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The Lindy Fralin Volume Kit keeps your treble intact while you roll your volume down. Quick and easy to install, this part is great for maintaining superb high-end, with the versatility of your volume knob.

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Your Problem: You roll down your volume knob, and your treble goes with it.

Solution: The Lindy Fralin Volume Kit.

The Fralin Volume Kit utilizes a .002mFd Capacitor and a .200 Resistor to solve this problem. The Volume kit will install on the lugs of your Volume Pot and will bleed treble as the Volume Pot rolls down. This is essential for Country, Blues, and Rock guitarists who want to keep their high end, and utilize their volume knob.


For installation of our Push Pull mod, see our page here.

Volume Kit Installation


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  1. Ronald Banks (verified owner)

    My favorite

    I’ve tried several resistor/cap combos, and this is my personal favorite. I have it on all of my guitars. Some players want warmth. The change in tone from lowering the volume serves a purpose for them. The problem is that when you move the volume control again, the tone changes again! I prefer to use this kit, select my target tone on the guitar & amp, and always have it the same, regardless of volume. To my ear, this kit nails it. I’m always in the top half of my volume control (and why wouldn’t you be?). I don’t sense any change in tone from 1/2 to wide open. I love it. Very transparent; bridge pickup loves it! Highly recommended. When you first install it, it may seem intrusive, so you roll your tone knob back. Soon, you’ll open the tone knob again and hear this crystal clear singing tone. I considered installing a switch to select it, but I soon decided that the switch would always be in the ON position, so I just went back to playing!!

  2. Andrew Kreutter (verified owner)

    Smooth job, as advertised
    2nd volume kit, in 2nd guitar. Works very well at allowing you to drop guitar’s volume without dropping high end. Essential for milking the most out of your amp and gain pedals

  3. Ira Josel (verified owner)

    Noiseless P-90’s in a brand new 2018 Les Paul Special
    These pick ups cured the common 60 cycle hum/buzz that P-90’s are known for. They sound great and the volume and phase reversal push pull
    Pot makes it a tone king! The people that work there are focused on customer satisfaction and it shows. My only comment is that I had to replace the rest of the pots due to the fact that the brand new Les Paul Special had a hard wired circuit board inside. Who would have thought that anyway since it only performed basic standard functions from the factory. No tricky switching etc.

  4. Ken Peoples (verified owner)

    Volume kit
    Easy and it works.

  5. Neil Fourie (verified owner)

    Essential mod
    This mod is a must for guitarists who regularly uses guitar volume adjustments to control amp dynamics. No more loss of clarity as the volume is rolled down!

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