Tone Caps


If you’re already under the hood of your instrument, grab a few tone caps to play with. These are great, inexpensive ways to shape your tone to your liking!


The easiest way to shape your tone.

Our tone caps are basic disk tone caps – they are inexpensive, efficient, and easy to install and use. Snag a few of these before you check out, and the next time you’re wiring everything up, play around with them!

Check out our article here on how Tone Capacitors work, and which value to choose.

Check out our modification here, where you can select two tone caps with a push-pull pot.


    • .1mfd: This cap will offer you the deepest roll-off available, and was found in a lot of Vintage Fender guitars. The roll-off of high frequencies will start quicker and go deeper into the midrange than the other capacitors offered.


    • .05mfd: This popular cap works really well with Humbuckers and Single Coils and goes pretty deep into the upper midrange. Use this cap if you want a warmer jazz tone from your pickups. You’ll see this cap used on more vintage Gibson guitars frequently.


    • .02mfd: This popular cap is very usable throughout the entire pickup line, and works well on Humbuckers and Single Coil pickups. Gibson and Fender use this cap as a standard for more modern guitars.


    • .0022: Great for bridge pickups and really bright sounding guitars, this cap will boost your midrange and tame a little bit of your high frequencies. It’s a little stronger tone than our Magic Cap (See below).


    • .0015: Otherwise known as our Fralin Magic Cap, this is a very low capacitance tone cap that Lindy loves on his bridge pickup. It seems to boost the midrange and is great for anyone taking a solo! Single notes seem to have a larger footprint and aren’t as bright.