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    If you’re already under the hood of your instrument, grab a few tone caps to play with. These are great, inexpensive ways to shape your tone to your liking!







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    Shape your pickup’s tone the easy way with our high-quality tone caps! From our Paper and Oil caps to our simple Ceramic Disc caps, you can achieve a wide array of tonal versatility, on a budget.

    Check out our article here on how Tone Capacitors work, and which value to choose.

    Check out our modification here, where you can select two-tone caps with a push-pull pot.

    Fralin Tone Cap Family






    Available Models

    • Fralin Magic Cap: Lindy’s favorite cap to boost the midrange of a shrill single-coil pickup. This value is extremely subtle and tends to work on bright pickups only.
    • .0022: Great for bridge pickups and bright sounding guitars, this cap will boost your midrange and tame a few of your high frequencies. It’s a little stronger tone than our Magic Cap.
    • .02mfd: This popular cap is very usable throughout the entire pickup line, and works well on Humbuckers and Single Coil pickups. Gibson and Fender use this cap as a standard for more modern guitars.
    • .05 / .047mfd: This popular cap works well with Humbuckers and Single Coils and goes pretty deep into the upper midrange. Use this cap if you want a warmer jazz tone from your pickups. You’ll see this cap used on vintage Fender Telecasters and Strats frequently.
    • 1mfd: This cap will provide the deepest roll-off available. You will find this value in vintage instruments. The roll-off of high frequencies will start quicker and go deeper into the midrange than the other capacitors offered.





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