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The perfect drop-in replacement for your Mustang or Duosonic guitar! Our Mustang replacement pickups come in the same familiar styles as our Strat® replacement pickups.  If you want staggered pole pieces in your Mustang, please call the shop for some custom ideas.



Lindy Fralin Mustang Pickups: it’s like putting on glasses for the first time. Musicians looking for a sparkling, bright, and open sound will love the sound of our replacement pickups. Our Mustang pickups offer a few outputs to fine-tune your instrument’s own voice. The sizing is consistent with all Fender guitars, so you can easily drop them in your Fender Mustang or Duosonic. We took our formula for our famous Vintage Hots, Blues Specials, and High Outputs, and we applied them to these amazing-sounding Mustang pickups.

We also make this model in our Split Blade version: Split Blade for Mustang.


  • Original Fender specifications, with modern output
  • Clean and clear, lots of Fender sparkle and twang
  • USA-made Alnico 5 Magnets for optimal tonal balance and output
  • Compensated Bridge for even volume across all pickups
  • RW / RP Neck Pickup for Hum-Cancelling in the middle position
  • Two magnet staggers available for different fingerboard radiuses
  • Hand-wound with our “Sectioning” technique for unique, dynamic tone
  • Hand-built fiberboard Bobbins for unrivaled quality control
  • 10-Year Warranty on manufacturing defects


We have 3 outputs available: Vintage, Blues, and High Output. We use our same formula and amount of turns as we do on our Vintage Hots, Blues Specials, and High Output Strat pickups.


The Vintage Output will sound the cleanest. They are the truest to the original Vintage Mustangs. Vintage Output Mustangs sound best with 250K pots. The Vintage Output Mustang will sparkle and sound very clear. Don’t expect it to sound “tinny” or glassy – these are still warm and full-bodied. They sound big and wide, with an even balance of Bass, Middle, and Treble. Expect a dynamic and thick buttery grind with distortion. Also, you’ll notice a clear low-end and a sharp attack. Single notes cut through with ease while chords have an excellent string-to-string definition.

Blues Special:

When playing clean, Blues Specials sound thick and rich, especially in the lows and mids. Additionally, Blues Specials sound very open and clear without sounding too compressed. The 5% overwound coil gives the player 5% less highs and 5% more mids than the Vintage Output Mustang. Expect a medium attack, low-end growl, and a compressed grind with distortion. These, like the Vintage output, sound best with 250K pots.

High Output:

When playing clean, High Output Mustang Pickups sound very thick and dark, simply because of the increased mids and lows, and less highs.  Additionally, High Outputs have a nice compressed, beefy sound. With distortion, the tone remains thick and fat while being slightly compressed and thick with a low-end growl and a medium attack. You can expect 10% less highs and 10% more mids and power than a vintage-sounding pickup. The High Output Mustang Replacements will give you a lot more power than most pickups and will break up a lot quicker than lower output replacements. You’ll want 500K pots for this pickup.



Vintage Output:

  • Wound with 42 Gauge Heavy Formvar
  • USA-Made Alnico V Magnets
  • USA Stamped fiberboard

Blues Special:

  • Wound with 42 Gauge Single Poly Nylon
  • USA-Made Alnico V Magnets
  • USA Stamped fiberboard

High Output:

  • Wound with 43 Gauge Single Poly Nylon
  • USA-Made Alnico V Magnets
  • USA Stamped fiberboard

Resistance Readings:

  • Vintage Outputs read 6K on the Neck and 6.6K on the Bridge.
  • Blues Specials read 6.2K on the Neck and 7.2K Bridge.
  • High Output reads8K on the Neck and 9.5K on the Bridge.

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  1. Mike Morden (verified owner)

    These are the pickups I have been dreaming of! I have been playing guitar for almost 40 years now. I have over 10 Mustangs, from American vintage, Japanese, to the new Mexican versions. I can tell you that these pickups “vintage hot” are the most ideal pickups on earth, for my taste. They are literally perfect. Imagine that classic vintage tone, but with the harmonic response of a super hot humbucker or Texas specials. Thats the best way I can describe the “vintage hot”. It gives you so much range and response in your playing.

  2. Briam Armstrong (verified owner)

    Mustang blues specials
    These pickups are great!! I put them in my vintage duo sonic project and I am very satisfied with the sound. You did a great job at replicating the vintage fender pickups with a little extra bite. I couldn’t be happier.

  3. Philip Goldstrand (verified owner)

    Mustang Blues Specials
    This was another experience than I expected!
    Usually when you swap pickups the sound of the guitar becomes something else completely. For good and bad.
    But when I put the blues specials in my Mustang it sounded exactly the same! BUT! It had a TON of character and clarity! I’ve never had a similar experience where a replacement pickup had the exact same sound only how it should have been made from the start. I really liked the character of the original pickups so it was a hard decision to replace them, but with these wonderful pickups my guitar genuinly sings! The sustain I was missing came and the air like clarity came and the raw sound of the vintage mustang pickup was there as well! I can’t express enough how satisfied I am! These pickups finaly made my guitar step up into the primary gig guitar possition where I always wanted it to be! My God!! Love!

  4. Mark Florio (verified owner)

    Florio Guitars
    Brought the guitar to life, very satisfied. Excellent customer service.

  5. Blake Reynolds (verified owner)

    Gorgeous upgrade for a Mustang
    put these in my new Japanese Mustang. The Neck pickup is the most impressive. It’s tight and meaty without being saggy or muddy, and with a lower-tension mustang, that’s even harder to achieve.

    The bridge pickup is solid. A TINY bit harsh in the treble but that’s generally the case with offset strat style single coils.

    Beautiful set of pickups. I might be getting a set of Lindy’s for my strat.

    Also, the company has amazing customer service with knowledgeable, passionate, and friendly people.

  6. Jaap Bossen (verified owner)

    Mustang Blues – Great sounding pickups! Great service. Got them within two weeks and they fit nice and snog! Would recommend these over every other PU in the market, even vintage Fender ones..

  7. Wilkin Wing KinLiu (verified owner)

    An upgrade of my Made in Japan Fender Mustang.

  8. Andrew Yerdon (verified owner)

    Worth every Penny. Now I want to put Lindy Fralins in all my guitars!

  9. Keith Anderson (verified owner)

    Mustang Blues Special
    Purchased these for a new Fender Mustang. Like the short scale and lightweight body but the stock pickups are thin to say the least. Haven’t bought Fralin’s before but they were very responsive by email to help me decide which set was ideal for my playing.

    Compared to the stock pickup, the Fralin Blues was clear and articulate and had a much beefier tone. They’re crystal clear in the highs but still have enough oomph to drive my amp and sound great with OD or fuzz pedals. To my ear they’re similar to a slightly hot Strat PU but are a little less snappy sounding on a Mustang due to the shorter scale, which rounds off the tone a bit.

    Overall great PU and I’m happy to give my business to Fralin due to their customer service and commitment to quality and (of course) excellent tone.

  10. Mark Updike (verified owner)

    Awesome! These Blues pickup made my 72 mustang one awesome guitar. So surprised the difference it made.

  11. Calum Lugton (verified owner)

    Best mustang pickups on the market. I recently put a set of vintage hots in my VM squire mustang and it transformed the guitar. Individually each pickup is bright and glassy with warm undertones but its when they are combined they have a unique tone to them that has to be heard. Out of phase gives you that classic honk still with a little more punch. These pickups will make you never want to put the guitar down. Thanks!

  12. Jim Stewart (verified owner)

    Franken-Duo-Sonic-Stang Build – Excellent choice for my Franken-Duo-Sonic-Stang build. Great definition either clean or high gain. I think I’ll use the same pickups for another project soon!

  13. Ray Tonai (verified owner)

    I got a set of the high output pickups for my 1975 mustang. I thought about getting the blues set but decided on the high output set and glad that I did. The original pickups sound thin and the high output definitely thickens the sound. Now I understand what it means when notes bloom. I’m very happy with my purchase.

  14. Greg Tinsley (verified owner)

    Vintage Hot mustang – These pickups were a Major improvement in tone. My customer was very happy !

  15. Sandra Loewenberg (verified owner)

    Sleeper Mustang! Switched out the pickups on a 65 Mustang RI with the Lindy Fralin Blues Specials. The thin transparent sound of the old pickups pale when these warmer, full sounding pickups fire up. Took a, quite frankly, not being played much guitar, to a grab it and crank it up guitar with an attitude. Love my new “Sleeper Mustang”.

  16. Paige Critcher (verified owner)

    I have been in the process of collecting parts for a few years in order to build my own version of a 1966 Fender Duosonic, and when I had it all together, I ordered Fralin Mustang Pickups for it. The body was custom ordered from Warmoth, and I had a neck from a Squier Mustang, with the very slim profile, 24″ scale. I had an old 22.5″ neck from a 1957 Duosonic that had a broken truss rod, so I used the tuners from that. It is a string through, and I used a hardtail bridge, that mimics the old 60’s bridges, but with individual string saddles. I wired it from scratch, with all new components, using a diagram from a 1969 Mustang. The pickups are amazing! They are warm, crunchy, and have that strange hollow quack if they are out of phase. The neck and bridge can be used separately, or together, and have a unique tonal palette that can be configured in many different ways. I also tried it with a Verbzilla, and, honestly, I can spend hours just figuring out the possibilities. The pickups stand alone though, with the warm 60’s-ish sound. I am playing through a 2012 Supro reissue, although these would sound amazing with anything. These Fralins are great for rock, blues and alternative, and were crafted impeccably. Don’t hesitate, if you are on the fence about this product!

  17. Luke Hugenroth (verified owner)

    I got one of those new army green mustangs a few months back. Played great. It sort of had that classic mustang sound. BUT, chords were muddy, there was no character to the sound at all. Just kind of dead sounding. Ordered the Lindy Fralin vintage mustang replacements and it litterally sounds like I have one of those ledgendary ’69 mustangs. The overwhelming treble in a mustang was tamed just enough and made it into a more musical “twang”… chords have definition now, and you can actually hear the character from the player. Wow, pickups were all this guitar needed to become my absolute go-to. Thanks, Lindy Fralin.

  18. Sylvain M. (verified owner)

    I wanted replacements for the Dimarzio Red Velvet and Virtual Vintage that came with a Japanese Mustang from the 80’s that I found somewhere in Germany. The tone was definitively Mustang-ish but lacked of personality, twang and body, especially with the Red Velvet in the neck.
    Having a set of humbuckers for another boutique on another guitar, and having heard of Fralin making the best vintage pickups for Fender on the market, I order my set of Vintage Mustang pickups a few weeks ago, after 2 years playing the Mustang loaded on Dimarzios.

    It’s day and night. Full chords definition, real definition, more mids and less picky trebles, I couldn’t imagine nailing the the sound I was looking for on the first strike. I was expecting to return the pickups and try the blues special version, going again trough german customs… But no, it was so worth it. It sounds unique, with a very decent output that drives my boss blues-driver a bit less for more dynamic, but the thickness of their tone makes the notes sound even bigger!

    Exactly what I was hoping for. Would do it again, and will certainly when new guitars come along.

  19. John Des Portes

    I recently purchased one of the new Fender Mustangs. Plays and looks great and even sounded good. But…and there is almost always a but…it just couldn’t push my new Princeton Reverb (Knotty Pine edition) quite enough, as I don’t use pedals. After researching many brands (some of which I have satisfactorily owned in the past) I settled on the Fralin Mustang pickups. From talking to Tyler, who convinced me that “yes, the Blues Special version is the right choice”, I ordered the black-covered set. Shipping was quick. They received my payment on a Tuesday afternoon, the pickups were here that Friday. Good omen.
    Took them to my guitar guy and he installed them with no issue. And? They sound as advertised. Still ‘Mustangy’, i.e. still clear and clean as needed, but with that extra fatness for single note soloing and power chording.
    As usual, you get what you pay for, and these pickups are a solid testament to that old adage.

    John Des Portes

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