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Quick Tip: How to Install and Remove a Humbucker Cover

Installing and removing a humbucker cover is a pretty simple process, if you know what you’re doing. In this video, Tyler at the shop shows the complete process from start to finish, how to properly install a Humbucker Cover. Furthermore, we show you how to remove a humbucker cover safely and easily.

Tools Needed:

  • Humbucker Cover (Inside lightly waxed)
  • Masking Tape
  • Sandpaper (coarse grit)
  • Solder
  • High Heat Soldering Pencil
  • Hair Dryer / Heat Gun

Tools Needed For Removing A Humbucker Cover:

  • Razor Blade With Masking Tape Wrapped Around It: (See below)


10 Minutes 10 minutes

How to Install and Remove A Humbucker Cover

  1. Apply Masking Tape to the Slugs of your Humbucker.

    This step helps reduce vibration and microphonics when installing the humbucker cover.

  2. Sand the Inside Edges of the Humbucker Cover

    Use sandpaper to sand the inside edges of the humbucker cover. This will remove the plating and allow solder to flow and grab the metal of the cover. If you don’t do this step, solder will not stick to the humbucker cover.Installing a Humbucker Cover involves prepping the Humbucker Cover correctly.

  3. Pre-Tin Sanded Edges

    Pre-tin the humbucker cover on the edges you sanded with a high quality solder. You only need a tiny bit.

  4. Install Cover and Solder Cover On

    Apply the humbucker cover, and use the soldering pencil to flow new solder on to the inside edge of the humbucker cover and the baseplate.Installing A Humbucker Cover Solder Locations

  5. Re-flow Wax To Stop Microphonics

    Use a heat gun or hair dryer to heat the face of the humbucker cover and flow the wax. This will prevent microphonics.

That’s basically it! It’s pretty simple to install or remove a humbucker cover when you know what to do. Follow these steps for a fool-proof installing and removing process.

Written By:

Tyler Delsack

👋 I'm Tyler Delsack, the Manager of Fralin Pickups. I've been a guitarist for 26 years, and along with managing the shop and working on this Website, I love tinkering with things!

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