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Our Lindy Fralin Prewired Jazz Bass Control Plate with Concentric Knobs provides the best materials and quality possible, at an affordable price. Featuring USA-Made materials and precision wiring, our Prewired Jazz Bass Control Plate is rock solid and incredibly easy to install! This model features Concentric Knobs for even more control.





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Neck Tone Cap *

Choose what Tone Cap you would like installed on the Neck Pickup. 0.02mfd is the recommended value for most pickup setups. Choose a higher value for a darker tone.

Choose what Tone Cap you would like installed on the Neck Pickup. 0.02mfd is the recommended value for most pickup setups. Choose a higher value for a darker tone.

Output Jack *

Let us know what Output Jack to install. The Pure Tone Output Jack contains dual tension grounds and dual positive tips for optimal signal and the lowest possible noise.


Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

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Based on our best-selling Prewired Jazz Bass Control Plate, we wanted to offer more options, including one with Concentric Pots! Introducing the brand-new Prewired Concentric Jazz Bass Control Plate by Fralin Pickups: USA-Made quality, CTS® Pots, the rock-solid Switchcraft Output Jack, all beautifully wired and ready to install in a few minutes.

  • USA-Made control plate and knobs, with a Chrome finish
  • CTS® Concentric 250K / 500K Audio Taper Pots for a smooth operation
  • Modified Jazz Bass wiring, with Concentric Pots for infinite tonal options
  • Wide assortment of Tone Caps available to fine-tune your tone
  • Incredibly simple installation involves soldering only 4 wires




Cap Value

With our Prewired Jazz Bass Control Plate, you can choose and customize your Tone Cap options easily. Lower values (0.0022mfd and 0.0047mfd) will give you minute tone control and allow micro-adjustments to your basses’ tone. Larger values (0.02mfd & 0.047mfd) will start affecting the tone earlier in the tone pot rotation, and cut deeper into your basses’ midrange, giving you a darker tone.

If you’re unsure of what tone cap to choose, we recommend a 0.022mfd, which is a good middle ground.





Installation of our Prewired Concentric Jazz Bass Control Plate is very simple. Your pickup’s Black wires go to Ground and can be safely soldered to the casing of each pot. White Wires solder to the middle lug of their respective pots. That’s it! See below:

The only wires that need soldering are the White and Black wires from the pickups. The rest is taken care of for you.

Fralin Prewired Jazz Bass Control Plate Installation





Prewired Jazz Bass Control Plate Dimensions




Tech Specs:

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We don't have Tech Specs at the moment, but we will have them up soon!

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Customer Reviews

7 Genuine Reviews for Prewired Concentric Jazz Bass Control Plate

  1. Chris Bold

    Verified Purchase

    Perfect fit & finish – nothing short of what was expected. In regards to the sound quality: A+ Very cool vintage voiced in my opinion, clean but also with a hint of dirt when pushing it. All expectations met. I’ve installed this in a anniversary Japan spec. Jazz bass – with a 3 wire pickup configuration – so I had to reach out to support. Reply & help came within 24h. Top notch.

  2. Ricardo

    Verified Purchase

    Quality is amazing and my bass sounds great! I bought it with the 0.022mfd tone caps for both pots, and together with the fralin jazz bass pickups. Installed it in my squire modified vintage ’77 jazz bass, it really transformed it into a great sounding instrument.

  3. Ted Mabbatt

    Verified Purchase

    Top quality components all masterfully wired. Super easy to install.

  4. Salvatore

    Verified Purchase

    Solid American-made construction. Paired with Fralin’s J-bass pickups, the controls gave me tone and volume control that far surpassed my expectations. Worthy of the original Fender sound every musician seeks.

  5. Hong

    Verified Purchase

    Bought a Fender American Pro ii Jazz bass and to be honest I’m not quite happy with it so I’ve been doing some mods lately.

    First, I bought a pair of Fralin 60s Jazz bass pups and swapped out the factory fitted V-Mods ii and the difference is night and day! a
    I much prefer the tone from Fralin 60s, punchy, articulate with the iconic jazz bass growl and it does not get muddy when I rolled it off a bit. I’ve always wanted to have a jazz bass with stacked knobs so I finally pulled the triggered and have it installed on my pro ii jazz bass.

    OH man I tell you what the tone I can get out of this combo (Fralin 60s + stacked knobs prewired kit) is unlimited and the installation is simple all you need is a soldering iron and I got it done in just under 10mins. If I was going to buy another J-Bass I would definitely fit it with another set of Fralin stacked knobs prewired kit!

    Build quality A+++
    Components used A+++
    Tone A+++

  6. Robert Hammill

    Verified Purchase

    You guys are awesome. I just installed my pickups and control plate into my Sire V7 fretless, and it sounds fantastic. So much more bottom end. So much fuller sounding. Looks sharp too! I’m an absolute beginner with bass mods and the flags ya’ll left on wires to show what to solder where, made it so much simpler. The e-mails you sent while waiting for the build to be complete were also helpful! I can’t thank you enough and would recommend Fralin to anyone and everyone.

  7. hbreder

    Verified Purchase

    Purchased the control plate to go with the Fralin split pickups previously installed on my jazz bass.
    Ordered the 0.022mfd oil caps on both controls. Easy to install. They actually put temporary wires with flags attached to show where to solder the pickup wires to the pots. The tone is a vast improvement over the stock controls and having a separate tone control for each pickup allows for greater range. My bass has never sounded better.

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