Prewired Customizable Telecaster Control Plate

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Customize and upgrade your Telecaster, instantly with the Lindy Fralin Telecaster Control Plate. With over 150 combinations available, you can select your options, and we’ll wire it up just how you like it. Installation involves soldering a few wires into place. As always, we only use the finest-quality USA-Made parts we can find.





We can wire up an output jack, or pre-install our Volume Kit for a few extra bucks!

Volume Pot Push-Pull Mods

You can add functionality to your tone by adding a Push-Pull Pot on your Volume Pot. Choose between our Bright Switch, Engage / Disengage Volume Kit Mod, or a regular Coil Split if you have a Humbucker.

Tone Pot Push Pull Mods

Need even more functionality? Choose between the Bright Switch, Two-Tone Cap Mod, and Series Parallel Push-Pull Mod..

Tone Cap

We will hook you up with 2 tone caps if you choose two tone pots. Please use the “Additional Information” field below to tell us which tone cap goes where. If the Two-Tone Cap Push Pull Pot is chosen, select two tone cap values and let us know how you would like it to work.

Additional Information:

To speed up your Control Plate, we need to know which tone cap goes where – please use this field to give us all information!

Our Wiring Skills, Your Personality.

Want to learn more about our Prewired Customizable Telecaster Control Plate? Here's all the information you'll need:

Prewired Customizable Telecaster Control Plate FEATURES:

Our Pre-Wired Telecaster Control Plate is designed by you and built by us. Chrome and Aged Chrome Prewired Control Plates come loaded with the highest quality materials available – from CRL® and Oak-Grigsby® Switches to CTS® Pots. Of course, all our parts are made in the USA and are assembled and wired by hand in Richmond, VA.

Look & Feel

We offer Chrome Telecaster Control Plates and Aged Nickel Telecaster Control Plates. Aged Nickel Telecaster Control Plates all have a unique patina to them to make them look slightly reliced and older. Due to the aging process, each Aged Nickel Telecaster Control Plate is unique, and no two are alike.


We can wire up your Tele Control Plate a couple of different ways: Normal Orientation and Flipped Orientation.

  • Normal Orientation: With a Normal Orientation Telecaster Control Plate, your switch is closest to the headstock.
  • Flipped Orientation: With a Flipped Orientation, the Control Plate orients with the Switch closest to the Output Jack, and the Volume Pot closest to the headstock. This is great for those who love to utilize volume swells.

Lindy Fralin Pickups Normal Or Flipped Orientation



We can wire up your switch a couple of different ways – here are your options:

  • 3-Way CRL: This will give you normal Telecaster functionality – Bridge Only / Bridge – Neck / Neck Only.
  • 5-Way CRL: This is perfect for Nashville Telecasters, with three pickups.

Pot value:

Choose 250K Pots if you have single-coil Telecaster pickups or pickups that are brighter. 250K pots will make darker sounding pickups too dark and muddy.

Choose 500K Pots if you have Humbuckers, P-90’s, or other dark-sounding pickups. 500K pots will make single-coil Telecaster pickups sound too shrill.

Tone Cap Value:

Read up on our Tone Caps here.

  • .02 mfd sounds excellent on most Fender guitars and will give you a medium roll-off in tone.
  • .05 mfd will offer a much deeper and darker roll-off than .02.
  • Magic Cap: This is a low capacitance cap (.0015 mfd) and only works on the Bridge Pickup only. The effect is extremely subtle – not like a regular cap. It tends to make treble strings sound slightly fatter.


We can add some cool push-pull modifications to your control plate to shape your unique sound. For an explanation of the Bright Switch, click here.

The 2-Tone Cap Modification allows you to have two-tone caps on your guitar at the same time. If you want this, please let us know in the “Order Notes” field on the checkout screen which cap you want when pushed down, and what cap you want when pulled up.


  • How long will my Control Plate take? Please give us five days to build and assemble your Control Plate. All orders are made to order and wired by hand.
  • Can you wire it up without the Chrome Plate? As it turns out, No. If this matters to you, you can pull out all the wiring once you receive it to put it in your Control Plate. It’s just too time-consuming and unsafe to ship without a solid control plate holding everything together.
  • Can I return my Control Plate? No. Since these are so custom and made to order, all Telecaster Control Plate sales are final, and not available for exchange or return.
  • What if I don’t see what I want? Please use the “Notes” field on the checkout screen to type in any special requests. Use this field to describe how you want it wired as well if you wish to have anything customized. We’ll make it to your specs.
  • Do you offer different knobs and plates? We can special-order these – please add 2 -3 weeks to your order.


Telecaster Control Plate Dimensions


Installation is easy, and only takes  a few steps. Check out our in-depth Telecaster Control Plate Installation Guide Below:

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Prewired Customizable Telecaster Control Plate Questions And Answers:

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86 reviews for Prewired Customizable Telecaster Control Plate

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  1. William Sokol Verified Buyer

    Pretty and quiet

    Other than needing to loosen up the volume pot for swells, it’s great. Appreciate the phone time helping me understand the magic pot

  2. Edward Wholley Verified Buyer

    Tele build for my friend. You guys do great work. I have another Tele I want to swap the pickups out of. I know I will order from Fralin!

  3. Brian Fuller Verified Buyer

    My control plate came with every wire marked. All I had to do was unsoldered the marked wires and solder on the pickups. Easy peasy … even for a guy like me that has only soldered a couple of times

  4. Corey Neiffer Verified Buyer

    Perfect simplicity!

    This pre-assembled control plate was just what I needed for my project guitar. As a first time solderer, it saved me a lot of frustration!

  5. Bill Van Horn Verified Buyer

    Blues Special Split Blade Pickups w/ Pre-Wired Control PLate

    I put this combination, in my latest Tele build. I have built Four Teles and a Strat. My two best sounding guitars are the Teles, that have the Fralin pickups. I am fairly new, to building guitars, so I really didn’t know exactly what I wanted. I found it when I built my latest guitar. The Blues Special, Split Blade pickups with the Pre-wired Customizable Control Plate. This guitar played through my Fender Blues Jr., is just what I was looking for. Thanks to Lindy and his knowledgeable staff, I got what I wanted. W. Bill Van Horn

  6. Tom Moore Verified Buyer

    Telecaster controls and plate

    A very high-quality product- top rated pots and a great solder job-my tech loved it! I highly recommend this!

  7. Brian Fuller Verified Buyer

    Holy smokes! I just put in my Blues Special pickups and Control Plate and they are fantastic. I truly appreciate the way y’all laid out how I was to solder everything. I’ve only soldered a few times, but y’all made it so easy. Thanks for all the emails with instructions as well. This is such a cool change for my Tele. Thanks for making great parts and making the installation easy. Keep up the great art!

  8. Richard Rhode Verified Buyer

    Customer added no additional comments

  9. Dan Nance Verified Buyer

    Quality and coolness

    Well built and no cold solder joints!

  10. Kris Davis Verified Buyer

    Customer added no additional comments

  11. Foulet Gilles Verified Buyer

    Customer added no additional comments

  12. Les Pilchak Verified Buyer

    So good, so easy

    Fantastic quality and makes install so quick and easy. Truly pro gear.

  13. Todd McCarthy Verified Buyer

    Pre-wired volume / tone pots easy to install, much more even control at all volumes. Very satisfied, would buy again.

  14. Patrick Garrett Verified Buyer

    The best build quality I’ve ever received in a prewired kit. I got 300k pots to go with a set of steel pole 43 tele pickups and this is easily my go to for every guitar from now on. Absolutely stunning.

  15. Bill Buchanan Verified Buyer

    Works without a flaw and great solder work. Thank you!

  16. Kelly Collum Verified Buyer

    Telecaster control plate and pickups: Same high-quality product that I have been getting from you for years. Thank Y’all so much

  17. Charles Santarpia Verified Buyer

    Amazing as always.

  18. Tedd Hamilton Verified Buyer

    Control plate

    Awesome quality high-end electronics very well put together and improved Tonal Sound Great job, Lindy

  19. Adam Segal Verified Buyer

    Great upgrade
    I wanted a higher quality control plate where the plastic switch tip wouldn’t keep flying off and since I already have Fralin pickups this was the logical choice. I treated myself to the series/parallel upgrade and am glad I did. It adds a great mellow sound which I like for clean playing. (It sounds a bit muddy to me with anything but light gain.)
    Worth the few extra bucks over the generic plate I already had.

  20. Robert Pfister Verified Buyer

    Wanted to take a tele deluxe back to “original” but wanted quality components. My first thought was get it from Fralin. So, that’s what I did — works fine.

  21. Jason Ferris

    This control plate was so beautiful and built with so much detail and pride, that I couldn’t install it right away. I had to keep it out for friends to see. The new levels of tones and the flexibility of the sound really opened up what a Telecaster can do. It brought new life to an old friend. Thank you everyone, from top to bottom at Fralin pickups.

  22. William Shaddox Verified Buyer

    My plate arrived beautifully constructed, cleanly soldered, and functions absolutely perfectly. It came with really clear and easy to follow instruction too. Thanks!

  23. Jason Drouilhet Verified Buyer

    High Quality and Works Great!
    I chose the bright switch option on the tone knob and have the .02 tone cap installed. It sounds great with the new Blues Special pickups I also installed. Great customer service and outstanding products!

  24. Steffin Ratliff Verified Buyer

    The customer added no additional comments.

  25. Eric Weatherman Verified Buyer

    My pre-wired Tele plate is amazing! The solder job was stellar and so easy to install!

  26. Lito Rodriguez Verified Buyer

    Solid Craftsmanship
    After replacing the stock control plate with Fralin’s pre-wired plate, the control of both volume and tone improved dramatically! Dynamics and touch sensitivity are more present than before and it totally changes the way I play this guitar. Much more inspiring!

  27. Darrell Herbert Verified Buyer

    Easy install! Looks, sounds, and feels great. Highly recommended!

  28. Albert Hudelson Verified Buyer

    Excellent Controls!
    Great pre-assembled controls that fit in my custom built Telecaster. They work and sound fantastic.

  29. Michael Stampler Verified Buyer

    These electronics sound great, feel great, and look great.

  30. Richard Rhode Verified Buyer

    Great! Had problems at first. Tyler narrowed it down to a faulty volume pot. He sent me another ASAP. P.S. Judging from the times and dates on his e-mails, it appears he’s on the job 24/7.

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  • Aged Control Plates are aged by hand and feature slight defects and a raw look. We cannot guarantee that the plate you receive will look like our photos - they are all unique.
  • We cannot guarantee finish matching of the plate and knobs perfectly. Because of this, we cannot provide a return to you if you are unhappy with the finish matching of our Prewired Customizable Telecaster Control Plate.
  • Our parts and wire lengths are designed to work seamlessly with our Prewired Customizable Telecaster Control Plate. Due to various guitar and instrument designs, we cannot guarantee that our parts will fit properly, and due to this, we do not offer Wiring Harnesses.