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6 Ways To Wire Up A Tone Pot
6 Powerful Ways To Wire Up A Tone Pot

There are many ways to wire up a tone pot, and it can be confusing deciding which one to choose. Different eras of wiring produce different tones, as Modern wiring sounds different from ’50s wiring. We’ve wired up tone pots on our best-selling Telecaster Control Plates and Prewired Pickguards in many different ways. Today, we’re only going to focus on […]

Learn how to choose between 250K and 500K pots
Learn how to choose between 250K and 500K Pots now!

We frequently get asked about pot values when a customer orders one of our Prewired Telecaster Control Plates or Prewired Pickguards. Pot value has a significant impact on your instrument’s final tone; it’s essential to choose wisely. We mainly get asked how to choose between 250K pots and 500K pots. Let’s dig in! CHOOSING BETWEEN 250K AND 500K POTS: When […]

Reversing Pickup Polarity Of Humbuckers
How to Reverse Pickup Polarity Part 2: Humbuckers

Note: this two-part article was originally one article, and I edited it into two parts for clarity and brevity. If you want to learn more about Polarity in general, read Part 1. Reversing the polarity of a Humbucker is a relatively simple task when compared to a single-coil pickup like a Stratocaster or Telecaster pickup. When changing the phase of […]