Jazz Bass

  • Single Coil
  • Thick & Versatile
  • Traditional Appearance
  • Vintage Output
(86 genuine reviews)


Fralin Jazz Bass Pickups are fat, loud, punchy, and clear. They have articulation and definition not found in other manufacturers’ pickups. We use all USA-Made parts, and wind and build them one at a time by hand.


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Raised Centers

Choose this option if you want raised center pole piece magnets on your bridge. This helps with string balance on fingerboards with a radius of less than 9.5 inches. Do not choose this option if you have a flat fingerboard.

Neck-Sized Bridge

In some cases, Fender Mexican Jazz Bass will have an equal-sized Neck & Bridge pickup. We can make this for you. Measure your pickups, and if they are the same, check this box!


Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

Lead Time

A Lead Time of 3 Weeks is just an estimate. Lead Times are subject to change depending on the current shop capacity and size of the order. We will always try to complete your order quicker than the stated lead time.

'60s Jazz Bass - Captured.

Want to learn more about our Jazz Bass? Here's all the information you'll need:


Our Jazz Bass Pickups feature Hand-Built bobbins and hand-wound clarity. Our manufacturing process allows us to achieve unparalleled quality control. These Jazz Bass Pickups consist of local fiberboard and USA-Made Magnets. We wind each pickup by hand, one at a time. Each pickup is wound using our proprietary “Sectioning” technique. This gives the pickup a sweet, clear tone. Finally, we wax-pot the pickup to preserve the pickup and prevent microphonics.


  • 60’s Fender specifications, with modern output
  • Clean and clear, lots of Fender sparkle and clarity
  • USA-made Alnico 5 Magnets for optimal tonal balance and output
  • Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups
  • Two magnet staggers available for different fingerboard radiuses
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built fiberboard Bobbins for unrivaled quality control
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects


Fralin Jazz Bass Pickups offer a wide tonal range. They are wound to 60’s Specifications, which give them more output and balance. Expect a sweeter tone, with a warm midrange. Also, you’ll hear top-end sparkle and clarity. Nuances will come to life as you notice increased presence. They will break up late and stay clean longer.

Are you looking for a Hum Cancelling Jazz Bass pickup that actually sounds like a Jazz Bass? Check out our Split Jazz!

Our Pickups are dynamic – they’ll get punchy if you dig into them. They’ll have top-end spank when you slap them. You’ll also notice they’ll stay soft and dynamic when you play light. Finally, these Jazz Bass Pickups are for those who are not happy with the tone from stock pickups. These tend to be sweeter-sounding, not aggressive. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch earlier.
We offer (3) winding options to help you determine the perfect tone:

  • For an era-authentic 60’s tone, use our “Stock Wind”, or, choose “N/A” under output preference
  • For a thicker midrange and fewer highs, choose +5%. This will reduce the highs by 5%, and increase the lows and mids by 5%.
  • For an even thicker tone than the +5%, you can opt for +10%. This is perfect for anyone looking for an aggressively strong midrange and dark tone. Perfect for balancing out a bright sounding bass.
  • If you’re looking for 70’s Jazz Bass tone, use our -5% wind. This will increase the highs by 5%, and decrease the mids by 5%.

Tonal Graph for Jazz Bass:

The tone graph below for our Jazz Bass features Lows, Midrange, Highs, and general Output.


Tech Specs

See below for the estimated DCR and Polarity Information for our Jazz Bass.

Neck Ohm Reading:8.5K
Bridge Ohm Reading:9K
Magnet Wire:USA-Made 42-Gauge Heavy Formvar
Magnet Material:USA-Made Alnico 5
Bobbin Material:USA-Made Stamped Fiberboard
String Spacing (Neck):20mm*
String Spacing (Bridge):21mm*
Recommended Cap Value**:0.02mfd

**We recommend a 0.02mfd Cap Value on most guitar and bass pickups. The exception is a Magic Cap, which Lindy prefers on the Bridge Pickup of Fender® guitars only. Learn More about Caps Here.

*String spacing is measured between the center of each set of poles.


Jazz Bass Questions And Answers:


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If you have multiple questions, please call us at (804) 358-2699.

    hello, I've always played JazzBass, and it's my favorite model, only recently I played a friend's PBass and I fell in love with the fat, rumbling sound. Would the best choice of neck pickup be the +5% if I want to get closer to a Pbass sound. Or would the simple truth be to get me a PJ bass to join the best of both worlds?
  1. Q hello, I've always played JazzBass, and it's my favorite model, only recently I played a friend's...... Read more

    Hey Mathieu, there's really no substitute for the P-Bass pickup - it's unique design gives it the unique tone. I would strongly recommend going with a P-J Set. All you'll need to do is check under your pickguard to make sure you can fit the P-Bass, and replace the pickguard.

  2. Have 98 mexican made 4 string active jazz bass with a bartolini preamp. I want to replace stock pups with a set of fralins and have seen a couple you tube videos but there were no comments on the winding. I like that punchy tone but do not want all the hum that comes with a jazz pup. Any recommenadtions?
  3. Q Have 98 mexican made 4 string active jazz bass with a bartolini preamp. I want to replace stock p...... Read more
    A recommendations? Also is there a link to the different windings offered on a standard jazz bass?
  4. Hi and sorry for my poor english , for play funky music and slap ,on jazz bass made in japan , with body in basswood , neck in maple and rosewood , what is the good pickup ? more 5 less 5 indon't no !? regards Thierry
  5. Q Hi and sorry for my poor english , for play funky music and slap ,on jazz bass made in japan , wi...... Read more

    Hello Thierry, If you're looking for the ultimate slap tone on a Basswood body, I'd recommend going with our Stock Outputs to start. If you need more high-end after a 30 day trial, we can go with our -5%. Underwinding the pickup will scoop the midrange and emphasize the high-end.

  6. Hi, I play a 4 string jazz... I'd like the neck pup to be more prominent... I have a two part question... I want to order a set of pups... if I had ordered an overwound bridge pup, would the bridge pup be more prominent? If that is the tone that I want to achieve, would I order an underwound neck pup, or would the "regular wound " pup do the job?
  7. Q Hi, I play a 4 string jazz... I'd like the neck pup to be more prominent... I have a two part que...... Read more

    Hey Paul, if you were to order a set of pickups, we always overwind our bridge by default. So, if you overwind the Bridge and keep the Neck stock, the Bridge will be a little more prominent.

  8. Hi, I was the thinking of upgrading the pickups on my squier vintage modified jazz bass V. What would you recommend? Do I also need to change the pots? Thank you so much!
  9. Q Hi, I was the thinking of upgrading the pickups on my squier vintage modified jazz bass V. What w...... Read more

    Hey Daniel, We recommend our 5-String Jazz Bass pickups. You don't need to change the pots, but if you want to complete the upgrade, changing your pots is a quick way to upgrade your tone with little effort.


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Go the extra mile and combine our Jazz Bass with a Jazz Bass Control Plate!:

Get It Prewired - Lindy Fralin Pickups


86 Genuine Reviews for Jazz Bass

  1. Pete L
    Verified Buyer

    I’m completely satisfied with this pickup, the quality of construction, and the very professional presentation overall. Also a big thumbs up to your customer service department for assisting me with an installation question.

  2. Chris Robbins
    Verified Buyer

    Just like the description states – fat, loud, punchy, and clear. Initially, I was excited to find these pickups because there was an option for Mexi Jazz basses with same-size neck and bridge pickups (which mine is). I got even more excited after reading all the glowing reviews, and I was not disappointed after installing these (fit was perfect). Mine is a fretless and the fullness and range of tones available is awesome. Before pulling the trigger, I had fitment questions and a special request for non-vintage wiring and Lindy called me to discuss personally! It’ll be very difficult to look elsewhere for pickups going forward.

  3. Ian R
    Verified Buyer

    Surprisingly this was my first set of fralins. I’ve always been a lollar/Duncan guy. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to arrive here. But these jazz pickups are ridiculously excellent- fat, punchy, articulate, a little raunchy and super vibey. I’m a believer. Thank you!

  4. Hong

    My second pair of Fralins. Bought my first pair awhile ago put it on my AMPro II then I sold it but I bought the same bass again lol.
    The V-Mods II aren’t bad but definitely not the tone I’m after. This time I went with with the original 60s Fralins (original output) and paired them with the Emerson prewired harness.
    It’s hard to put it into words but the tone is absolutely killing!
    Highly recommended! A+++

  5. Robert Hammill
    Verified Buyer

    You guys are awesome. I just installed my pickups and control plate into my Sire V7 fretless, and it sounds fantastic. So much more bottom end. So much fuller sounding. Looks sharp too! The e-mails you sent while waiting for the build to be complete were also helpful! I can’t thank you enough and would recommend Fralin to anyone and everyone.

  6. Tom Foster
    Verified Buyer

    I had read that Adam Clayton used Lindy’s – I play in a U2 tribute band, so of course I had to try them. I seriously could not be happier with my jazz pickups!! Deep rich sound and the rock grind when needed!

    I also have a set of pickups for my p-bass as well, simply outstanding!

    The turnaround time from order to delivery was shorter than I expected, website was easy to use.. just an all-around great experience!

    I live in Hampton Roads, looking forward to visiting the shop one day!

  7. Muaz
    Verified Buyer

    I was on a quest to mod my own ultimate jazz bass, so I bought a Fender Made in Japan Hybrid II Jazz Bass and started off by doing a push-pull series/parallel mod. Being the perfectionist and tinkerer that I am, I was worried that the stock pickups might not be the best, and started hearing amazing things about Fralin Jazz pickups on a certain well-known bass forum. I’ll be honest, I had never been a big fan of the jazz bass tone. I only bought a jazz bass for its versatility and its neck. Thinking I wanted a thicker almost P-bass-like sound, I ordered a 5% overwind set.

    While waiting for them to arrive, I started worrying whether they would muddy up the sound of my somewhat warm alder + rosewood bass. But no, it’s not the case at all! I’ve finally understood all those adjectives that describe everyone’s ideal jazz bass tone. These pickups have that renowned jazz bass single coil high end sparkle that makes “sweetness” the first word to pop in my mind, *especially* when slapping and popping. The lows are plenty without being muddy, while the mids can be between nicely scooped and fat (not P bass fat though), depending on the volume knobs. I think this is the jazz bass growl that everyone talks about. Pick playing also sounds incredibly punchy. I replaced the stock 0.1 uF capacitor with a 0.022 uF capacitor, and I can now either roll off the excess pick treble or get that Motown sound without being too muddy. I didn’t get the P bass neck tone that I thought I wanted, but instead I got the best pure Jazz bass tone that I could ever produce.

    The downside is the price. Personally it was kind of worth it, but I had to pay the item price + international shipping + import duty (which was 10% of the total cost *including* shipping and insurance, plus a handling charge by UPS; thanks Malaysian customs and UPS) for a subtle improvement. Yep, the stock Japanese pickups were actually pretty great already. Also, the pickup leads were pretty stiff, and it took me considerable effort to fit the huge push-pull pot in the control cavity while pushing the stiff wires out of the way.

    Overall I’m very satisfied. Thank you Lindy! Cheers from Malaysia.

  8. Steve Eisenstadt
    Verified Buyer

    Get a Fender Jazz Bass. Replace original pickups with Fralins. Sell bass for some reason. Get another Fender Jazz Bass. Replace original pickups with Fralins. Sell bass for some reason. Rinse and repeat. I have lost count of how many times I’ve done this. Fralins are my go-to for good reason. Love em love em love em.

  9. Oliver Letz
    Verified Buyer

    I had the bridge PU fail on a recently acquired ’64 Jazz bass. Since the PU did not seem to be original to the bass I opted to have it replaced with an authentic re-creation. After a very nice chat with Lindy we came to the conclusion that it would be best to replace both PU’s with a perfectly matched standard output pair with raised center magnets because of the 7.25” fretboard radius. And so I did.
    I have been playing thetas with the new Fralin PU’s now for about 3 weeks and to be honest I don’t even think of the swap anymore. The Fralins sound authentic, open, articulate and blend perfectly. The string-to-string balance of tone and volume is just about perfect. They complement the mature and resonant character of the bass to produce a true vintage Jazz bass tone. I could not be happier with my choice.
    Dealing with everyone at Fralin Pickups was a joy and I really appreciated the personal attention I received. Thank you!

  10. Randy Gonzalez
    Verified Buyer

    I have a late 90s ( don’t know the exact year) made in Mexico Fender Jazz Bass that had some active EMG’s in it for about 15 years. I decided it was time to get some different pickups and I wanted a set that would give me that classic, quintessential jazz bass tone. Got a set of the Fralin Jazz Bass pickups with a standard wind, put them in the bass, and wow! The tone is fantastic! It’s totally the classic jazz bass sound I was looking for. The sound is also very balanced between the two pickups when used individually and I’m impressed how little hum there is given they are true single-coil pickups. Keep up the good work making great products like this one!

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