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Our Firebird Replacement Pickups are an authentic reproduction of the ’60’s Firebird®. Bright and clear. We have upgraded the materials for a warm, rich and dynamic smooth tone.


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Convert your Mini Humbucker to work in a Soapbar rout. We will build your Mini into a Soapbar ring.



Fralin Firebird pickups will breathe new life into your guitar: original or re-issue. Featuring a bouncy, rich, tone, you’re guaranteed great versatility. USA-Made Materials and hand-made quality makes our pickups an improvement over the original design.


  • Snappy and Bright bridge pickup
  • Warm, rich, and full-sounding neck pickup
  • AlNiCo Bar Magnets for a smooth, full-range tone
  • Built with USA-Made parts in Richmond, VA.


Our Stock Set utilizes a Stock-wound Neck and a +8% Bridge. This allows for complete and even volume across all positions. The +8% Bridge sounds snappy, bright, and is pretty quick to get dirty. In the Neck position, the Fralin Firebird sounds great clean or dirty. The lows are bouncy and rich, where the highs are round and clear. Our Firebird pickups are the perfect solution to get away from a shrill-sounding guitar. Ours sound full, with extended range and excellent articulation, clarity, and dynamics.


  1. Which Output do I choose? We can wind the Neck from either Stock or +4% output, and the bridge from Stock, +4%, and +8% output. The most popular set is a Stock Neck and +8% Bridge. Adding more winds to the pickup increases the output, midrange, and decreases the highs. Underwinding the pickup will clean it up and make it sound more articulate.
  2. What lead do I choose? This depends on your guitar and a few other things. Gibson Lead: Go with this if installing a set into a Gibson-style instrument, where each pickup has its respective volume pot. 2-Conductor: Go with this lead if buying a Single, or installing into a Fender-style instrument.
  3. What’s the String Spacing? 50mm.
  4. What’s the tonal difference between this pickup and the Mini Big Single? The Mini Big Single is cleaner in the low strings and slightly beefier on the treble strings. The Firebird definitely has some of the “Humbucker” thing going on – slightly darker wound strings and brighter treble strings.
  5. What Pot do I use? 500K will give you the brightest tone.
  6. Wiring Diagrams? Here!


Wound with 42 & 43 Gauge Single Poly Nylon Wire and Alnico V and VI Bar Magnets. All USA-Made Baseplates and covers.

The Stock Neck will read about 6.5K, and the +8% Bridge will read about 10K.

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  1. George Wilson (verified owner)

    These Pickups Rock!

    I absolutely love these pickups! They really rock with distortion and sound amazing clean. I’m glad I went with Lindy Fralin

  2. Phil

    I had a pair of these put in my 2016 Firebird and the improvement over the stock pickups was huge! Both pickups are more articulate, snappier and brighter – like if a humbucker and a Tele pickup had a baby. They cut through wonderfully in a band mix. My search for the right pickup ended once I found these.

  3. eugene

    Jay Moss and vincent allen kirk Hollo! Can you record some video with little review of this pickup’s and sent a link? i want to hear how this pickups sound like, becouse i can’t find any reviewor demo of this set anywhere. thanks a lot!

  4. Jay Moss

    These pickups are great! I’m a single coil guy but these Firebirds are a joy to play. They have the sparkle and clarity I love but with a lovely fullness underneath. The neck pickup is especially gorgeous clean. It is plucky and juicy. I’m looking forward to playing them more!

  5. vincent allen kirk

    This will be my first Fralin pickup. Although I’ve heard friends that sound great! It’s going in a Neil Young “old Black” replica guitar.

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