Prewired Strat Pickguard

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    Don’t settle for some one-size-fits-all generic pickguard. Design your own with the finest-quality materials in the industry. Our Strat Prewired Pickguards are the perfect product for anyone who wants the Fralin Tone, instantly. We use the finest materials available: from CTS® Pots, AllParts® Pickguards, and CRL® Switches.


    Left Handed Pickguard

    If you want your pickguard Left-Handed, we can do it! Selecting this option removes all Push-Pull Pot modifications.

    Volume Pot Push-Pull Mods

    Add an extra dimension of tone by modifying your Volume Pot with a Push / Pull Pot. Please use the “Additional Information” field below to tell us how you want it to work. Choose between the Bright Switch and the Engage / Disengage Volume Kit.

    Tone Pot Push-Pull Mods

    Add even further functionality to your guitar with a Tone Pot modification. Choose between the Bright Switch and Two-Tone Cap Mod.

    Pickguard Upgrades

    Choose a few Add Ons like our Baseplate and Volume Kit to add functionality to your Prewired Pickguard.

    Tone Cap

    Select your Tone Cap(s). Please be sure to let us know where each tone cap goes if selecting different values. If selecting higher output pickups, be advised the Magic Cap will not work normally.

    Do you want to replace your existing screws and Output Jack? We can supply them for you!

    Include Plastic Knobs

    These knobs work on Split Shaft Pots only.

    Tremolo Cover

    Include a matching Tremolo Cover? This Tremolo Cover is an American Standard version and features one large hole for strings to go through. Not available in Left-Handed configurations.

    Additional Info:

    To speed up your pickguard, please include any additional information here. If you have selected more than one Tone Cap, let us know where each value goes.

    Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.

    We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn More

    Our Pickups, Your Personality.

    Want to learn more about our Prewired Strat Pickguard? Here's all the information you'll need:

    Prewired Strat Pickguard FEATURES:

    • The ultimate “Build Your Own” Stratocaster Pickguard
    • USA-Made pickups & electronics for superior quality
    • Hand-wired with USA-Made vintage cloth lead for a traditional look
    • Fully customizable – from appearance to function
    • Features a variety of Push-Pull mods for a personalized tone
    • Hand-assembled signed and dated by our pickguard craftsman
    • 10-year warranty on materials and craftsmanship







    At Fralin Pickups, we’re always trying to make you sound better. The Fralin Prewired Pickguard offers the best tone and highest quality available. We use our world-famous pickups with the best ingredients we can get. We hand-wire our prewired pickguard with painstaking attention to detail.

    Furthermore, you can customize your pickguard exactly how you want it! With this Prewired Pickguard, you can have the famous Fralin tone and ease of mind. All you need to do is solder a few wires, screw it in, string it up, and you’re off rocking!





    Sound & Look

    Choose Your Pickguard

    We use the finest quality pickguards available. These are standard USA-Made 11-hole Stratocaster pickguards. The following options are available:

    We wanted to use the highest-quality, USA-Made pickguards available. We have Single Ply White (8-hole vintage style), 3-Ply White, Mint Green, Parchment, Black, White Pearloid, Parchment Pearloid, and Tortoise.

    Please note: that while we try and make every effort to make sure everything matches, different manufacturers and dye lots can cause subtle differences in hue and tone.

    Choose your pickups

    With our pickguards, you can choose any combination of pickups you would like. Load in a calibrated set of pickups like our best-selling Vintage Hots or Blues Specials, or mix and match!


    Choose your Cover Color

    Lindy Fralin Strat Covers

    Customize your look further with our Strat Pickup Covers. We have Black, Mint Green, Parchment (Aged White), and White covers available.








    You can customize your wiring as well! We’ll wire your pickguard to your specifications. Most of the time, you’re going to use 250K Split Shaft Pots, as these work well with our plastic knobs. If you’re using your own metal knobs with a set-screw, choose Solid Shaft pots. Confused? Check out our in-depth article on pots and how to choose here.

    Here are some popular combinations:

    • Master Tone with a Blender Pot
    • Neck & Middle Tone and separate Bridge Tone
    • Master Tone 1 (.02 Cap) – Master Tone 2 (Magic Cap)







    We have a ton of add-ons available for your pickguard. Want a baseplate installed on your bridge? How about our Volume Kit? Need new pickguard screws? Just let us know!


    Lindy Fralin Strat Knob Covers

    Matching Backplates:

    Fralin Pickups Matching Backplates

    Complete your look with a matching backplate for your Strat. We have matching backplates for all of our pickguard colors.







    Check out our installation guide below to put your new pickguard in! With 20 minutes a few easy steps, you can get your pickguard in your guitar and start rocking out with some of the best sounding pickups in the world! Follow the Installation Guide below, or watch the video:








    • How long will my Pickguard take? One week on average.
    • Can you wire it up without the Pickguard? As it turns out, No. You can transfer all the wiring
      once you receive it. It’s time-consuming and unsafe to ship it without a pickguard.
    • Can I return my Pickguard? No. Since these are custom and made to order, all pickguard sales
      are final. Returns and exchanges are not available.
    • What Pots should I use? Most of the time, 250K Split Shaft pots will work best. They are for
      guitars with single-coil pickups and plastic knobs. If you have metal knobs, go with Solid Shaft Pots. To order
      Solid Shaft Pots, please use the “notes” field on the
      checkout screen.
    • Do you offer Pickguards in Left-Handed Configuration? Yes – we only offer them in the following 4 options: White 3 Ply, Black 3-Ply, Parchment 3-Ply, and White Pearloid. Please use the “Notes” field to request Left Hand after you’ve selected your options. Note: We can’t perform common push-pull mods on Left-Handed Pickguards.
    • What if I don’t see exactly what I want? Use the “Notes” field on the checkout screen to type in any special requests – we’ll try our best to accommodate you. Not all custom wiring options are possible.
    • What does a Magic Cap do? Our Magic Cap is a very low capacitance tone cap. It doesn’t roll off highs as much as it seems to boost the mids. This really works well on the bridge pickup only.
    • What does a Blender Pot do? Our Blender Pot takes the place of Tone #2, and it allows you to blend between the Neck and Bridge. You can get all 3 pickups on, and Neck and Bridge combinations with a Blender Pot.
    • What does a Baseplate do? A Baseplate is a steel plate that adds a little bit of bass and power to your bridge pickup.
    • Why don’t I see Ground Jumper wires between all my parts? Our pickguards have a metal shielding that connects the metal parts together – we don’t need to use jumper wires.






    Prewired Strat Pickguard Questions And Answers:

    Have a question about our Prewired Strat Pickguard? Leave it here! We will answer your question within 24 hours.

    4 Questions about Prewired Strat Pickguard


    167 reviews for Prewired Strat Pickguard

    1. Grant Harrison
      Verified Buyer

      This is the 3rd loaded strat pick-guard I have had from Fralin, I still have the other 2 which I will not part with. I also have a custom built Trevor Binford Short-scale Bass with Fralin Split-coil P-Bass pickups [primarily for recording].
      Fralin is able to consistently reproduce the best of 50’s/ 60’s Fender tones, and its not an expensive “hit and miss” exercise like the originals were.
      This loaded pickguard is loaded with “real 54’s” which are everything they claim , and I am very pleased with them as I am with the previous two which both have “Vintage Hots”. All sets have the plate under the bridge pickup which I also recommend.
      This is professional grade vintage style tech which represents amazing value for money, do not hesitate ,this is Hand made quality that does not disappoint.

    2. Dimitris
      Verified Buyer

      Great Blues Special set for my Black Strat partcaster project.
      Just my only small gripe is the allparts single-ply pickguard arrived a bit warped and not sitting evenly on the body so will probably have to change it to a new one.
      Other than this great stuff!

      • Tyler Delsack (Manager, Fralin Pickups)
        (store manager)

        Hey Dimitris,

        Sorry to hear about the pickguard being warped! Can you please send a few photos to [email protected]? We can issue you a replacement pickguard.

    3. Robert Phelps
      Verified Buyer

      I am late submitting this. The pickguard Lindy and company are terrific. Working with Lindy on the phone, I had them wound a little cooler than the Blues special set but spec’d the Blues Special “pink” wire. Included the “magic cap” feature, base plate added, .02 cap. This setup is stunning in tone and very versatile. It is installed in a ’96 50th anniversary of Fender guitar. Absolutely wonderful. The tone is rich and full, with clarity and sparkle in the top end when needed.

    4. Juan Branaa
      Verified Buyer

      Everything impecable as expected.

    5. Koji Nagai
      Verified Buyer

      I purchased the following Pickguard set.

      Pickguard Color: White Single Ply
      Neck Pickup: Real ’54
      Middle Pickup: Real ’54
      Bridge Pickup: Real ’54
      Pot Style & Value: 250K Split Shaft
      Tone Cap: .02mfd

      The high harmonics are perfectly controlled and I feel the beauty of it.
      It’s a very nuanced pickup.
      There is sound pressure, and the sound does not fade even in the bridge position of Stratocaster.
      It’s not a powerless pickup.
      Half-tone is also very beautiful.
      I think one of the vest pickup.

      Just one thing:
      Even with the same pickup number, the sound is different between the old one and the current one.
      Both sounds very beautiful, but it’s a bit disappointing because I was expecting the older one.
      Either way, it makes a very beautiful sound.

      About installing:
      My guitar is a Fender custom shop Stratocaster, but the position of the body counterbore and the pickguard wiring bundle were misaligned.
      Be careful when installing Pickguard with a similar guitar.
      It might be a good idea to send some images of your guitar when ordering.
      I just clicked on the website without asking anything when making a purchase.

      Change point:
      The one with .022 capacitor that was originally attached was not bad, but the effect of tone control is not so much, and the feeling of bite and withered is so-so.
      I replaced the capacitor with a very old wax type one.
      The value is .1 – 200V.
      The manufacturer is called SPRAGUE.
      I’ve tried a lot, but this is the best for me with this pickup.
      I’ve tried a few high mfd capacitors, but be careful as the sound is too muffled.
      Also sometimes .05 is more muffled than .1.
      I think old wax type is important.
      The withstand voltage should be low.

      I also changed the wiring from the volume pot to the output jack to old (40’s) LENZ’s 22AWG stranded wire .
      The solder used is very old Dutch Boy 50/50 with a black label and does not contain solder paste. (Separate solder paste is required.)
      This is the very very vest output jack wire for this pickup.
      If you like the treble feel of this pickup.

      I replaced all solder but the pickup eyelets and output jack wire with this solder below.
      I used the solder is very old Alpha Energized Rosin 63/37.
      I feel the original solder is very similar to the sound of the Kester 44.
      This is also nice, but it’s a little off my taste.

      I noticed when I sucked up the original solder, but it was a very polite work because the wiring was properly entwined with the parts.
      Very excellent.

      This product is highly recommended.

      Thank you very much.

    6. Larry

      Hey, how are you guys! Does the pre wired pick guard have to be soldered at all? Or it’s ready to install and go!?

      • Tyler Delsack (Manager, Fralin Pickups)
        (store manager)

        Hey Larry, we’re doing great, thanks! All you need to do is solder 2 or three wires – the Output Jack White & Black, and make sure your tremolo claw is soldered as well. It’s super simple and should only take 10 minutes.

    7. Scott
      Verified Buyer

      Best sounding pickups on the market. I bought these for a family member and he was completely blown away by how good the Vintage Hots sound.

    8. Franco Brunetti
      Verified Buyer

      Hi there. Is the 1-ply white pickward 8 bolt?

      • Tyler Delsack (Manager, Fralin Pickups)
        (store manager)

        Yes, both 1-Ply pickguards are 8-Hole.

    9. Ruben Meza
      Verified Buyer

      Best choice I could have ever made , traded my son a Elite Tele for a US special Strat . Only catch was he had to also buy me a loaded vintage hot pickguard with a blender knob for the Strat I was given . Well he bought it , I installed and I have no regrets . That Strat now sounds amazing . Love it , thanks Lindy for such great pickups !

    10. Serki
      Verified Buyer

      I don’t know much about pickups at all. Most important to me is that they sound good to my ears and how they behave while playing.
      For my modded Strat I went from 3 noiseless stock single coils to CS69s after much consideration of other pickups. I liked them way better, but it still did not feel and sound perfect. Fuller sounding, lot of dynamic range, nice attack, but I had a feeling there could be more. There is. In the Fralins. I was convinced from positive comments only and tried the Vintage Hot SSS pre-wired pickup version with plate under the bridge and the tone blender. What’s to loose? I was sure some other guy would pick them up second hand for a good price if I wasn’t happy.

      Wow. I am totally blown away. My okay Strat now sings and is taken off the rack more often. So much versatility, great sounds, awesome attack. I do not even consider changing these.
      Not my last Fralin pickups, I’m sure…

      From purchase to installation: Everything went perfect.

      So I totally agree with the previous reviewers. If you’re on the verge I’d suggest to pull the trigger

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