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High Output Tele Pickups are wound with more wire than the Stock Tele set for a lot more power and darker sound. Fralin High Outputs are perfect for those looking for more power than our Blues Specials. They are dark and thick, perfect for balancing a bright Telecaster or mixing with P90’s or Humbuckers.


Bridge Options

Specify if you want White Cloth String or Black Cloth String on your bridge. If no option is chosen, you will receive White String.

Nashville Tele Info:

Are you buying pickups for a Nashville Telecaster Setup? Make sure you check this box to let us know. Make sure you add a middle pickup as well.


High Output Telecaster Pickups are for those who want a thick, dark tone out of their Telecaster. These pickups have the most output out of our Alnico Telecaster line. If you have a bright sounding guitar, this set will help balance out the treble and emphasize the mids. Fralin High Outputs sound best with 500K Pots. This makes them ideal for those combining a humbucker or P90 with a single coil.


  • Modified Fender specifications for boldest tone
  • Loudest and highest-output Telecaster replacement we make
  • High Output so you can mix with P90s and Humbuckers
  • Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups
  • USA-made Alnico 5 Magnets for optimal tonal balance and output
  • Two magnet staggers available for different fingerboard radiuses
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built fiberboard Bobbins for unrivaled quality control
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects

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High Output Tele Sound:

High Output Pickups sound very thick and dark when playing clean. They feature a massive midrange and darker and smoother highs. Additionally, High Output Tele Pickups have a nice compressed, beefy sound. The tone is thick and fat while having a light compression and thick with a low-end growl and a medium attack. Expect 10% less highs and 10% more mids and power than a vintage-sounding pickup. Our High Output Tele Pickups will break up a lot quicker than lower output replacements. Chords sound crunchy and thick, and single notes sound fat and rich.

It all starts here: Our manufacturing process allows us to achieve unparalleled quality control. These High Output Tele Pickups consist of local fiberboard and USA-Made Alnico 5 Magnets. We wind each pickup by hand, one at a time. Each pickup is wound using our proprietary “Sectioning” technique. This gives the pickup a sweet, clear tone. Finally, we wax-pot the pickup to preserve the pickup and prevent microphonics.


  1. What’s the difference between the Blues Special Tele and the High Output Tele? The Blues Special Tele will sound cleaner and more articulate – like a balance between the Stock and High Output. The High Output will sound great with 500K pots – thicker, darker, and way more aggressive.
  2. What Stagger do I choose? Ideally, we always recommend a Hybrid Neck (raised D). Choose Stock Bridge Stagger if you have a guitar with a round to medium fingerboard radius: 7.25? – 10?. Choose Hybrid if you have a flatter or compound-radius (11+”).
  3. Can I get a Cover on the Neck? We really don’t recommend it – the cover makes the pickup darker, and these are already pretty dark. We can do a Blues Special Neck, and recommend 500K pots if you want to do this.
  4. How far away from the strings does the pickup need to be? Push your Low E String down at the highest fret. Measure from the top of the pole piece to the bottom of the string. The ideal starting location should be 1/8? on the bass string, and 1/16? on the treble string, when the High E string is pushed down at highest fret.
  5. Wiring Diagrams? Here!



  • 43-Gauge Single Poly Nylon Wire in the Bridge and Neck
  • They use USA-Made Alnico V Magnets
  • 500K Pots Recommended

Resistance Readings:

High Outputs will read approximately 8K in the Neck and 9.7K in the Bridge. The outputs are compensated and this set has matched volume.

Telecaster Bridge Mounting Hole Dimensions


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  1. Jeff Beich (verified owner)

    High Output Tele Bridge

    Essentially it works as advertised. It is about as hot as you can get, without starting to sound like a P-90. You can get some really nice clean sounds rolling back on the volume. Great for putting a little hair on the sound or really driving your amp

  2. Britt Gardner (verified owner)

    Per the recommendations on this page, I purchased the High Output Tele Bridge in combination with a covered Blues Special neck because I just couldn’t imagine my Tele without a cover on the neck pickup. I also switched to 500K pots and a .022 Microfarad tone cap with a treble bleed consisting of a parallel 240 picofarad cap and a 100K resistor. This particular set uses a 5% overwind on the bridge and hybrid stagger to match the guitar’s 12″ radius.

    Since this is the High-Output page, the review will deal mostly with the bridge pickup, but the neck pickup will be mentioned in brief towards the end. The Blues Special set doesn’t seem to need too much help selling itself anyway.

    The guitar in which the pickups were installed was a G&L ASAT Classic AlNiCo which had previously been equipped with its factory Paul Gagon AlNiCo pickups. This guitar, which has an Ash body and a rosewood board with brass saddles, had no tonal deficiency with those pickups; they were great for a classic Tele tone. I would have been glad to leave them in it, but they were not giving me adequate output and thickness, particularly of lead tone, for the band I’m playing in now, and switching between the ASAT and my humbucker and/or P90 guitars would cause us to have to stop and readjust levels, which is always a pain. Plus, while the guitar was beautiful for cleaner classic rock solos, it just didn’t fill enough air in a hard rock band.

    So, the Fralins went in. Having had them in place for a few days, and having recorded a few demos with them to give myself a chance to sit back and listen to how they perform, I am perfectly happy with the results. The High Output Bridge does precisely what I needed in the configuration described above: That is to say it provides a more focused, raunchier version of the tone I already loved about this instrument. I can tell it’s the same guitar, but it sounds noticeably meaner now, with a smoother, more pronounced mid-range that grinds through distortion boxes or a cranked amp. It could be described as Jerry Donahue’s attack with Mike Ness’ note bloom and decay; a great Tele tone meets a great P-90 tone. Shaken notes sustain very well, and even a clean sustain or slid-in note holds out with a P-90-like groan. The guitar stands out between the bass notes, vocal, and drummer’s cymbal work to the point my band mates were, for lack of a better term, “flipping out” over how good the solos sounded when we listened back to the demos we recorded last night.

    It blends with the Blues Special neck for a middle position that is unquestionably Tele, but crunches up for a vicious alt rock to even metal-sounding chug when palm muted under heavy distortion. Played clean, the 500Ks and treble bleed leave no doubt you’re hearing a Tele in the middle. You want a nasty Southern Rock chickin pickin’ tone, this combination is your bag. I hybrid pick a lot, and the balance between the pick strikes on the wound strings and the finger style on the plains is very pleasing.

    The neck is just what I’d expect from any Fralin Blues Special set: a fatter, punchier version of that jazz to classic rock rhythm thing that a Tele’s neck position does so well, with excellent articulation and good responsiveness. The thickness added is perfect for the job. I was worried I’d need to rout that guitar for a mini bucker to get rid of what I felt was excessive twang and thinness in the neck; not anymore. Since this is the High Output page, I won’t spend too long on the neck, except to say that for how well it plays with the High Output bridge, if you want to keep a cover on your neck, follow the recommendation in the page info and get a covered Blues Special, then switch to 500Ks and a smaller value tone cap. The balance across switch positions is great, and you can always move the neck pickup a touch closer to the strings if you’re not satisfied with its output.

    The .022 Microfarad cap and 240pf/100K treble bleed described above give a very smooth curve when rolling the volume and tone, with very little noticeable tone difference on volume swells, or when using the volume as a gain control. If you buy these pickups, I recommend planning on making a few tone circuit mods as well, as I strongly suspect you’ll find them too dark with 250Ks. If you have an especially dark guitar, like an all-rosewood Tele, or an alder or mahogany-bodied guitar with a rosewood fingerboard, you might even consider 1 megs pots, but I have every faith you’ll get a solid, useful balance from these pickups with a little value tweaking.

    For my uses, in this guitar, I cannot imagine I would find a better set of pickups, and being a guy who likes slightly hotter pickups in general, as much as I liked the originals, I doubt they’ll ever go back in. The guitar is too well balanced and works too well with my play style for me to consider changing it after this. I think I have found my long-term Tele tone.

  3. David Parsons (verified owner)


    It must have been the mid-nineties when I ordered my first Lindy Fralin pickups. A set of three for a Strat. Lindy answered the phone himself and we talked through what I was looking for and they were in my hands in just a few days. Before long I had all my Strats equipped with Fralins. Soon, I got a Tele. His overwound standard pickup worked like a charm. I’ve been dialing in my Teles for years and that pickup found its home in my best guitars over the years. Recently, I decided to put together an ultimate Tele. This time, Lindy didn’t answer the phone himself. His company had grown- and gotten even better! Tyler handled my call and spent quite some time answering all my questions and making sure I got what I needed. He was SO helpful. I ended up getting a High Output Tele bridge pickup that sounds as great as I’ve come to expect from the Fralin crew. It was in the mail in a couple of days, was packaged carefully, all the polarity and other specifications were spot on, and sounds great. Smooth highs, punchy lows, no compression or microphonics, perfect string balance ( I got the ‘hybrid’ pole pieces for my flattish neck radius ), good mounting hardware and three-conductor wiring for phase options, etc. Just a great product with unparalleled customer service. Thank you!

  4. Joel Dowdy (verified owner)

    High output Tele Bridge Pickup is Tone Heaven
    Always wanted a 72 style Tele with a humbucker neck and single-coil bridge pickup. I found a used one that I really like the neck. The previous owner upgraded the stock neck wide range humbucker pickup with a Shawbucker 1T but left the stock bridge pickup. A friend of mine who puts Lindy Fralin pickups in his teles told me about them. So I decided to get a high output Tele Bridge pickup as a replacement as the tone was just okay with the stock pickup. After replacing, the tone difference is way better. My 72 Vintage Tele now sounds as good as my two more expensive professional models. Can do twang, blues, rock and sounds awesome. Pairs very nicely with the Shawbucker 1T neck pickup in the middle switch position. Very responsive to touch and picking style. Lindy Fralin pickup fan for life!!

  5. Howard Reitzes (verified owner)

    Best single coils around. I have more than a dozen sets of Fralin pickups and each one works perfectly in my guitars and clients guitars. Keep up the great work

  6. John Raquepau (verified owner)

    Outstanding tone!
    I was in the market to change pickups on my Tele. I heard a friend’s Tele with Fralin pickups and they sounded great, so I went with them, the High Output. I play blues, not country, so I need more output to drive the pedals and amp. They work well!

  7. George Judge (verified owner)

    Great! This is the Tele bridge sound I have been searching for. Great twang without so much brightness.

  8. Almir Dervisevic (verified owner)

    High Output Telecaster
    My ’72 reissue Telecaster opened up. Just enough mids/bass for the bridge position. Love it. Soon ordering Fralin WRH for the same guitar neck position. Way to go guys. Thanks.

  9. Donald Meyer (verified owner)

    Absolutely Fantastic! Amazing tone, better than I imagined. Thank you Luke for deciphering my cryptic note with the order and walking me through the wiring options I was looking for. I paired a four wire Pure P.A.F. in the neck, with an overwound High Output Telecaster bridge pickup in a semi-hollow Thinline body. I wired them up with a 5 way “super switch” (thanks again Luke) with 500K Ohm pots and a .02 Capacitor. First off the full neck pickup sings with a clean sustain that puts my Gibsons to shame. Next position is the screw coil alone and it’s sweet and smooth. The middle position is both pickups full on and the added bite of the overwound bridge pickup makes solos cut through even the thickest live mixes. The next position is the screw coil and the bridge pickup out of phase but hum canceling for a super usable tone. Not quite the Peter Green tone but still super pleasing. And the coup de grace, the bridge pickup alone, absolutely killer rock and blues tone for days! This was my second set of Fralin pickups. I got started on a Blues Special Telecaster replacement set, I’ll never put another brand of pickups in a guitar. Thanks again!

  10. Craig Comeaux (verified owner)

    An outstanding pickup that does exactly what I needed it to do. The pickup is described as high output, with 10%-15% higher output than typical Telecaster pickups. I have a ’74 Telecaster custom that required a replacement bridge pickup. I usually play overdriven tones though higher gain amplifiers (Marshall, Soldano) and needed a pickup that would fit nicely in that environment. I love the sound of a Tele single coil overdriven, as the string definition is much clearer than a humbucker, to my ear. The high output tele pickup is outstanding in my Tele custom., and is exactly what I was looking for. I had actually tried another boutique pickup manufacturer and had bad luck with their version. Live and learn. I am a Lindy Fralin fan now, and I will use them as my go-to resource for all my replacement pickups. Thanks guys!

  11. Mark Stallard (verified owner)

    Wow, bought the 10% high output pickups for the bridge in my 1972 Tele and it absolutely took my favorite guitar to a new level. Thanks Lindy Fralin for making such an awesome product. I will likely be buying some Fralin pickups for my Jazzmaster next.

  12. ready2click (verified owner)

    Many, many thanks and appreciation to Lindy Fralin and Co. on my crazy good, amazing new Tele High Output Pickups (OW10%) and all the support. They far exceeded my expectations. Buying these pickups is where my quest successfully ended to give my favorite Telecaster (50’s style MIM) the high end professional-level tone that I was longing for. Specifically, I wanted to keep that classic Tele sound, but my guitar sounded too thin and shrill. So I wanted to round off the jagged edges, beef up the mids and highs and add some “snarl”. My journey started out when I bought a competitor’s “Vintage Broadcaster” set. Then I replaced all the cheap stock Chinese electronics with upgraded vintage style electronics and wiring. After all this, she still sounded too thin and shrill – Ugh! Then my guitar teacher, a seasoned professional musician, suggested I try “Fralin Pickups”. So the quest continued. Along the way, I received personalized guidance from Lindy and members of his team to help make my specific selection (e.g., Blues Specials, HO10% or HO15%?) . For my guitar we landed on the 10%’s and they were SPOT on! Now I am thrilled and proud of how my Telecaster sounds. I think she would shine on any stage (haha – that is if someone good like my guitar teacher was player her!). Thanks again Lindy and Co.

  13. Jeff Strozza (verified owner)

    Just an amazing level of service and support! The pick-up is an overwound, vintage staggered Tele bridge that is just completely endemic of a vintage telecaster. It replaced a Lollar in a Nash Tele and the only downside is that 60 cycle hum, but that’s the gig. The service level from Lindy Fralin and team is absolutely worth getting their pickups!

  14. Trond Arne Nilssen

    Very pleased with my new pickups,
    crisp and clear sound.
    Thanks for the advice to buy a complete
    set of pickups, front and rear.
    It really did work!!!

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