Fralin Volume Kit

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    The Lindy Fralin Volume Kit keeps your treble intact while you roll your volume down. Quick and easy to install, this part is great for maintaining superb high-end, with the versatility of your volume knob.

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    Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


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    Fralin Volume Kit INFO:

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    Fralin Volume Kit FEATURES:

    Your Problem: You roll down your volume knob, and your treble goes with it.

    Solution: The Lindy Fralin Volume Kit.

    The Fralin Volume Kit utilizes a 0.002µF Capacitor and a .200 Resistor to solve this problem. The Volume kit will install on the lugs of your Volume Pot and will bleed treble as the Volume Pot rolls down. This is essential for Country, Blues, and Rock guitarists who want to keep their high end and utilize their volume knob.


    For the installation of our Push-Pull mod, see our page here.

    Volume Kit Installation



    Tech Specs

    Tech Specs

    Capactitor Value:0.002µF
    Resistor Value:220K

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    22 Genuine Reviews for Fralin Volume Kit

    1. David Pajo
      Verified Buyer

      I’ve experimented with my own treble bleed caps & resistors, tried others as well, but Fralin’s is my favorite. Some leave too much treble and basically turns thin when you turn them down. This one retains the natural sound of the guitar when you turn it down.

    2. Daniel González

      amigos, este kit se puede instalar en un jazzbass? Kit de volumen Frailyn

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