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    The Fralin Blender Pot gives you the ability to blend your Neck and Bridge Pickups, as well as get all 3 on single-coil guitars. This is a great product for those who love to “tinker” with wiring, like Lindy!

    The Blender Pot only works on Strat and Tele installations. It features a 1/4″ bushing, suitable for pickguard and control plate installations only. For Archtop / Les Paul installations, check out our Push-Pull Blender Pot.

    Available! Estimated Lead Time: 2-3 Days


    Include a Sleeve to convert your Blender Pot to a Solid Shaft Pot.


    Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


    We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

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    Blender Pot INFO:

    Want to learn more about our Blender Pot? Here's all the information you'll need:

    Blender Pot FEATURES:

    One of our favorite and most powerful mods, the Fralin Blender Pot is an easy way to blend your Neck and Bridge pickups to achieve new tones. Achieve Telecaster tones on a Fender Strat by blending the Neck and Bridge together. Blend all 3 pickups together by choosing either position 2 or 4 and playing with the pot. It installs easily by replacing your tone pot 2 (closest to output jack).

    The Blender pot includes the following hardware for mounting: Hex Nut and Lock Nut.


    Lindy Fralin Blender Pot Installation

    Installation Note: The Blender pot’s wires must be installed into the same terminals as the pickups, otherwise, this modification will not work correctly.

    With this mod, you can Coil-Tap Humbuckers, Blend 2-Pickup Guitars, and forget 2 Volume Knob wiring.

    Follow the instructions here to wire it up in a Standard Fender Stratocaster, utilizing a Master Tone.

    Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Taper:Audio Taper
    Bushing Length:1/4"

    More Information:

    *Value doesn't matter when installed as a Blender Pot | **Turning Blender Pot Down rolls in opposite pickup

    Blender Pot FAQ's

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    At this time, there are no FAQ's...yet.


    26 Genuine Reviews for Blender Pot

    1. David Pajo
      Verified Buyer

      So easy to set up instead of the broadcaster/double Esquire blend wiring! Make sure your pickups are the correct polarity / wind direction for phase and you are golden.

    2. Chris Dyas
      Verified Buyer

      Unlike most strat players I play in the bridge pickup most of the time. My guitar is on the dark side tonally and I play a surf style so it works for me. Although I mostly use my strat at gigs, for recordings I also use a jazzmaster in the middle position with both pickups on. Just installed the blender pot and I can finally make those jazzmaster songs work on a strat live! Couldn’t be happier, what a great new sound out of a guitar I’ve been gigging with for 14 years. If you’re looking to get those tele or jazzmaster middle position sounds the blender is a no-brainer. Works and sounds far better than I expected, thanks Lindy!

    3. Scott Macleod
      Verified Buyer

      Your blender pot is a quick and easy mod on all my customers Strats. Adding the 2 extra pickup possibilities is an eye opener for all Strat players especially. Homerun!! Great quality part as well!!

    4. Rick Baughman
      Verified Buyer

      The blender pot is a great mod for my Strats. I can retain the character of the bridge pickup but smooth the bite a bit by blending in a little of the neck pickup. Likewise, I can brighten up the neck pickup by adding a little bridge. And having both pickups on full adds another cool tone. It’s an easy mod to wire, so it’s a no brainer.

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