Lindy Fralin 4-Way Switching Push Pull Pot Mod
Aug 15

4-Way Switching With A Push Pull Pot

Recently, we’ve heard that certain 4-Way Switch manufacturers are not 100% compatible with the Fender Telecaster Control Plate. We’ve found that the switch swings too wide, getting blocked by the Plate itself. This prevents the switch making full contact to all terminals, and thus not working correctly.

We’ve done some brainstorming and research, and found the following modification to be a great option for those looking to get the Series / Parallel modification, and still keep their 3-Way switch. Let’s check out some benefits of this mod:


  • Keep your 3-Way Switch – no 4-Way switch needed
  • Achieve the Series sound in any position
  • Once done with Series sound, simply push down and you’re back to your original position


This mod works like a normal Telecaster, except, pulling up on the Push-Pull pot engages Series wiring. What that means is that you can be on any position, pull up, and BOOM – Series. Pushing back down on the Tone Pot disengages the Series wiring, and you’re back to the 3-Way switch, in the same position you left it. Pretty cool.


  • 250K (or 500K, whatever your guitar already has) Push-Pull Pot
  • Neck Pickup (with cover ground separated)
  • Rosin-Core Solder
  • Soldering Pencil
  • Fender Cloth Lead
  • Soldering Kung-Fu (no purchase necessary)

Lindy Fralin 4-Way Tele Mod With Push Pull

A note on the image above: The Push Pull Pot wiring is on the left, the regular Tone Pot wiring is on the right. I wanted to draw it up so it’s clearer and less jumbled. There’s only one Push Pull Pot.

That’s it! Follow the instructions above, and you’ll have a “Series Switch”. Pretty awesome, right? Yeah. It’s awesome.  Happy modding!

Tyler @ Fralin Pickups

Tyler Delsack is the Manager of Fralin Pickups and spends his time editing and maintaining the website, designing graphics and ads, and making pickups. He's powered by Jazz Guitar, Vietnamese Food, Hiking, and Beer.


  1. I love the idea of pulling up on the pot to have series no matter why position you are in. I was wondering if you could show me how to do it using the volume pot as the push/pull instead of the tone pot? The reason is that I had my heart set on using a no-load pot for the tone. Thank you very much!

    1. Joe,

      You do not need a 3rd wire neck if you don’t have a covered neck. Thanks!


  2. Could you tell us some of the 4-Way Switch manufacturers models that are not compatible with the Tele control plate? thanks and keep up the great work

    1. So far, some of the Oak Grigsby models are not working 100%. Will keep everyone posted on the rest of them, as they occur.

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