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Customizable Prewired H-S-S Strat Pickguard

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Our Pre-Wired Strat Pickguards are the perfect product for anyone who wants the Fralin Tone, instantly. We use the finest materials available: from CTS® Pots, AllParts® Pickguards, and CRL® Switches. With a few short steps with a soldering iron, you can be rocking out with a new look, and the best tone you can find, instantly.


Pickup Stagger * 

Choose between Stock Stagger and Hybrid Stagger. This applies to Single Coils only. Medium to Round radius necks use Stock. Flat fingerboards use Hybrid.

Add A Cover To Humbucker?

Customize your look further. Matching screws included.

Pickguard Add-Ons

Tone Cap

We will hook you up with 2 tone caps if you choose two tone pots. We recommend choosing two different value caps for ultimate tonal variation. Please use the notes field on the checkout screen to tell us which tone cap goes where. For instance, you may want a .02mfd Master Tone in Tone 1, and a Magic Cap in Tone 2.

Push Pull Modifications

Customize your tone one step further with Push Pull Modifications.

Include Knobs & Matching Backplate

We have Plastic Knobs available – these will work for Split Shaft Pots only. We can provide the Tremolo Spring cover to match your pickguard choice. These have 6 Holes for your strings to go through.

HSS Pickguards. The Fralin Way.

At Fralin Pickups, we’re always trying to make you sound better. With our Fralin Pre-wired H-S-S Pickguard, you can rest assured that you will have the best sounding pickups available, with the finest quality parts on the market. You can customize your pickguard exactly how you want it, and we’ll make it to your specifications. With this pre-wired pickguard, you can have famous Fralin tone, instantly. All you need to do is solder a few wires, screw it in, string it up, and you’re off rocking! Here’s how to get it going:


With our pick guards, you can choose any combination of pickups you would like. Want a Vintage Hot in your Neck, a Blues Special in your Middle, and a Pure P.A.F. in your Bridge? Sure thing. Simply choose what you would like, and we’ll make it to your specifications.

A great amount of thought needs to be used when choosing pickups for an HSS Prewired Pickguard. Humbuckers and Single Coil pickups are two different animals. Humbuckers usually need 500K pots, and Single Coils usually need 250K pots.

Here are some good questions to ask yourself:

  • Which position do I use the most? Neck or Bridge? You can start there to determine your tone.
  • What do I want out of each position? Clean Neck sounds? Dirty Bridge sounds? Vice Versa?

Note: We have a lot of humbucker choices. Spacings, outputs, differing designs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, use the ORDER NOTES field on the checkout screen. If we have questions, we’ll call you. If we think what you requested isn’t the best fit, we’ll let you know.

Another note: Split Singles (P-92, Twangmaster) and P-90s in a Humbucker Cover are 49.5mm Spacing, and won’t match up to most Stratocaster bridges (52mm). If you still want this, please note that you’ll need to probably replace your bridge with something slightly more narrow.


We use the finest quality pick guards available, only from Allparts®. These are USA-Made standard 11-hole Stratocaster pickguards. We have them available in the following plys and colors for H-S-S:

  1. White – 3 Ply
  2. Parchment (aged white) – 3 Ply
  3. Black – 3-Ply
  4. White Pearloid – 4 Ply
  5. Parchment Pearloid – 4-Ply


We have White, Parchment (Aged White), Mint Green, and Black covers and Knobs available. Note: we only have plastic knobs available. If you choose Solid Shaft Pots (for metal knobs) please understand that metal knobs are customer provided, and we will ship your order without plastic knobs.


You can customize exactly what you want your pot configuration to be with our Prewired Pickguards. Let us know what you want in your Volume Pot, Tone Pot 1, and Tone Pot 2. Want a Master Tone with a Blender? You got it. Want your Bridge to go to Tone 2 and your Neck and Middle to go to Tone 1? Sure thing. We’ll wire it up to spec.

Confused? Check out our in-depth article on pots and how to choose here.


We have a ton of add-ons available for your pickguard. Want to coil tap your bridge pickup? How about our Volume Kit? Need new pickguard screws? Just let us know!

A note on Coil Tapping: We can coil tap your bridge pickup for you. Location of the Push Pull Pot will be in the Tone Pot 1 Position. We will include a Partial Tap Resistor if we deem it necessary The Slug Coil will be sent to ground (Tapped) when you pull up.


Check out our installation guide below to put your new pick guard in! With 20 minutes a few easy steps, you can get your pickguard in your guitar and start rocking out with some of the best sounding pickups in the world!


  1. How long will my Pickguard take? Since we’re building it from scratch, give us about 7-10 days to put it together. We will always try to get it out beforehand.
  2. Can you wire it up without the Pickguard? As it turns out, No. Simply purchase an inexpensive pickguard, and you can pull out all the wiring once you receive it to put it in your own pickguard. It’s just too time consuming and unsafe to ship without a solid pickguard holding everything together.
  3. Can I return my Pickguard? No. Since these are so custom and made to order, all pickguard sales are final, and not available for exchange or return.
  4. What output should I choose? For simplicity, we’re keeping out outputs the stock outputs, but you can always request something different. Let us know in the notes field.
  5. What Pots should I use? Most of the time, 250K Split Shaft pots will work best for guitars with single coil pickups and plastic knobs. If you have metal knobs at home, go with Solid Shaft Pots.
  6. What if I don’t see exactly what I want? Use the “Notes” field on the checkout screen to type in any special requests. Use this field to describe how you want it wired as well, if you want anything customized. We’ll make it to your specs.
  7. What does a Magic Cap do? Our Magic Cap is a very low capacitance tone cap. It doesn’t roll off highs as much as it seems to boost the mids. This really works well on the bridge pickup only.
  8. What does a Blender Pot do? Our Blender Pot takes the place of Tone #2, and it allows you to blend between the Neck and Bridge. You can get all 3 pickups on with a Blender Pot.
  9. Why don’t I see Ground Jumper wires between all my parts? Our pickguards have a metal shielding that connects all of the metal parts together, thus we don’t need to use jumper wires.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Pekka Viljanen (verified owner):

    Extremely great pickups and prewired pickguard.

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