  • 100% hum-canceling design for noiseless performance
  • Lindy Fralin® Original Design
  • Two winding options: Big Single 42 and Big Single 43 for tonal customization
  • Compensated overwound bridge pickup for even volume across all positions
  • A dynamic, single-coil tone that is expressive and vibrant
  • Open and clear top-end sparkle
  • Soft, dynamic midrange
  • Wax potted to reduce microphonics and preserve pickup for years
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects





The Big Single Mini® is in-between the tone of our P-92 and our  Twangmaster®. It has a beefier, bolder tone than our Twangmaster®, but cleaner than our P-92. Treble strings sound warm and round, and wound strings sound bright, like all single-coil pickups. We can wind these pickups to two different outputs: Big Single 42 and Big Single 43.

The Big Single 42 will sound cleaner and brighter, and work well with 250K Pots. The Big Single 43 will seem thicker and darker and can work well with 500K pots.

Either output you choose, the Big Single Mini Sounds bouncy, rich, and full. Great for either clean playing or distortion, this pickup will break up a little earlier than our Twangmaster, and is great for anyone looking for a slimmer-sounding P-92.

Sound Samples for Big Single Mini:
Compare Outputs

We have 2 outputs of our Big Single Mini. Compare them below.

About these Sound Clips:

All sound samples are played from Neck Position First and Bridge Position Last.

Tonal Graph For Big Single Mini:

The tonal graph below for our Big Single Mini features Lows, Midrange, Highs, and general Output.

Big Single 42:

Attack: Bright & Sharp

Big Single 43:

Attack: Stiff & Percussive

Videos for Big Single Mini:

Lead Color Codes:

See below for our Lead color codes. For help with matching to other manufacturers, check out this resource here.

Gibson Braided Lead:

Gibson-Style instruments

Phase Reversible

Coil Splitting

Gibson Braided Lead
Only select Gibson Braided Lead if you install these pickups as a set into a Gibson-style instrument. Examples of a Gibson-style instrument include a Gibson Les Paul, 335, or Telecaster Deluxe, or any guitar with two Volume Pots and two Tone Pots.

Note: This lead is not intended for Telecasters with a Control Plate. If the braiding touches anything, it will short it out.

2-Conductor Lead:

Phase Reversible

2 Conductor Lead Fralin Pickups
Select 2-Conductor Lead if purchasing a single pickup or wiring this pickup to a Blade Switch (like a Fender-style instrument). 2-Conductor allows you to reverse the phase of the pickup.

Tech Specs:

See below for the estimated DCR and Polarity Information for our Big Single Mini.

This pickup is hum cancelling and features reversible polarity if purchased with 2-Conductor With Shield Lead.

Neck Ohm Reading:8.7K (42) | 12.2K (43)* 1
Bridge Ohm Reading:10K (42) | 15.2K (43)* 1
Neck Polarity:Hum Cancelling - Use 2-Conductor Lead when Buying a Single
Bridge Polarity:Hum Cancelling - Use 2-Conductor Lead when Buying a Single
Magnet:Flexible Ferrite Magnet
Coil:USA-Made 42 / 43 Gauge Single Poly Nylon
Recommended Pot Value:250K (42) | 500K(43)
Cover Material:USA-Made Nickel Silver
Baseplate Material:USA-Made Nickel Silver
Recommended Cap Value:0.02mfd 2

More Information:

1 Ohm Readings can vary due to a multitude of factors, including ambient temperature, multimeter calibration, different wire batches, and other factors. Due to this, ohm readings are approximate. Learn more about Ohm Readings here.

2 We recommend a 0.02mfd Cap Value on most guitar and bass pickups. The exception is a Magic Cap, which Lindy prefers on the Bridge Pickup of Fender® guitars only. Learn More about Caps Here.

*Due to unique design of pickup, ohm readings are not necessarily useful

Big Single Mini Dimensions:

Mini Humbucker Dimensions

Big Single Mini Dimensions:

Mini Humbucker Soapbar Mounting Dimensions
If converting a Mini Humbucker to a Soapbar, check your rout to make sure the Soapbar ring (pictured above) will fit your instrument.

Big Single Mini Dimensions:

Mini Humbucker Mounting Plate Dimensions

Customer Reviews

30 Genuine Reviews for Big Single Mini

  1. gheyat lamine

    I want to buy this pickup and I want to know what it is polarity For this pickup
    and phase
    Waiting for your answers
    Thanks in advance

  2. Jim Sams

    Verified Purchase

    I bought the 43 version. If you ever wanted a Mini that was just less “narrow” or congested sounding, this is it. It’s a broader frequency ranged pickup in the mini format. It’s still bright but not an Icepick to your ears. Great pickup.

  3. Michael

    Verified Purchase

    “Thwack” best describes the attack of this pickup like the sound effect from an old Bruce Lee fight scene. There is snap with body to the transient. It makes playing staccato very exciting. The pickup has a pleasant voice too, like a very slight “aww” sound when playing distorted rhythms. I loaded them a stock wound 43 awg set into a Hamer Vanguard which is all mahogany and semi-hollow in the upper bout. Stainless-steel saddles and a steel stop tail. The guitar still doesn’t sound overly bright nor does it sound dark or dull. Quite the contrary! They are definitely in the ball park of P-90s as I compared them against a set of Lollar 50s wind P-90s, Mojotone QC P90s and Fralin P-92s. They were the clearest of the bunch but not the brightest (the lollar 50s wind were). Saying that the P-92s are darker is really splitting hairs since they are very much in the same tonal arena. These just feel “muscular” if your definition of that term is full and thick under gain but without any loss in attack. These clean up very effectively when you roll down the volume on your guitar too. More than other pickups I’ve used. I could roll the volume on the neck almost all the way down and still have a clear, full-bodied rhythm sound that chimed and “clanged” which is evidence of the transient response of the pickup which stays true at all levels of saturation. I really like playing old-school punk as well as little pretty clear arpeggiated chords too often in the same phrase. this is a real neat design that is unique but not so tonally out there that it feel unfamiliar to work with against other more traditionally equipped guitars. Lastly – I found the sound clips of the Big Single Mini 43 gauge to by true to my experience in practice.

  4. David L Blackburn

    Verified Purchase

    Thanks for steering me in the direction of these pickups in our Phone conversation. They are great! The bridge has a clear, crisp voice with out being at all strident. The neck is a touch more mellow and provides the perfect conduit of the woods of my guitar.
    Both pups overdrive really well, with great muscle and girth. I play mostly clean, and these Big Singles are perfect. I can’t imagine a purer clean tone.

  5. Russ Sites

    Verified Purchase

    Everything a PAF should be. Love em!

  6. Chris

    Verified Purchase

    This pickup perfectly matches its name. Beautiful fat single coil tone, just shy of a p90. Great clarity.
    I have mine in the neck position, paired with a p90 in the bridge. It’s the perfect match. This pickup in the neck creates a nice fat and rich, but clear tone.
    Excellent pickup.

  7. David Lee

    Verified Purchase

    I just had a somewhat unusual custom build completed, a bolt-on Firebird with a maple neck and a lightweight chambered Catalpa wood body with a maple top. For the pickups I chose a very high-quality set of Firebird pickups which were perfect and sounded great. But the guitar as a finished product really exceeded my expectations to such a degree that I realized pretty quickly that I was going to want to play this guitar an awful lot and the Firebird pickups, as good as they were, were somewhat limiting. I started looking for a more versatile mini humbucker and, fortunately, found the Big Single Mini on the Fralin website. After watching a few YouTube videos I ordered a set and I’m so glad that I did. They are exactly what I was looking for. I love single coils and these are, in fact, just exactly what the name says they are: big single coil pickups. They are, as advertised, thick and round, thick and versatile. I chose the version with the 43-gauge wire. The neck pickup is sweet, rich, loaded with tone, and the bridge pickup has just the right amount of bite and twang that enables the guitar to retain a Firebird character when needed. You really get a great mixture of both Strat and humbucker sounds. Very controllable. I couldn’t be more pleased with this choice. Very impressive.

  8. Lawrence Field

    This is posted on the P-90 site but I believe it belongs here…..Lindy custom made these for me. I wanted a ” Rickenbacker toaster tone” and put them in a Collings 290DC that I do not use much. Guess what…..I played a video of a 325 Rick and then plugged in my “Single coil – hum- cancelling” Collings and VERY CLOSE. I was surprised. I did not think it would get that close. Solid mahogany body vs. a hollow alder I had my doubts but I gave Lindy all my information, specs. pictures and tone I wanted and Lindy as usual made custom pickups that were exactly what I asked for. All I can say is THANK YOU and I will always be back when I need your magical services. Thank you Lindy and company.

  9. Jay Conkin

    Verified Purchase

    Best money I’ve spent on a pickup for my Firebird III. Not wanting to rout it out for a P90 I chose the Big Single Mini absolutely blows me away! Just exactly the sound I was looking for! Absolutely has that P90 “bite!” Would recommend 10/10.

  10. Jeff Doyle

    I got a set of these for an Epiphone Custom Shop Firebird. As I understand, this is where things like the Bonamassa signatures are done and it generally means they use better wood, etc. but in this case, the pickups were still crap. I initially intended to get a Firebird set for this guitar but after a couple of phone calls with Lindy I decided on the standard neck Big Single Mini (42 gauge, which I LOVE in the neck of my Gibson Firebird), and an overwound Big Single Mini 43, at 8400 turns for the bridge (the Gibson was routed for a standard humbucker). Long story short, my old faithful 61 reissue SG sat on the stand all night on our gig this past weekend. This Firebird was so much fun and sounded so different from what I usually hear, in all the best ways. Lindy said that these would really help the clarity of wound strings and that is no joke! The bridge position on this guitar has the sweet midrange of a P90, similar gain to my humbucker guitars and the tight, punchy, clear low end of a Tele without being thin. Thanks a million Lindy and everyone involved in Big Singles!!! I have a Tele with a bridge humbucker that needs one soon…

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