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The Fralin Magic Cap is a .0015 Capacitor that Lindy swears by. When activated, your plain strings will sound thicker and larger – immediately. This Cap is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit more functionality to their guitar, but doesn’t need a ton of highs rolled off.


The “Magic Cap” is simple: It rolls off just the “shrill” tone that comes with a Bridge Pickup of your Strat or Tele. It’s perfect for those who want to thicken up or darken their tone just a tad when playing solo notes, or chords. The Magic Cap won’t make a drastic difference in tone, rather, add more functionality to a common problem with guitars.

WATCH ABOVE: Please skip to 7:49 on the video to hear the cap in action.


1 review for Fralin Magic Cap

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dennis Cassidy (verified owner)

    I’m new to the DIY tweeking on guitars. I have a project “Tele/Partscaster” that I experiment with. I have done everything myself on it from finding and combining neck & body/drilled the headstock for upgrade tuners/made a new nut/copper lined body/and complete setup of string height/neck & bridge pickups/saddles/intonation etc. I put the Lindy Fralin “Magic Cap” in parallel with a CDE225P 473K “Orange Drop Cap” and really love the sound with my new Lindy Fralin “Blues Specials” pickups. I really don’t know what the technical effect of running these 2 caps in parallel does, but the guitar sure sounds sweet at any rate. Love my Lindy Fralin upgrades. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lindy Fralin products because, the support and interest in customer satisfaction is second to none. I’m a very happy camper!! Cheers, Dennis Cassidy, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.

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