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Are you still searching for that noiseless P90 tone that sounds like a real P90? Your search has ended: introducing the Fralin Hum Cancelling P90. With a unique coil design and magnet structure, the Fralin Hum Cancelling P90 provides a versatile, hum-free tone that cleans up and gets dirty, with plenty of articulation and clarity. Read more to find your guitar’s real voice:




Soapbar Covers

Please choose how you want your pickups to look in your guitar.

Dogear Covers

Choose your standard Dogear Covers below. Available are White, Black & Cream. If you want a Metal Cover, choose “Short Dogear” from the select box above.

Short Dogear Covers

Below are the covers available for Short Dogear singles and sets:

Dogear Shims

Shims help height adjust your humbucker pickups with plastic covers.

Pickguard-Mounted Soapbar Modification

Some Soapbar Pickups are mounted on the pickguard via a screw on either side. (Les Paul Junior Tribute, Soapbar-equipped SG’s) Check this box if your guitar requires this modification. You’ll get 2 tabs to slip on the mounting tabs for threading your screws. Available in Gibson-Spacing only. Measure your spacing here.

Gold Screws (Optional)

We can use Gold Screws to give your pickups a different look for a small up-charge. Not necessary if you selected Gold Covers.

Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.

We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn More

All P90, No Hum.

Want to learn more about our Hum-Cancelling P90? Here's all the information you'll need:

Hum-Cancelling P90 FEATURES:

  • Lindy Fralin Original Design: True P90 Tone, No Hum
  • Multiple Outputs available for fine-tuning your Pickup’s voice
  • Strong and bold – lots of midrange and snarl
  • USA-made Neodymium Magnets for aggressive tone and output
  • Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups
  • Adjustable USA-Made Steel Pole pieces for fine-tuning string balance
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built for unrivaled quality control
  • Backed by our 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Risk-Free 30-day exchange policy



The Fralin Hum Cancelling P90 is one of the best-selling models we make, and it’s easy to see why. Genuine P90 tone and dead-quiet performance? What’s not to love? 

Whether you play Rock, Jazz, Country, R&B, or Funk, you will undoubtedly stand out in the mix with the pronounced pick attack, crystal-clear lows, and round highs. And the best part? Zero hum. Available in a Soapbar, Dogear, and Humbucker, you can rest assured knowing you can get the Fralin P90 tone in any guitar you have.



There are a few ways to cancel out the hum in a pickup. Some manufacturers feature a “stacked” coil design, which we believe leads to a lifeless and dull tone that lacks character. Lindy’s Hum Cancelling P90 features a Side-by-side coil design that is not stacked and attains a more accurate P90 tone that actually sounds like a P90.

Expect a vintage-voiced P90 tone, with a slightly thicker midrange and rounder highs. This pickup will undoubtedly push your amp hard and provide that snarly midrange and top-end “bark” we have come to expect from a P90. Suitable for many music styles, this pickup can scream and clean up nicely for jazz or blues.

Going even further, you can customize your tone by selecting Overwound and Underwound options. By overwinding a pickup, the tone gets thicker, darker, and dirtier. By underwinding a pickup, the pickup gets clearer and more articulate.

Speaking of versatility, are you looking for a jazzier tone? We can use Alnico 6 Magnets to taper the highs even more and offer you a softer sound. Are you searching for a cleaner and more Fender sparkle? Check out our Alnico Rod Version that features Alnico Rods for a Fender-type sparkle.

Our manufacturing process allows us to achieve unparalleled quality control.

Hum-Cancelling P90s consists of 100% USA-Made parts, including a precision injection mold, USA-Made Steel Screws, and Neodymium magnets. We use aggressive USA-Made Neodymium magnets to make this model scream. Each bobbin is carefully inspected and cleaned before winding.

We wind each pickup by hand, one at a time, using our proprietary “Sectioning” technique, which gives the pickup a sweet, clear tone. Finally, we wax-pot the pickup to prevent microphonics and preserve the pickup for years to come.





Tonal Graph for Hum-Cancelling P90:

The tone graph below for our Hum-Cancelling P90 features Lows, Midrange, Highs, and general Output.



Listen to our friend Mike Hermans play our Hum Cancelling P90, only in a soapbar format.





Tech Specs



See below for the estimated DCR and Polarity Information for our Hum-Cancelling P90.

The phase of this pickup is reversible with 2-Conductor With Shield lead.

Neck Ohm Reading (Stock):15.5K*
Bridge Ohm Reading (Stock):16.8K*
Neck Polarity:Reversible with 2-Conductor Lead
Bridge Polarity:Reversible with 2-Conductor Lead
Magnet:USA-Made Bonded Neodymium
Wire:USA-Made 43 Gauge Single Poly Nylon
Bobbin Material:USA-Made Nylon Injection Mold
Recommended Pot Value:500K
String Spacing:50mm

* Due to the unique design of this pickup, ohm readings aren't very helpful. Our Stock Set is close to the Vintage P90 output.



  1. What’s the tonal difference between this and your Stock P90The Hum Cancelling P90 is slightly louder, darker, and thicker. It’s quicker to break up, and has no hum!
  2. What output do I choose? Our most popular set is the Stock Neck & Bridge. Going with a +5% output from Stock will thicken and darken the tone. Going with a -5% will clean up and reduce the midrange, making it sound more articulate and clear.
  3. What lead do I choose? This depends on your guitar and a few other things. Gibson Lead: Go with this if installing a set into a Gibson-style instrument, where each pickup has its respective volume pot. 2-Conductor: Go with this lead if buying a Single, or installing into a Fender-style instrument.
  4. What’s the String Spacing? 49.5mm.
  5. I don’t see what I’m looking for? We can do some custom work, for sure. However, we’re not tooled-up for certain things, like Nickel Dogear Covers. Contact us if you’re not seeing something you’re looking for.
  6. How far away from the strings does the pickup need to be? Push your Low E String down at the highest fret. Measure from the top of the pole piece to the bottom of the string. The ideal starting location should be 1/8″ on the bass string, and 1/16″ on the treble string when the High E string is pushed down at the highest fret.
  7. Wiring Diagrams? Here!



Soapbar Dimensions For Fralin Pickups Metal Dogear Dimensions for Fralin Pickups Plastic Dogear Dimensions For Fralin Pickups


Lead Color Codes

See below for our Lead color codes. For help with matching to other manufacturers, check out this resource here.

Gibson Braided Lead:

2-Conductor With Shield
Gibson Braided Lead - Use on Gibson-Style Instruments only, where each pickup has it's own respective volume and tone pot. Do not select this lead on Fender-style instruments, unless the instrument is wired like a Gibson, like a Telecaster Deluxe. This lead is non-reversible. You cannot split the humbucker with this lead.

2-Conductor Lead:

2-Conductor With Shield
Two-Conductor Lead - Select this lead if wiring to a Blade Switch or buying a single pickup. 2-Conductor allows you to reverse the phase of the pickup.

Hum-Cancelling P90 Questions And Answers:

Have a question about our Hum-Cancelling P90? Leave it here! We will answer your question within 24 hours.

8 Questions about Hum-Cancelling P90


137 reviews for Hum-Cancelling P90

  1. Michael Keating

    I picked up a Heritage H530 this past year. It was beautiful. Played and felt unbelievable. But the Lollar p90s (which are held in high regard) were simply unusable (I do experience a bit more noise in my home than elsewhere). I had my tech install Fralin Hum-cancelling P90s. Over the past year, the Heritage has overwhelmingly become my favorite guitar I’ve ever owned for virtually every style. Whether playing worship/ambient music, jazz, funk, blues, or rock, the pickups shine. The pickups are beautifully balanced, have a great clarity, and work well with varying degrees of gain. While these pickups are not cheap, I would claim they are worth every cent. Brilliantly dynamic, cleaning up beautifully, and so versatile.

  2. Vibhas Patil

    What value of pots should I use with the hum cancelling P90’s? Should I use the stock 250k ones? Also, would you recommend the usage of a treble bleed on the volume with these P90’s?

    • Tyler Delsack
      (store manager)

      We always recommend 500K pots with our Hum Cancelling P90s, or standard P90.

  3. John Zwiefelhofer
    Verified Buyer

    can I get this pickup in a black Dodger for a 1960 SG JR. ? THANKS, JOHN

    • Tyler Delsack
      (store manager)

      Hey John, yes – we make our pickups in a Dogear mounting. Please select “Dogear” under “type”.

  4. Mark Hartman
    Verified Buyer

    This is my first experience with your products and I’m just blown away. I’ve got all the growl of a p90 with none of the noise! Highly recommended. Could not be happier

  5. Sam

    Howdy! I have a Reverend Double Agent OG and I would like to replace the neck P90 with one of these, but I have 2 questions. 1) Should I have the output selected as underwound, stock, or overwound? I would like to match the volume of the humbucker, which the stock neck P90 does very well. 2) What string spacing should I select? Thanks so much!

    • Tyler Delsack
      (store manager)

      Hey Sam,

      I would recommend our Stock Output neck, Standard String Spacing (50mm) and 2C Lead.

  6. James Ryan
    Verified Buyer

    Absolutely Brilliant! True P-90 tone without the hum!

    The hum-cancelling P90 from pickup guru Lindy Fralin solved a huge problem I’ve had for years. A P90 sounds unique unto itself, but under certain high-gain settings, the hum can be overpowering. Problem solved! It delivers the thick P90 sound with no buzz or hum…PLUS the aged nickel cover (available as an option) perfectly compliments the natural play wear of the guitar I dropped it into. Thank you and your team, Lindy. You are a wizard….it’s magic!

  7. Justin Stewart
    Verified Buyer

    Hum Cancelling Super Tone

    This pickup is so badass. It’s quiet but snarls like a beast. This has changed my life forever. On top of that, I called to ask about setup, and Lindy himself answered and gave me some super helpful info.

  8. Joseph Farrell

    Great Pickups!! I put these in my PRS 245, and they gave me the look and sound I wanted!!

  9. dan

    is the 50MM dogear and string spacing correct to fit into a les paul JR

    • Tyler Delsack
      (store manager)

      Hey Dan,

      Yes, 50mm and Dogear is the correct style for the Les Paul Jr. I recommend plastic covers (black, white or cream) instead of metal covers as the metal covers have a bit of a curve as they are designed to work on carved-top instruments.

  10. Colin Lowry
    Verified Buyer

    I just got the P90 soapbar no hum pickups, put them into an Epiphone 1956 Les Paul, with 50’s style wiring and CTS pots , and it is amazing! Like no other pickup I have played. The power of the neck pickup is so good, almost like a humbucker, but with more air in it, and so clear. The bridge is more vintage nasal tone, like early Freddie King. Blended together, the two can do almost any blues or rock, or jazz tone you would want. I have another Epiphone Casino with Dogear P90 Fralin pickups, that sounds great too, but this one is even clearer, and has no hiss or hum at all. I play this into a 1968 Marshall Plexi replica, and it is great. The other reviews are true, this has the p90 tone, but not the hum or noise at all. I wish I had done this swap sooner, it is like getting a new vintage guitar for chump change!

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