Lindy Fralin Pickups - P-90's ®

Gibson’s classic single coil is known for big mid-range when used clean, and chainsaw grind when pushing an amp hard.

This pickup comes with adjustable poles, ALNICO bar magnets and a choice of covers: Soapbar or Dogear, Black or Cream. And we also now offer the a New Soapbar option in "Shiny" or "Raw Nickel" silver for an additional $10.

You also have a choice of Gibson style braided leads or two conductor shielded leads for versatility. Wound with 42 Plain Enamel wire to specs, from 20% under to 10% over. (Because stock P-90’s have 10,000 turns we use the number of turns instead of an ohm reading for model options. We also recommend 10%-15% difference between neck and bridge.)

My own ES125 has 15% under neck and stock bridge. Our P-90 set has a reverse wound bridge for hum canceling when two pickups are on.

NOTE: Also available is an ALNICO pole piece version for a clearer, less distorted sound. In Dogear covers, this pickup will surface mount on hollow or solid bodies. The ALNICO version is wound from 6 K - 10 K.

Fralin P-90 Coil Pickup Fralin P-90 Coil Pickup

Short Dogear P-90 Top Λ

Fralin P-90 Short DogEar

NEW! Short Dogear P-90's

We now offer the Short P-90 dogear. This will fit 330's, 125's from the 50s and the metal covered P90's on Epiphones. Available in either single coil or the hum-canceling versions.


P-90 Dogear Shims

This pickup sounds best close to the strings. We have shims available for Dogear style for $5.00. Specify .062, .100 (not pictured) or .225 thickness.


Hum-Cancelling P-90 Top Λ

Fralin P-90 Hum-cancelling

NEW! Hum-Cancelling P-90's

This 2 coil pickup has the big midrange and the bright wound strings of the original P-90's. The stock set sounds the most like real "50's" P-90's. 5% under makes a very clean set and the 5% over makes a darker set. All sets come with a 10% cleaner Neck pickup. (Our favorite is the "Stock" set).

The Hum-Canceling P-90 can also be made with ALNICO rods for a loud but clean sound.

We also offer a Hum-Cancelling F-Spaced Soapbar in Creme or Black.

Note: Over-tightening pole-piece screws into cover can damage pickup.
    When ordering please specify:
  • 5% under, Stock, or 5% over set
  • Dogear or Soapbar
  • Creme or Black cover
  • ALNICO Rods or Steel Poles
  • Gibson style braided shield or 2 conductor shielded
  • F-Spaced or Regular

P-90 Pickup Prices Top Λ

High Output Single Coil Pickup

PRICES: $90 each //
Hum-Cancelling P-90s: $130 each

When ordering P-90s, please specify the following:

  • Percentage Over or Under Stock
  • Cover Choice: Soapbar or Dogear, Black or Cream
  • Lead Choice: Gibson style braided leads or two conductor shielded leads for versatility
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