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Installing a Baseplate on your guitar will increase the power and bass of your Strat’s bridge pickup. We do all the work for you, all you have to do is follow some simple instructions below for installation.

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Prepped Baseplate INFO:

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Prepped Baseplate FEATURES:

The Prepped Baseplate adds power and bass to your Strat’s bridge pickup. This easy-to-install modification will provide a slight boost in volume and power when installed. You’ll notice more low-mid frequencies. This mod works on our Vintage Hots, Blues Specials, Real ’54s, and High Outputs.

The Fralin Prepped Baseplate can install on most Fender-style Strat Pickups. It will not work on pickups with bar magnets or steel screws. This Baseplate will not work on the following products: Split Blade® Strat, Steel Pole 43 Strat, Steel Pole 42 Strat, Split Steel Pole Strat


The Prepped Baseplate is easy to install. All you need is the following:

  1. High-Powered Soldering Pencil
  2. Wire Cutter

To install, start by identifying the ground connection of your Bridge Pickup. On most pickups, the ground connection is where the Black Lead connects to (Step 1). Position the baseplate on the back of the Bridge Pickup and line up the ground wire with the ground eyelet on the back of the pickup (see Step 2).

Using your soldering iron, solder the grounding lead to the eyelet, and clip off the excess grounding lead. Be careful not to ‘overcook’ the eyelet. Your iron should be hot enough to ‘flow’ the solder quickly.

Lastly, you’ll need to melt the wax on the baseplate. You can do this a few different ways, but the easiest is to use your soldering pencil to heat the baseplate up enough to flow the wax. Let the baseplate cool and cure.

Lindy Fralin Baseplate Instructions

Prepped Baseplate Questions And Answers:

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1 Questions about Prepped Baseplate

  1. Do I need to do any other preparation.

    1. Nope, not really – just make sure your magnets are flush with the fiberboard on the back of your pickup. If magnets are protruding out, this mod will not work.


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  1. William O’Neil

    Do I need to do any other preparation.

    • Tyler Delsack (store manager)

      Nope, not really – just make sure your magnets are flush with the fiberboard on the back of your pickup. If magnets are protruding out, this mod will not work.

  2. egon callery

    The original 57/62 Fender .ow wund vintage Strat bridge pickup sounded thin. I replaced it with a higher output Fralin one which brought in more mids. I had also ordered the base plate but found it less useful w the new pickup.
    So i put it on the middle pickup which makes the inbetween sounds more beefy and kinda solves the thin parallel pickup sound. I have the middle on a blend pot.

  3. Mark Bloodworth Verified Buyer

    Bridge pickup baseplate installation.
    I was really impressed with the change in sound of my Fender strat bridge pickup after I installed the baseplate. The bridge pickup on this AVRI ‘57 strat was very thin sounding. I had thought about replacing the pickup but I preferred to keep the guitar as original as possible. I thought I would give this $12 baseplate a try first and it really made a big difference! The volume and presence of the pickup was increased and the sound went from flat to 3 dimensional! I was really surprised with home much difference it made while keeping continuity between the sound of the 3 pickups. The added bonus is that I’m able to keep the guitar original, with the exception of the baseplate of course.

  4. Blake Gardiner Verified Buyer

    Best mod
    How is this not standard on all Strats? This turned the bridge of my ’65RI in to something I could actually use. I wanted to get a volume boost while saving the tone of the original pups. I’m loving life now.

  5. Leroy George Verified Buyer

    Baseplate installed so easily following your workbench directions. Very pleased with this upgrade, thank you Lindy for all your products and your time spent offering Workbench Tips! LeRoy George

  6. Louis Weiss Verified Buyer

    I have a set of Duncan Surfers in an 86’ Japanese strat which I love. The bridge and I have not gotten along as it’s just a tiny bit too vintage/bright sounding. This baseplate is a perfect solution. It was able to keep the same sonic profile of the surfer bridge, but just gave it a bit more “beef” it sounds like a little more pronounced lower mids. Installation was truly a breeze, and I’m no wizard with the soldering iron. I say if you have an overly bright/weak sounding bridge pickup, this is a great fix.

  7. Benjamin Friedman Verified Buyer

    Great upgrade!

    The base plate is prepped beautifully. Very easy to install. Made my bridge pickup more enjoyable!

  8. Lauren Aase Verified Buyer

    Easy Install

    The baseplate was easy to install. I held it flat to the back of the pickup with a screwdriver blade and melted the wax with a hairdryer. Helped thicken the tone of the Stratocaster bridge pickup and make it less shrill. Love it!

  9. Dennis Alvarez Verified Buyer

    Worked as advertised. But not for me.

    It arrived quickly. It was well packaged and was very easy to install. Well, it did add a nice fatter midrange to my Classic Vibe 60’s Strat bridge p/u, I found myself actually missing the stock sound. I have it wired to the tone control of the middle p/u. And that made it sound much less shrill. That being said, I think it’s definitely worth trying as you may find that it works for you.

  10. Daryl Skeeters Verified Buyer

    Strat baseplate
    I ordered the baseplate hoping to add some girth to the bridge pickup. The installation was a breeze and the result was amazing. I will definitely add baseplates to all my Fralin bridge pickups from now on. Thanks, Lindy

  11. Walter Oltmanns Verified Buyer

    Well made.
    My favorite Fender single-coil pickup is the bridge PU in my 2011 American Standard Tele. I’d love to have an equivalent-sounding pickup in my Strat. I’m looking to put a thin copper bar under the Fralin baseplate in my Strat to emulate my Tele.

  12. Alan E.

    Makes a more than subtle improvement…you will not be disappointed!

  13. Domenic Musumeci Verified Buyer

    Adds bottom to the bridge tone similar to a Telecaster. I can hear a noticeable difference.

  14. Timothy Strauser Verified Buyer

    It is as advertised. Adds a little thickness to the bridge pickup and gives it a little more punch. Not like a Tele but the bridge is a more useful pickup.

  15. Charles Stewart Verified Buyer

    I don’t know the physics behind this but they are part of the pickups i absolutely am gaga over; so, they get my endorsement!

  16. Chuck Verified Buyer

    Easy to install and makes your bridge pickup less shrill up high and more musical in the mids. Not quite like a Tele pickup, but maybe 75% of the way there. The “quack” position with the middle pickup is super spanky, too! Thank you Mr. Fralin and Co. for making this product!

  17. JP Romano

    The Fender Stratocaster is my favorite electric guitar. I play Blues, Funk, Disco and Rock & Roll. I always hated the bridge pickup on a Stratocaster, it was thin, shrill, toneless.. I basically never used it. Sometimes even tried HSS strat configuration. Then finally tried out the base plate on my SSS strat and voilà! The tone I always had in my mind but never had. Its got sparkle, body and best of all balls. I now spend most of the time on the bridge position where before I spent most of my time on the neck. It really makes a HUGE difference and the installation is pretty simple. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  18. Frank Accurso Verified Buyer

    As advertised. Installs easily. Seems to add a bit of brightness and snap to a Strat bridge p/u that the Tele bridge p/u has.
    I used mine on a DiMarzio FS-1, so the difference might not be as great as you’ll get with a standard Fender p/u.

  19. Paul Watson Verified Buyer

    I have two Fender Strats; one has the Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot Strat pickups, and the other Fender Noiseless Pickups. The Fender Noiseless are actually stacked humbuckers. My problem with the Fender Noiseless was the output of the bridge pickup, which I would describe as “vintage light”. Unlike the Fralin Strat pickups, the Fender Noiseless neck and middle pickups are the same, (which makes no sense to me). Adding this Baseplate boosted the output of the Noiseless bridge pickup, especially the mid range, which is exactly what I was hoping for. It lets you drive the bridge and still enjoy the noiseless characteristics of the stacked humbucker.

  20. Tyler Delsack (store manager)

    Do you love the Sound of your Stratocaster but always feel like the Bridge pickup is weak and thin??

    I know I have always felt this way, and have spent A LOT of money and TIME swapping out Humbuckers, Single Coil Sized Humbuckers, and Stacked Single Coils. I always had the same reaction- I Loved the extra Output and power but I lost the amazing Sparkle Bell Like Quality that Single Coil Guitars and Stratocasters are known for.

    As soon as I wired up this Lindy Fralin Baseplate to my Stratocaster and plugged it in. I Literally had this Boy like/ Grinch Stole Christmas Style Smile! That’s it!!! That’s the Sound I was looking for!!! Why has no one told me about this easy mod Before??!!

    Here is the best Part!… It only cost me $10 (plus Shipping).

    If you are reading this review and are toying with the idea of buying another Humbucker style pickup to beef up your Stratocaster or try out this Baseplate. Save yourself the time, money, and heartache of not being content and purchase this product!!!

    Andrew Bullard – Austin Texas- BreLynn Guitars

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