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Split Blades – Tele

5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
(2 customer reviews)


A Lindy Fralin original design! Tele Split Blade Pickups are designed as a fully no-noise replacement for Tele style pickups with all the high-end clarity you expect from a traditional single coil.



Split Blade Telecaster Pickups: The revolutionary design in single-coil sound, without the hum. This pickup is built with a 2-coil design using steel blades for the pole piece. Unlike most humbucking pickups, Split Blades are designed with a left and right coil design, offering a truer and more balanced single-coil tone.


Lindy Fralin Split Blade Pickups are unique: they offer a single-coil sound, with no hum, whatsoever. You can expect fantastic a warm, full-bodied tone with incredible string articulation and enhanced detail. Low strings sound clear and articulate, while the plain strings sound thicker than a single coil, but still sparkle. Furthermore, adjusting the pickup on the Bass and Treble ends really allows the player to fine-tune the pickup to his or her needs. Split Blade Pickups will not pull the strings out of tune – even if they get close to the strings. When playing with distortion, Split Blade Pickups sound thick and dynamically rich. Chords have a nice compression on them while single note lines have a much larger sonic footprint.

Choosing the Output:

  • Vintage Output offers a thicker, darker sound than our Stock Tele pickups, while still offering bright wound strings. The Vintage Output works well with 250K pots. This is Lindy’s favorite version of Split Blades.
  • The Blues Output is 5% stronger than the Vintage output, and offers 5% more bass and mids, and 5% less treble. The Blues Output works well with 500K pots.
  • The High Output is 5% Stronger than the Blues Output. We use a stronger magnet in this pickup which makes it brighter. the High Output model sounds great with 250K pots.
  • Super High Output is 10% stronger than the Blues Output. The Super High Output Split Blades work well with 500K pots. These models work best with regular Humbuckers, in a HSS or HSH configuration.

Choosing The Radius

These pickups are designed to work with the curvature (radius) of your neck. Be sure to have your radius measurement ready before ordering. Most vintage-style guitars are using the Round radius. Modern guitars are using the Medium radius. Guitars with a very flat fingerboard are using the Flat radius.

  • Round Radius (7.25″ – 9″)
  • Medium Radius (9.5″ – 11″)
  • Flat Radius (12″+)
Radius Options Picture (See Below Image)

Wiring Diagrams


Complete Set, Bridge, Neck


Vintage, Blues Special, High Output, Super High Output


Flattest (12″ and Flatter Radius), Medium (9.5″ to 11″ Radius), Round (7.25″ to 9″ Radius)


Black, White


2 reviews for Split Blades – Tele

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have a set of these in my Tele. I absolutely love them. I play a lot of finger-style jazz on the neck pickup, and I also find myself playing a lot of funk as well. I have the Vintage set in my Tele, and I can do all of that. There is so much clarity and definition, and these pickups are incredibly dynamic. I can get warm, woody tones by rolling my volume down, too. This set has all of what you love from your Tele, and more!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Chris – December 13, 2016:

    I have a split blade in the bridge of my Tele (the neck is a humbucker) and when I raised the Split blade to just below the strings the tone came through clear and concise. It turned my Tele from a Rock guitar to a Blues, Rock, Jazz and everything in-between. I’ve tried many pickups in my bridge and this one is a keeper. It truly has a unique tone all on its own and even a more complex tone when I have the switch in the middle.

    You can’t go wrong with this pickup. Give it a chance. You won’t regret it!

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