Customizable Prewired 4-Split Blade Pickguard

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Our Pre-Wired Strat Pickguards are the perfect product for anyone who wants the Fralin Tone, instantly. We use the finest materials available: from CTS® Pots, AllParts® Pickguards, and CRL® Switches. With a few short steps with a soldering iron, you can be rocking out with a new look, and the best tone you can find, instantly. With this pickguard, you have more options than ever, with no hum!


Split Blade Radius * 

Most vintage-style guitars are using the Round radius. Modern guitars are usually using a Medium radius. Guitars with a very flat fingerboard work best with the Flat radius.


Tone Caps

If you have chosen 2 Tone Pots, please choose two values of caps, and let us know where you would like them. For example, choose .02mfd for a Master Tone, and a Magic Cap for your Bridge Tone only.

Push Pull Modifications

Customize your tone one step further with Push Pull Modifications.

Plastic Knobs

We have Plastic Knobs available – these will work for Split Shaft Pots only.

Include Tremolo Cover

We can provide the Tremolo Spring cover to match your pickguard choice. These have 6 Holes for your strings to go through.

Unique. Versatile. All you.

This might be the ultimate prewired pickguard for Strat. Our Prewired 4 Split Blade Pickguard is truly unique. This pickguard gives you hum-free performance, with H-S-S and S-S-S sounds. The unique dual Split Blade bridge gives a humbucker tone when both Split Blades are on. When Split, you’ll get hum-free single-coil tones. This allows you to have a ton of amazing noiseless options at your fingertips. You can customize your pickguard exactly how you want it, and we’ll make it to your specifications.


  • Lindy Fralin Original Design
  • Unique 4-Split Blade design for Humbucker and SSS tones
  • An interesting and unique look
  • Clean and clear, lots of Fender sparkle and twang
  • USA-made Magnets for optimal tonal balance and output
  • Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups
  • Three Blade heights available for different fingerboard radiuses
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built for unrivaled quality control
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects


We wanted to use the finest quality pickguards available. We had Allparts custom-make these pickguards specifically for us. These are custom-designed 11-hole Stratocaster pickguards, designed to use two Split Blades in the bridge. We have them available in the following plys and colors:

  1. White – 3 Ply
  2. Parchment (off white) – 3 Ply
  3. Mint Green – 3 Ply
  4. Black – 3-Ply


With our 4-Split Blade Pickguard, you can choose any combination of pickups you would like. There are a few popular combinations available. First, our compensated sets sound the even across all pickups. For instance, choosing the Vintage Set will give you an even, authentic Fender tone. Furthermore, you can mix pickup outputs to achieve the effect you want. A popular combination is using Vintage in the Neck and Middle, and High Output in the Bridge.
Determining the outputs and pot values are important for a great-sounding guitar. Vintage Output & High Output Split Blades sound best with 250K pots. Blues Output & Super High Output Split Blades sound best with 500K pots.

See below for a useful chart:


We have White, Parchment (Aged White), Mint Green, and Black Knobs available, and White and Black available for the Split Blade colors. Note: we only have plastic knobs available. If you choose Solid Shaft Pots (for metal knobs) please understand that metal knobs are customer-provided, and we will ship your order without plastic knobs.
Lindy Fralin Strat Knob Covers


We wire our Prewired Pickguard with versatility in mind. Expect complete control over your tone, with tons of options at your fingertips.
Our default wiring: the Volume Knob will be a Master Volume and will control the volume of the entire guitar. The Tone Knob is a Master Tone. It will control the tone of your entire guitar. The Tone Pot is also a Push-Pull: it splits the Bridge pickup. Pulling up on the tone pot will put the Bridge in Single Coil mode.
The Tone Pot 2 is a Blender Pot. The Blender Pot gives you the optimal amount of tonal versatility. You can achieve Telecaster tones, enhanced “quack”, and more. The Blender Pot rolls in the volume of the Neck and Bridge – allowing you to get more pickup combinations.
Want to customize any of the above? Request it in the “Notes” field.


Check out our installation guide below to put your new pickguard in! With 20 minutes a few easy steps, you can get your pickguard in your guitar and start rocking out with some of the best sounding pickups in the world!


  1. How long will my Pickguard take? Since we’re building it from scratch, give us about 7-10 days. We will always try to get it out beforehand.
  2. Can you wire it up without the Pickguard? No. Choose an inexpensive pickguard, and pull out all the wiring once you receive it to put it in your own pickguard. It’s too time consuming and unsafe to ship without a solid pickguard.
  3. Can I return my Pickguard? No. Our Pickguards are custom and made to order. All pickguard sales are final, and not available for exchange or return.
  4. What Pots should I use? 250K Split Shaft pots will work best for Vintage and High Output models. Blues and Super High Output sounds best with 500K Pots. If you have metal knobs at home, go with Solid Shaft Pots.
  5. What if I don’t see exactly what I want? Use the “Notes” field on the checkout screen to type in any special requests. We’ll make it to your specs.
  6. Do you have any other colors in this pickguard variation? We only have the White, Black, Aged White, and Mint Green available.
  7. What does a Magic Cap do? Our Magic Cap is a very low capacitance tone cap. It doesn’t roll off highs as much as it seems to boost the mids. This works well on the bridge pickup only.
  8. What does a Blender Pot do? Our Blender Pot takes the place of Tone #2, and it allows you to blend between the Neck and Bridge. You can get all 3 pickups on with a Blender Pot.
  9. Why don’t I see Ground Jumper wires between all my parts? Our pickguards have metal shielding that connects the metal parts together. Because of this, we don’t need to use jumper wires.

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  1. Jayden McIntyre (verified owner)

    Great authentic vintage sound. Very versatile. The super high output humbucker does the job for the most part, but I can’t be too choosy. It is so cool I can use one guitar for the whole gig.

  2. Jeff Doyle

    I was looking for something different to do with an HSS American Elite Strat. Lindy said that if I was looking for a legit humbucker bridge thing, that I should just do the standard HSS. I already have one of those so off we went with the 4 split blade idea. I wanted to install them myself but was thankful that Lindy put the bridge pair together…I used the Fralin pickguard and wired the set with push-push pots as the two tone controls. One push-push switch makes the bridge “single coil,” and the other wires the bridge to be on regardless of the switch, so you can use it with positions 4 and 5. I used 500k pots but found I preferred the bridge with 250k, so I lowered the value for that one and left the neck and middle to see 500k. I used a standard 5-way switch. I really like the separate height adjustments for the two halves of the “humbucker.” Most of my guitars have humbuckers in the bridge, so I’d guess it makes sense that I set the treble side of the humbucker fairly even, which makes the high strings thicker. However, after experimenting a little I found that I like the bass side offset a bit, which gives more clarity and punch to the wound strings. This guitar cuts through the mix WELL. The single coil sounds are pure Strat. Split blade Blues in the neck are one of my favorite strat sounds, and the inbetween “quack” at 2 and 4 are everything I’d expected. With the push/push switches I can also get a sort of Tele thing using bridge single and neck. In the end, I couldn’t be happier–it sounds GREAT and looks really cool too. Thanks to Lindy and Tyler at Fralin for all of your help!

  3. Richard Wiginton (verified owner)

    Fantastic purchase!
    My whole purchase experience was excellent. Lindy Fralin took time to call me after my order was received to clarify my expectations and make a very helpful suggestion about an option that, with my pickup choices, wasn’t needed. He could have left that and just let me pay for it. That level of professionalism is rare. The tone of the pickups is everything I hoped for. The tone is subjective of course and adjectives can be difficult but I would describe them as full, round, nuanced and touch-sensitive. I have never heard positions 2 and 4 sound so great. I now play through a Kemper profiling amp and these pickups let all my favourite profiles bloom. I am completely sold on the blender pot option for neck and bridge. My Strat needed a bit of body modification to properly accommodate the prewired set up; not challenging. The fit and finish of the product is excellent. Thank you, Lindy Fralin, for expanding pickup technology and providing guitarists with a high-quality product.

  4. Michael Rollins (verified owner)

    For all you tone junkies! Like me, this custom pickguard has all the arrangements to achieve maximum stellar musical tones…no matter what your style calls for, you name it, it does it. For blues, the neck position kills any SRV Licks ? you choose. The Bridge Position with the Blender Pot gives you such an attack without the teeth. Throw it back to the Neck, roll-off on the second Blender, and you have chime you can’t distinguish between the real thing. The middle position for country fatness is to die for. The second and fourth parallel position for jamming makes you want to drive all day. All I can say whether your style calls for blues, Country, Jazz, Alternative, Metal, Funk… or whatever these blades will cut and never get dull.

  5. Brason Stevenson (verified owner)

    Customer added no additional comments

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