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Our Prewired Split Blade Pickguard is the perfect product for anyone who wants the noiseless Strat tone, instantly. We use the finest materials available: from CTS® Pots, USA-Made Pickguards, and CRL® Switches. With easy installation, you can be sporting a new look and the best tone you can find – all with our Prewired Split Blade Pickguard.



Customize your Prewired Split Blade Pickguard:

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Left Handed Pickguard

If you want your pickguard Left-Handed, we can do it! Selecting this option removes all Push-Pull Pot modifications.

Volume Pot Push-Pull Mods

Add an extra dimension of tone by modifying your Volume Pot with a Push / Pull Pot. Please use the “Additional Information” field below to tell us how you want it to work. Choose between the Bright Switch and the Engage / Disengage Volume Kit.

Tone Pot Push-Pull Mods

Add even further functionality to your guitar with a Tone Pot modification. Choose between the Bright Switch and Two-Tone Cap Mod.

Tone Cap

Select your Tone Cap(s). Please be sure to let us know where each tone cap goes if selecting different values. If selecting higher output pickups, be advised the Magic Cap will not work normally.

Browse additional Add-Ons, like Output Jacks, Tremolo Covers, Modifications, and more. The Baseplate and Volume Kit can add tonal functionality to your Prewired Pickguard.

Additional Info:

To speed up your pickguard, please include any additional information here. If you have selected more than one Tone Cap, let us know where each value goes.


Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice


While we do our best to match double-white bobbins, there may be subtle differences in color due to different dye lots from the manufacturer.

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We may make minor changes to your order to optimize your pickguard's wiring with your pickup selection. However, we will not make any drastic changes without your consent.

What's Included?

Fully prewired and assembled and includes a set of Knobs, a Matching Switch Tip, and Mounting Hardware.

Our Pickups, Your Personality, No Hum.

Want to learn more about our Prewired Split Blade Pickguard? Here's all the information you'll need:


At Fralin Pickups, we’re always trying to make you sound better. With our Prewired Split Blade Pickguard, you can rest assured that you will have the best sounding pickups available, with the highest quality parts on the market. Customize your pickguard exactly how you want it, and we’ll make it to your specifications. Don’t sweat about installation – it’s super easy to install. All you need to do is solder a few wires, screw it in, string it up, and you’re off rocking!


Look & Sound:

We use the finest-quality USA-made pickguards available. These are standard 11-hole Stratocaster pickguards. This model will fit most Mexican-Made and USA-Made Standard Stratocasters®. We have them available in the following styles and colors:

Fralin Pickguard Colors


With the Prewired Split Blade pickguard, you can choose any combination of pickups you would like, depending on what sound you are going after. Our most popular sets are calibrated sets – all three of the same output. However, if you wanted a higher-output bridge, you can do that too.

Vintage Output and High Output sounds best on 250K pots. Blues Output and Super High Output work best with 500K pots. We don’t necessarily recommend mixing Blues and Vintage – they will seem sound noticeably different. See below for a handy chart:




You can customize your wiring as well!  Here are some popular combinations:

  • Master Tone with a Blender Pot
  • Neck & Middle Tone, with separate Bridge Tone
  • Master Tone 1 (.02 Cap) and Master Tone 2 (Magic Cap)



Matching Backplates:

Fralin Pickups Matching Backplates





Customize your pickguard’s wiring by selecting between two powerful wiring options. Select between Fralin Pickups Wiring and Standard Stratocaster® Wiring.

Fralin Pickups Wiring features an intuitive layout: a Master Volume, Master Tone, and a Blender Pot. The Blender Pot delivers incredible versatility by allowing you to combine the Neck and Bridge, for Telecaster-type tones, and more. Fralin Pickups wiring is Lindy’s favorite way to wire a Stratocaster.

Lindy Fralin Wiring

Standard Stratocaster Wiring delivers a classic take on the Strat – a Master Volume, Neck & Middle Tone, and a separate Bridge Tone. This wiring allows you to select multiple cap values for a bit more tone versatility.

Standard Strat Wiring

Custom Requests can be made using the “notes” field.


  • How long will my Pickguard take? Since we’re building it from scratch, give us about one to two weeks to put it together. We will always try to get it out beforehand.
  • Can you wire it up without the Pickguard? As it turns out, No. Simply purchase an inexpensive pickguard, and you can pull out all the wiring once you receive it to put it in your own pickguard. It’s just too time-consuming and unsafe to ship without a solid pickguard holding everything together.
  • Can I return my Pickguard? No. Since these are so custom and made to order, all pickguard sales are final, and not available for exchange or return.
  • What Pots should I use? Most of the time, 250K Split Shaft pots will work best for guitars with single-coil pickups and plastic knobs. With Vintage Output & High Output Split Blades, you may like 300K pots for additional brightness. If you have metal knobs at home, go with Solid Shaft Pots.
  • What if I don’t see exactly what I want? Use the “Notes” field on the checkout screen to type in any special requests. Use this field to describe how you want it wired as well if you want anything customized. We’ll make it to your specs.
  • What does a Magic Cap do? Our Magic Cap is a very low capacitance tone cap. It doesn’t roll off highs as much as it seems to boost the mids. This really works well on the bridge pickup only.
  • What does a Blender Pot do? Our Blender Pot takes the place of Tone #2, and it allows you to blend between the Neck and Bridge. You can get all 3 pickups on with a Blender pot.
  • Why don’t I see Ground Jumper wires between all my parts? Our pickguards have a metal shielding that connects all of the metal parts together, thus we don’t need to use jumper wires.




Check out our installation guide below to put your new pickguard in! With 20 minutes a few easy steps, you can get your pickguard in your guitar and start rocking out with some of the best sounding pickups in the world! Also, download our installation guide here.







Customer Reviews

35 Genuine Reviews for Prewired Split Blade Pickguard

  1. Lincoln Lounsbury

    Verified Purchase

    Fantastic sounding pickups that solved my Strat noise problems. I went with Vintage in the neck and middle, High Output in the bridge — couldn’t be happier. The prewired pickguard was super easy to install – just had to solder the two connections to the input jack, done.


    Verified Purchase

    I swapped split blade pickguard on fender American ultra strat.
    Ultra noiseless pickups are really good stuff but I wanted more. This is the answer.
    I choose blues output blades, which is crystal clean and single coil sound with core. it’s magical thing.
    It sounds much more strat without noise. Thank you Lindy. You saved my strat.

  3. John

    Verified Purchase

    Nicely done.

  4. Logan

    Verified Purchase

    The pickups sound incredible!I got the pre-wired pickguard w/ bright switch and couldn’t be happier. I’ve been a working musician for 15+ years and I put the split blades right up there with the best live sounds I’ve heard!

    Also of note – when I first received the pickguard the installer discovered the middle pup had a short in it. I sent an email to Lindy’s rep and they did not hesitate to make it right. I had a replacement within a week!
    To review:
    – ease of purchase? CHECK
    – excellent product? CHECK
    – outstanding customer service? CHECK

    10/10 I plan to purchase more in the future.

  5. Roger Bouchard

    Verified Purchase

    I have been using Lindy’s Blues Special pickups on a Strat for over ten years and wanted another one with a different voice so ordered a set of the Split Blades with the blender pot for a 92 American Standard Strat I had. I am finding these pickups to be very clear and distinct across the fretboard and very responsive to pick attack and guitar volume. They have a lot of chime through an AC30 and scream through a Plexi. Installation was a snap and only took 20 minutes after I got my tools out.

  6. Tobby

    Verified Purchase

    This is exactly what I needed to bring my Strat alive. I had good sounding original pickups but I had to battle with it constantly to get a crunch or distortion. Plus I have experienced with different distortion pedals over the years without getting to satisfaction. As soon as I finished installing my Fralin kit, which was a breeze to install by the way, I plugged my guitar into my 70’s Marshall TMB 18w clone, no pedal, boosted the master volume to 3/4, cranked a bit the channel volume and INSTANTLY the greatest distortion I’ve ever had. I just bursted out laughing of joy. Seriously the tones, the output, the versatility, it is really just awesome. I think that when you can really enjoy your guitar plugged directly in the amp w/o pedals it tells a lot on the quality of those pickups!

  7. Teofilo Bautista

    Verified Purchase

    I received both of my orders, one for a Prewired Split Blade Pickguard with Blues Output and the other for a set of Modern P.A.F. Humbuckers. Got everything installed with the help of the information on your site and the documentation you placed in each of the shipping boxes. Once I got everything installed I tested them out on a 57 Fender Tube Amp, the sound was awesome, I’ve never heard that Les Paul sound so good! As for the Prewired Split Blade Pickguard, it made my Stratocaster sound astonishing. It sounded exactly as Lindy described the Split Blade Pickguards in his videos and there was no Hum what so ever. I also want to thank Jenny Fralin and Tyler Delsack for helping me.

  8. Gledhill Daryl

    Verified Purchase

    Great pickups the guys are really easy to deal with

  9. Leo Berthiaume

    Verified Purchase

    I love everything about these split blade Strat pickups! I installed them in my 2007 Deluxe Strat which had the Noiseless Samarium Cobalt pickups with the S-1 switching system. They sounded, for the most part, uninspiring. These Fralins gave me everything that was lacking in the stock pickups. For starters, the hot bridge pickup sounds hot and biting like a good Tele pickup, without any shrillness. It reads at 9.45k, but blends really well with the neck and bridge combinations. Speaking of blending, I opted for the blender knob which allows me to blend the neck and bridge (sans middle) plus a myriad of other combinations. All the pickups sound great and have tons of tonal character. I suck at soldering, but even so, installation was a breeze. Communication was great. Shipping time was exactly how long they told me it would take (they are hand-made one customer at a time). I highly recommend Fralin!

  10. Blane Rice

    Verified Purchase

    I’ve been playing guitar for over 50 years. I am very impressed and pleased with my purchase and I feel as though these pickups are worth every penny. I love a good Stratocaster…However, recently I had been playing other guitars because the Fender tones were wimpy, lacking or too buzzy for recording or clubs. I just cannot tolerate a buzzy guitar. It forces me to play different and distracts me really bad. I had been using the EMG DG-20 pickups for about the past 14 years in my main Stratocaster because they were good for clubs with acceptable tones and a nice low noise level. IMHO, the EMG DG-20 does not sound like a Stratocaster. These Fralin High Output Split Rails through a Boogie Triaxis and 2:90 power amp produces the best overall Stratocaster tones I’ve ever had. I’ve tried Noiseless and Lace Sensors and these are the best to my ears. I’m really picky about my sound and I had to share a review because this is an investment that I couldn’t afford when I was younger. Fralin gave me the cry sound I want, the Hendrix sound, it’s got enough cluck and chunk. I was freaking out a bit after I pulled the trigger on these because they are not returnable, and I can’t judge tone using internet samples very well. However, once I got these dialed in to the correct height, (which was nice and low on my guitar) I was grinning from ear to ear. I know your experience may vary, but I’ve tried pickups from all kinds of winders and these for me are the absolute best. These replaced the fat 60’s in my Custom Shop, and I am completely satisfied with my Fralin Split Blades purchase. I plan to order another set for my 1986 American Standard.

  11. Stephen Andrews

    Verified Purchase

    I love, love, love, the way these sound and feel. I got the high output and they are extremely sensitive. The notes sound thick and juicy. These haven’t eliminated my hum issues completely like the Frailin p90’s did on my Telecaster. But my Strat is much quieter now. I won’t be swapping out pickups anymore. My search is over.

  12. Lawrence Haynes

    Verified Purchase

    very good! love the tone and sound but still a little noisy hum

  13. John Nelson

    Verified Purchase

    Best sounding pick-ups. What great pickups I purchased the split blade vintage pick up and everyone that has played the guitar loves the sound I compared it to a $3000 fender Stratocaster and my friend that owns the Stratocaster like the pickups in my guitar better and said that the Fraillan pickups were better sounding I had three guys at the guitar center not knowing what the guitar was made out of commented that the sound was the best they have heard. Thanks for the great pickups I will definitely be buying bass pickups from my next build

  14. Ian Brown

    Verified Purchase

    This is my second split blade set from Fralin and here is my very long winded review. I spent months experimenting with setup combinations on my Warmoth Strat build. If the guitar didn’t inspire me or sound quite right, I knew it was my set up and not the pick ups. When I finally found the “magic” combination of neck relief, action height, and saddle radius that matched my playing style, my pick ups didn’t lie. On a properly set up guitar, these pickups give clarity of note, “thwak” when you hit the guitar hard, punchy attack, glassy singing highs, and a velvet-like sustain with medium to high gain. Without touching my amp, I can channel Gilmore, play boot-scoot boogie, pretend I’m Clapton, rip some heavy blues, or clean it up for some Albert King riffing. All of this can be done with the controls on my guitar. The volume pot is extremely responsive over nearly the entire range. I can get “singing lady” sounds by dialing back my tone knob. Leave the tone knob at 10 and I can get some respectable Eddie Van Halen sounds from my bridge pick up. The Blender Pot is the most amazing tonal paintbrush I’ve ever experienced. With this mod, you will find your own tone that stands out from everyone else. It’s a secret sauce. Another secret weapon is the out-of-phase mod which uses a push-pull pot located in the tone position. Yeah, it’s good for funk…but, used in position 2, in conjunction with the blender pot, some gain, and dialing back the tone setting, the most incredible Hendrix-like tones are suddenly at hand. Again, without touching the amp. For Blues, dial back the volume pot to clean it up and suddenly you are cutting through the mix without an increase in volume or added harshness. I love the fact that these mods are hidden and there are no cheesy toggle switches. Get good with using the controls on your guitar and the tonal variety on tap will astound you (and mystify others!). Lindy and team, I really can’t thank you enough.

  15. Ian Brown

    Verified Purchase

    Everything I hoped for and more!
    Been playing for nearly forty years. Toured professionally in the 90’s. Been a Gibson player most of my life. During Covid, the fret wear on my Gibsons rendered them practically unplayable. I was depressed. There was a three month turnaround for a fret job. More depressed. Needing a playable guitar, I went on Reverb and bought an 80’s Japanese Strat and a Warmoth neck with stainless frets. Got it, plugged it into my Boogie, and the Fender Vintage 50’s pups in it stabbed me in my ear holes. I was even more depressed. I started researching loaded pick guards. There’s a few companies out there with large marketing budgets that offer decent loaded pick guards. The pictures of the product were fabulous but no matter how close I put my ears to my computer screen, I could not tell how they would sound in my guitar, through my rig, in my hands. There were soooooo many options that I became frozen with despair and thought about taking up Banjo. Alas, what to do…

    I studied the forums attempting to translate the English Language into audible guitar tones. Frustrating. Then I read a review from a Fralin client expressing his surprise that when he called the Fralin company, Legendary Lindy Fralin himself spoke with him, acting as his pickup spirit guide. I was impressed. So I called, not expecting to speak with Lindy and happy enough to speak with anyone that might help. Guess what…I’m transferred to Lindy and we have ourselves a solid “shop talk” convo. He intuitively understood my expectations and needs after explaining to him my gear and playing experience. I placed my order, the loaded pickgaurd arrived before expected, and I warmed up my soldering iron.

    What I experienced over the next month has changed my life. I am no longer depressed! My Strat sounds amazing. The Split Blade Humbuckers sing, have a harmonic warmth that is tight and focused. Somehow, the highs are still all there yet the sharpness is gone. There are countless players going for Stevie’s tone, Jimi’s tone, Clapton’s tone, Gilmore’s tone, etc, etc. These pickups will allow you to get all of those but most importantly, they allow me to get my OWN tone! The volume knob creates absolute magic with these pickups. The pickup blend circuit creates tones I could not have imagined. These pickups are a tonal canvass that has allowed me to paint whatever tone my imagination desires. Lindy and team, I am in your debt. Thank you for bring joy back into guitar journey.

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