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Big Single Mini

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews)


The Fralin Big Single Mini Humbucker is a new kind of Mini Humbucker that has a big, round single-coil sound with no hum. This Mini Humbucker has a Bar Magnet that gives you an authentic Single-Coil tone, with more thickness and roundness. With two variations, you can choose if you want this pickup to give you more of a single coil tone, or more of a humbucker tone.


Pickup Cover (Required) *

Please choose how you want your pickups to look in your guitar.

Mini Humbucker Surrounds (Optional)

If you need them, we’ve got them: Mini-Humbucker metal surrounds for your guitar.


The Big Singles are one of Lindy Fralin’s original designs. Based off of his desire to improve the tone of a Mini-Humbucker, Lindy created the formula of the Big Single. Lindy was pleased with this tone so much, that he worked it into a No-Hole Mini Humbucker cover. With the Big Single, you’ll get a bouncy, round single-coil tone – with no hum. We pack all the fat-sounding goodness by hand into a great looking fresh cover look.


  • Hum-Cancelling Thick Single Coil Tone, in a Humbucker Cover
  • Lindy Fralin® Original Design
  • 2-Coil design with a bar magnet for silent, huge tone.
  • Bouncy, rich, warm.


The Big Single Mini® is directly in-between the tone of our Fralin P-92 and our Fralin Twangmaster®. It has a beefier, bolder tone than our Twangmaster®, but cleaner than our P-92. Treble strings sound warm and fat, and wound strings sound bright, like all single-coil pickups. We can wind these pickups with either 42 or 43 gauge wire. 42-gauge wire will sound cleaner and brighter, and work well with 250K Pots. 43-gauge wire will sound thicker and darker and can work well with 500K pots. The Big Single Mini® Sounds bouncy, rich, and full. Great for either clean playing or distortion, this pickup will break up a little earlier than our Twangmaster®, and is great for anyone looking for a slimmer-sounding P-92.

42 Gauge Sound:

43-Gauge Sound:


  1. Which Output do I choose? The 42 Gauge set will sound more like a traditional Fender. Cleaner, clearer, yet still with a thick midrange. The 43 Gauge set will lean a bit towards a Humbucker by being thicker, and darker with more output.
  2. What lead do I choose? This depends on your guitar and a few other things. Gibson Lead: Go with this if installing a set into a Gibson-style instrument, where each pickup has it’s respective volume pot. 2-Conductor: Go with this lead if buying a Single, or installing into a Fender-Style instrument.
  3. What’s the String Spacing? We can accommodate up to 2-1/4?.
  4. What’s the tonal difference between the Mini Humbucker and the Big Single? The Twangmaster is cleaner and clearer. The Big Single will be thicker with more output.
  5. What Pot do I use? 250K for the 42 Gauge version, and 500K for the 43 Gauge version.
  6. Wiring Diagrams? Here!


Wound with 42  & 43 Gauge Single Poly Nylon Wire and Bonded Neodymium Bar Magnet. All USA-Made Baseplates and covers.

Ohm Readings
The 42 Gauge Version will read 8.7K in the neck and 10K in the Bridge. The 43 Gauge version will read 12.2K in the Neck and 15.2K in the bridge. We count turns instead of go by ohm readings, so don’t fret if your ohm readings are slightly off. They will vary. 

Sizing Information

Polarity Information
Our Humbuckers will “Meter Down”. They will match most everything that we make. If buying a single, request a “2-Conductor”, where we separate the ground from the coil, allowing you to reverse the coil if need be. 


Complete Set, Bridge, Neck

Neck Output

42 Gauge/6000 turns, 43 Gauge/7000 turns, N/A

Bridge Output

N/A, 42 Gauge/6800 turns, 43 Gauge/8000 turns

Type of Lead

Gibson® Braided Shield, 2 Conductor with Shield (If Buying A Single)

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3 reviews for Big Single Mini

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Rausch (verified owner)

    First off, customer service is exceptional. Since I paid for the pickup but had it sent to a different address (my guitar repair man), they contacted me to make sure the transaction was legitimate. Once I confirmed the order, we had the pickup in just 2 days. As for the pickup itself, it’s a 42 gauge/6000 turn with 2-conductor lead installed in a 1991 MIJ ’62 Reissue Tele. The raw nickel cover fits the aesthetic of the guitar perfectly. Sound wise, it’s beautiful, sitting somewhere between a low output humbucker and a Strat-style neck position single coil. It’s full and fat without being muddy, and at the same time bright, chime-y and articulate. It responds very well to pick attack and volume changes, and I really enjoy dialing a little bit of grit into an amp and using the guitar itself to clean up the sound or dirty it up just based on my playing. My bridge pickup is a Seymour Duncan Jerry Donahue, and the two pickups sound great together in the middle position, retaining some of the fatness of the Big Mini but with a clearer, “quackier” tone, almost Knopfler-like. All in all, the Big Single Mini is an excellent pickup that I’d recommend to anyone, especially those looking to beef up a Tele. Thank you!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chris Bucheit (verified owner)

    This is a great pickup. I’m using it in a tele neck position with 250k pots and it sounds great. I’m considering it for a couple of my other guitars.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Geir Haugen (verified owner)

    I tried Lindy Fralin Blues Spesial on my Strat, and were very satisfied. I therefor bought a L F Blues Spesial single coil and a L F mini humbucker to my custom made tele, and it sounds perfect.

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