Fralin Volume Kit

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    The Lindy Fralin Volume Kit keeps your treble intact while you roll your volume down. Quick and easy to install, this part is great for maintaining superb high-end, with the versatility of your volume knob.

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    Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.

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    13 Genuine Reviews for Fralin Volume Kit

    1. Tom
      Verified Buyer

      Amazing enhancement from adding these treble bleeds to my 1980s Les Paul. Uncovered significant amount of tone that existed in the Tim Shaw pickups.

    2. J Johnson
      Verified Buyer

      Used on an American deluxe Tele. I had a spare slot on the S1 switch and I wired my volume kit so it will activate when the S1 is pressed down. The series mode is always louder and I turn the volume down. With the kit I don’t lose my highs. Plus it works on neck and bridge. Press the S1 and everything is like a normal Tele. With the volume rolled off a little in neck or bridge, activate the volume kit and there’s a big difference. Overall the kit works great and it’s nice being able to choose with or without.

    3. Michael True
      Verified Buyer

      Great addition to my Pure PAF pups
      The Pure PAFs are great pickups. They were an awesome choice for my thin-line hollow body. But it already has a somewhat dark tone with sweet, bubbly upper mids. The pure pafs really helped bring out more of the guitars natural tone. And I love adjusting my volume and tone knobs quite a bit when I play. The volume kit really helped balance things out. There’s way more independence now between the two knobs. I like to use a little compression and I can really dial back my output and dynamics without it darkening the tone. The tone pot has complete control over that now which is great. My other hollow body had the same type of set up so I was glad to see the option for these pickups. I highly recommend it for humbuckers and hollow body guitars. It just keeps your tone and dynamic levels intact as you make adjustments.

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