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Installation FAQ's

Frequently asked questions regarding installation

We have beautiful wiring diagrams! Check them out here:


On P90s, Jazzmasters, and Humbuckers, the lead comes out of the Treble Side of the guitar. In other words, the lead will be closest to the G, B, and E strings.

Most Alnico pickups have a raised magnet – this magnet goes under the D string, not the G string.

Pickup Orientation, with the Lead coming out of the treble side.

For Neck Position Humbuckers, the lead comes out of the Bass Side.

A 3-wire pickup configuration is a courtesy to the customer as it allows you to reverse the coil direction or phase of the pickup quickly. Our standard wiring is:

  1. White = Hot (to switch)
  2. Black = ground

In a 3-wire setup, you have:

  1. White = Hot (reversible)
  2. Black = ground (reversible)
  3. Blue = Chassis Ground (permanent ground)

If you followed the above wiring and notice that your pickup is out of phase with another pickup, reverse White & Black to put your pickup back in phase.

Three Wire Wiring Configuration


To properly set string height, follow these steps:

  1. Measure by holding the Low E string down at the highest fret
  2. Measure from the top of the Low E pole piece to the bottom of the string – the ideal distance is 1/8″, or 3.2mm.
  3. Perform the above steps on the High E string. The ideal distance on the treble side is 1/16″, or 1.6mm.

String Height - The Correct Starting Point

Interested in learning more? Read our String Height Article Here.

We ship two sets of screws with a Telecaster neck pickup –

  1. Wood Screws (for mounting directly into the wood of the body)
  2. Machine Screws (For mounting to the pickguard).

Machine Screw:

Example of mounting a Telecaster Neck Pickup with a Machine screw
Pickguard Mounting with a Machine Screw

If mounting to a pickguard, Do Not Overtighten. Doing so can strip the fiberboard.

Wood Screw:

Example of mounting a Telecaster Neck Pickup with a Wood screw
Mounting directly into the body under the pickguard with a Wood Screw


Product Category Tips

Installation Tips by Product Category

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Installation Questions

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