Capture the Sound of the 60's P-Bass


  • Hum-Cancelling
  • Thick & Versatile
  • Traditional Appearance
  • Vintage Output

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Lindy Fralin P-Bass Pickups are clean, clear, and articulate. They are designed to enhance everything you’ve come to love about your P-Bass: Fat and Punchy with a huge, clear bottom-end.


Customize your P-Bass:


Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

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Capture The '60s.

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We know what you love about your P-Bass. That’s why we don’t take any of that away: we only give you more. We use USA-Made Alnico V magnets and 42-Gauge Heavy Formvar wire to give an era-authentic 50’s tone, only thicker. Fralin P-Bass Pickups offer a significant upgrade. At Fralin Pickups, we believe the best sound comes from the highest quality materials available, not fancy gimmicks.


  • Original Fender specifications, with modern output
  • Superb articulation for a clean and clear tone
  • Designed to be even across all frequencies
  • USA-made Alnico 5 Magnets for optimal tonal balance and output
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built fiberboard Bobbins for unrivaled quality control
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects



Fralin P-Bass Pickups are like our J-Bass® Replacements: they have a huge fat tone. Fralin P-Bass Pickups are fat, punchy, and round. The lows are deep and rich, and the highs are sweet and clear. The first thing you’ll notice when you install these pickups is how you can hear more of your P-Bass. You’ll hear an extended low-end and a rounder top-end. These pickups are very vintage sounding, but with modern power.

  • For an era-authentic 50’s tone, use our “Stock Wind”, or, choose “N/A” under output preference
  • For a thicker midrange and fewer highs, choose +5%. This will reduce the highs by 5%, and increase the lows and mids by 5%.
  • For an even thicker tone than the +5%, you can opt for +10%. This is perfect for anyone looking for an aggressively strong midrange and dark tone. Perfect for balancing out a bright sounding bass.
  • If you’re looking for a little cleaner tone, use our -5% wind. This will increase the highs by 5%, and decrease the mids by 5%.
Tonal Graph For P-Bass:

The tonal graph below for our P-Bass features Lows, Midrange, Highs, and general Output.


Attack: Soft & Round

Videos for P-Bass:

Tech Specs:

See below for the estimated DCR and Polarity Information for our P-Bass.

Stock Ohm Reading:11K 1
String Spacing:21.5mm*
Magnet Wire Material:USA-Made 42-Gauge Heavy Formvar
Magnet Material:USA-Made Alnico 5
Bobbin Material:USA-Made Stamped Fiberboard
Recommended Cap Value:0.02mfd 2

More Information:

1 Ohm Readings can vary due to a multitude of factors, including ambient temperature, multimeter calibration, different wire batches, and other factors. Due to this, ohm readings are approximate. Learn more about Ohm Readings here.

2 We recommend a 0.02mfd Cap Value on most guitar and bass pickups. The exception is a Magic Cap, which Lindy prefers on the Bridge Pickup of Fender® guitars only. Learn More about Caps Here.

*String spacing is measured between the center of each set of poles.

P-Bass Dimensions:

P-Bass Dimensions

P-Bass FAQ's

General FAQs

Here are quick answers to common questions we get:

  • What Ohm Readings does your P-Bass have?

    Navigate to our Tech Specs Tab for complete Ohm Readings and more useful information.

  • Will this pickup fit my instrument?

    Check our "Sizing" tab for the size of the pickup. No Sizing tab? Check under the product image gallery for dimensions.

  • Is your Lead Time of 2-3 Weeks accurate?

    It really depends on the shop capacity at the moment, and the size of your order. Feel free to give us a call for an accurate lead time. We always try to underpromise and overdeliver.

  • What pickup height do you recommend setting your P-Basss to?

    Our recommended Pickup Height is 1/8" (3.175mm) on the Bass Side and 1/16"( 1.5875mm) on the Treble Side. Measure by holding the corresponding side down at its highest fret and measure from the bottom of the string to the top of the pole piece.

Customer Reviews

132 Genuine Reviews for P-Bass

  1. Eric Jackson

    Verified Purchase

    Excellent pickup!

    This pickup is exactly what I was looking for. I went with the stock wind. Excellent tone with clarity. Definite upgrade for my Mexican P Bass. Thanks to all of the Fralin staff!!!

  2. Grahame Clayton

    Verified Purchase

    P-Bass +10% overwind
    I already had standard Lindy Fralin P-Bass pickups in my Lakeland Duck Dunn, I bought a Bruce Thomas Pbass which I love but was a little too top-endy. A set of T.I. flatwound strings & a set of Lindy’s Pbass pick ups sorted that out. Loads of power, plenty of bottom end with clarity, absolutely love these pick ups & would recommend all day long.

  3. Anthony Curry

    Verified Purchase

    The best p-bass pickup ever!!!

  4. Mike Glover

    Verified Purchase

    P Bass 10% overwind
    Awesome. Lots of punch but also raw as hell with lots of bite. I put them in a ‘76 P-Bass and play through a ‘71 Blue Line SVT and it sounds like a combination of Cliff Williams and Lemmy. I’m a finger player but the tone these give has a pick sounding element to them. Exactly what I was looking for.

  5. Gerald Werner

    Verified Purchase

    Awesome Pickups.
    The person that I was emailing with was very helpful. I told him that I play an American Fender P-bass, the music that I am playing and the rest of the instruments in my group. He told me the type of pick-ups that I needed. I watched a YouTube video on how to install them. It was a simple installation. I can’t thank the Fralin Co. enough. My group noticed the difference right away. No need for a boost pedal anymore. Sounds great with my Mark Bass amp. Thanks again.

  6. Dan Fleury

    Verified Purchase

    Easy install, dropped right in, and great sound. I already had a 51 P-Bass and it is a great pickup too. I would surely recommend Fralin Pickups! Thank You!

  7. Samuel Champagne

    Verified Purchase

    My p-bass sound so good! Awesome product, +10 overwound work fit perfect with playing style, my bass sound deep and thick, it’s like a ton of bricks in the face when I go thru my SVT!

  8. Jose Delgado

    Verified Purchase

    Upgrading MIM P bass
    Just installed some Fralins on my MIM P-Bass and love the sound. Thank you, Lindy Fralin.

  9. Bruce Hudson

    Verified Purchase

    Made my Goober Bass sound like James Jamerson’s
    I am tired of active pickups so decided to go passive with my no-name P-bass. My guitar repairman told me about all the different pickups available but suggested the 5% overwound Fralin P-bass pickups. They shipped quickly with great communications from the moment I placed my order. Put into my bass then headed to rehearsal with my 10 piece horn band. Wow. What a difference! The bass fit in the pocket perfectly! Can’t wait to redo my other basses!

    Highly recommended!

  10. James Brock

    Verified Purchase

    Very pleased with the clear sound, top to bottom.

  11. Mike Swaim

    Verified Purchase

    Perfect P!
    I got the 5% over and wow! They made the 4464 custom Lakland jump out of its skin. Tremendous company to trust with your tone. That’s why you go to Fralin. Over the years they have kept the SAME standards. I couldn’t be happier. Thanks, Lindy!

  12. Daniel Shuman

    Verified Purchase

    My 68 tele bass was sounding sad with a broken p bass pickup – tone diminishing and noise escalating. At my repair guy’s suggestion I got the p bass pickup. I drew accolades on the first gig! It’s great to have the full potential of the instrument!

  13. Sam

    Verified Purchase

    I built with my tech , rick Lacombe, a warmoth pbass. When i talk to rick of the project he tell me put some fralin in that pbass your never be disapointed So i listend to him, and holy s*** ! Even better then i could imagine! I choose the +10 with a maple neck and swamp ash body it sound perfect! Thanks lindy and all your crew, for an amazing handmade product, thanks!

  14. Hugh Smolin

    Verified Purchase

    Great bass sound!
    I put the overwound x2 pickup in my Lackland 44-51 bass along with orange drop cap and it greatly improved the bottom end without sounding muddy. Great pickup.

  15. Rob Amaral

    Verified Purchase

    P-Bass PUPs in MEX P-BASS Now “USA”.
    These are well-made guitars mostly, but they do need a pickup upgrade. One of Boston’s best repair-guys-to-the-stars recommended L-F P-Bass PUPS.. I put em in and ‘bingo’.. they sound great.. Great job all around guys.. !

  16. msbass50

    Verified Purchase

    Mike Swaim March 2019

    Traded out the stock pups for a 5 over set of fralins in my Lakland 4464 Duck Dunn model. The Duck would agree! Big difference and true bass tone! I did a Darryl Jones Jazz bass too at the same time and the same result. I now have Fralins in 3 rigs and love them! Plus the comany will go out of their way to satisfy what ever you need. A very good feeling dealing with and having the end result of a great sound! Thanks for being around to provide such a good product!

  17. Dan Welch

    Verified Purchase

    Just Like The Beatles-Nobody Better! 78 PBass, Fralin Standard P-Bass Pickups, Oil/Paper Cap, LaBella Flats….Holy James Jamerson……Total Mojo!!!!

  18. Jeffrey Kuhn

    Verified Purchase

    I replaced the Mexican P Bass pickups in my bass with the RBP P-Bass stock black and WOW !!!. I could not believe the difference. The sound man kept asking me to turn down but it had nothing to do with volume, it was all about the bigger fuller sound of these pickups. They filled the low end frequencies that had been missing in our mix. Thankyou Mr. Fralin!

  19. Chris Sprague

    Verified Purchase

    Great pickups
    I put these in my Fender American Professional P-bass and they make a huge difference. Compared the the Fralin pickups, the originals sound muffled. Now my P-Bass actually has the P-Bass sound that I was looking for.

  20. Tom Pesch

    Verified Purchase

    Sorry I haven’t replied to you about your awesome sounding pickups that I purchased back in September. I got busy with all kinds of things and only a few weeks ago had the chance to install them in my Fender Blacktop Jazz Bass.

    Well, they sound just incredible. They made my already ballsy bass sound even better with beautiful midrange and highs that don’t distort along with a rich low end. I did a video with the bass and you can check it out here:

    Thanks again Lindy, for taking the time to speak with me about what I was looking for because that is exactly what you sent to me.

    Tom Pesch

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