Fralin P-90 Soapbar In a Cream Cover
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The classic P-90 Pickup: known for its big mid-range when used clean, and chainsaw grind when pushing an amp hard.


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We all love the sound of a screaming P-90 Pickup. It’s been used on countless records and countless guitarists rely on it to give them that aggressive tone they’re after. It’s Rock & Roll, Jazz, R&B, Funk, Blues, and Country all rolled into one. At Fralin Pickups, our P-90’s are given a healthy dose of USA-Made Parts and wound by hand, one at a time to deliver what you love most: amazing, unforgettable tone. Our stock set has a Stock Bridge and a -10% Neck. This calibrates the set to have the same output. If you would like to customize this option, please see below for a more detailed description.


  • Adjustable Pole Pieces for Fine-Tuning Single String Balance
  • AlNiCo Bar Magnets for a Smooth Tone
  • Wound with 42-Gauge Wire to specification
  • Our Bridge is reverse-wound to give you Hum-Cancelling in the Middle Position
  • USA-Made Parts


Fralin P-90’s have a huge, fat, midrange tone.  You can expect a clear, present, round bottom-end, and a sharp, aggressive top-end, with a clear, fat midrange in-between. Our P-90’s have that undeniable thick Single-Coil tone, with a warm low end and a fat top end. Single notes have a punchy, thick sonic footprint and have great sustain. Chords break up nicely with a slight compression and great note separation. Fralin P-90’s offer undeniable clarity and definition while remaining strong, fat, thick, and punchy.

  • Our Stock Set is a Stock bridge and -10% Neck.
    • Each additional 5% added (+5%) will give you 5% more mids, and 5% less highs. It’s thicker, with more output. Higher output pickups have more compression and are beefier sounding
    • Each 5% subtracted (-5%) will clean up the pickup nicely, giving it a clearer, more open sound. This will add 5% more highs and take away some midrange for a nice “scooped” sound. Lower output pickups have more articulation and are generally more dynamicthan higher output pickups.
    • We customize our pickups from our Stock Set. If you choose (-5%) on the NECK position, you will be getting a -15% Neck.


  1. Gibson® Braided Shielded: Most popular. Use this if you have no special requirements (Coil tapping, Phase Reverse or Series / Parallel).
  2. 2-Conductor With Shield: Use this if you have Phase Reverse needs.


The Fralin Hum-Cancelling P-90 requires a cover. We offer this pickup in the standard Soapbar and Dogear versions. We have the following options available currently:

Soapbar Cover Options:

  • Cream
  • Black
  • Polished Nickel ($10)
  • Raw Nickel ($10)

Dogear (?) Cover Options:

  • Black (Short Dogear Only)
  • Cream
  • White


At Fralin Pickups, we are a total and complete custom shop. Need something specific? Upon checkout, use the “Notes” field to write anything you want!


Complete Set, Bridge, Neck


Short Dogear (Standard Dogear Bridge, Short Neck), Soapbar, Dogear

Neck Output

N/A, Stock, +5%, -5%, -10%

Bridge Output

N/A, Stock, +10%, +5%, -5%, -10%

Type of Lead

2 Conductor (for Phase Matching), Gibson® Braided Shield



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