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Re-wiring your guitar? Grab some of our USA-Made wire to make sure you don’t run short. We have plenty to share!


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Don’t get caught short-handed.

Our USA-Made wire is the exact same wire we trust to push that signal through to your amp, so you know it’s the good stuff. We sell all our wire by the linear foot, so grab some before checkout so you have some extra for that re-wire project!


We have vintage-style cloth wire available in White and Black. This is our premium cloth wire used in all our Fender®-style pickups. We also have Gibson®-style Braided Shielded wire available for purchase as well.


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  1. David Chamberlin (verified owner)

    Perfect for home wiring enthusist. Remember to just push back the ends as you don’t strip these as you do normal wire.

  2. Sandra Loewenberg (verified owner)

    Fender Style Wire for a Fender Upgrade, Used the “Real McCoy” for a Mustang build, just to make me feel warm & fuzzy.

  3. Kevin Conger (verified owner)

    Old school wire. It is the good stuff, made me feel nostalgic as I installed it. Easy to get a vintage look when installed.

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