Pre-Wired Pickguards

Build the guitar of your dreams. Lindy Fralin Prewired Pickguards give you our famous guitar pickups, installed instantly. Customize your own Pickguard and choose your color, pickups, and wiring to truly make it your own – and let us do all the work.

Fralin Prewired Strat Pickguard with Tortoiseshell and Parchment

Prewired Strat Pickguard

The Ultimate Prewired Pickguard Choice

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Black - White Split Blade

Prewired Split Blade Pickguard

Customizable, Prewired Noiseless Tone

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Fralin HSS Prewired Pickguard with White Covers and Polished Nickel Cover

Prewired HSS Strat Pickguard

The Ultimate Pickguard for HSS Strat

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Fralin Split Blade HSS With Tortoiseshell and Black

Prewired HSS Strat Split Blade Pickguard

Prewired, Customizable, Noiseless.

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Prewired 4-Split Blade Pickguard

Lindy's Take on an HSS Strat

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