Lindy Fralin Push Pull Blender Pot

Introducing: Lindy Fralin’s Push Pull Blender Pot

We’re excited. You should be, too. Lindy finally pulled the trigger on something he has always wanted – a Push-Pull Blender Pot. This custom pot can add a load of versatility to your Stratocaster®, Telecaster®, or Gibson®. Now, you can achieve more advanced wiring customization by adding a Blender Pot and a Push-Pull configuration.

Lindy has been taking normal Push-Pull pots apart and modifying them to achieve this mod for years. He finally decided to do it right!

Our Push-Pull Blender Pot:

Our Push-Pull Blender pot will allow you to do Push-Pull Blender Pot mods within itself. For instance, you can achieve our Gradual Tap modification, or our Phase-Reverse mod, within itself. Being a Blender Pot, you can now have multiple push-pull pots on a Strat®, and a Blender. That means you can create even more modifications than before. We wanted you to get a jump start on this cool modification, so we’ve worked up a few examples of how you can achieve cool mods:


Push Pull Blender Pot With Coil Split

With this modification, you can use the Blender Pot, like usual, but use the Push-Pull switch section to split any Humbuckers you may like. This is a great modification when we hear customers who want a Blender Pot on their HSS Strat, but also like to use the Tone 2 as their Split.

If you have an HSH or HH Strat, this modification allows you to independently split humbuckers, as well as use the Blender function to achieve blended single-coil and full humbucker tones.


Coil Split Blender Pot Partial Tap

Just like the above-mentioned modification, except this time, with a Partial Tap Resistor. This helps any Low-Output Humbuckers achieve a more convincing single-coil tone when split. Furthermore, you can run the Blender Pot separately to achieve a blend of Single Coil & Humbucker tone.

This is perfect for our Pure P.A.F. A low-output humbucker, our Pure P.A.F. sounds pretty wimpy when split. If you use the aforementioned Partial Tap Resistor, you’ll achieve a more convincing single coil tone when you split the humbucker.


Push Pull Blender Phase Reverse Modification

This modification allows you to reverse the phase of one pickup, then use the Blender Pot to blend between fully in, and out-of-phase tones! Lindy uses this on a custom Telecaster with 2 P90s. He will pull up, giving him an out-of-phase tone. Then, using the Blender Pot Element, he can dial in just the right amount of Phase Reversal – pretty cool!


Our Blender Pot element takes the pot completely out of the circuit when it’s on “10”. This means that you can use this Push Pull Pot as a No-Load pot! A great example would be a No-Load Tone Pot. Simply wire the pot section like a normal Tone Pot and the Blender Pot as needed!

Also, this Push-Pull Pot’s Shaft is 1/2″, long enough to go into Les Pauls. So…let the modding begin!

Written By:

Tyler Delsack

Tyler Delsack is the Manager of Fralin Pickups and spends his time editing and maintaining the website, designing graphics and ads, and making pickups. He's powered by Jazz Guitar, Vietnamese Food, Hiking, and Beer.

Author's Note: These blog posts are for educational and information purposes only. We do not offer custom wiring diagrams or wiring help or troubleshooting. For this, we recommend going to a local luthier or tech.


  1. In Lindy’s orange Tele video, I think he has two volume controls, so I wonder what it’s like to install it on a traditional Tele with master volume & tone configuration. Does it have to be installed on a volume pot, or can I install it in the tone pot position; and if so, when I pull up for phase reversal/blend, does the tone setting remain what it was before I activated phase reversal, or does pulling up take the tone control out of the circuit? It’s probably answerable to anyone who understands electronics wiring, but I’m learning by doing.

  2. Is this a 250k or 500k pot?

    I’ve never modded a guitar but would like to convert my strat to a HSS fat strat, blend neck and bridge pickups, and have the option to split my humbucker – this tone pot seems to be the only thing out there that can do all this which is amazing but I’d like to know what other tone and volume pots I should use alongside this one (250k or 500k)?

  3. Is it possible to use this as a tone pot (I like the middle detent for that+the no-load) but have the Push-pull functionality to split two HB pups? (this is for a HSH assembly)

  4. I absolutely cannot use a push-pull on my Strat – my fingertips are too dry and slick to get a grip on it. A push-push version would be well-received!

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