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The Fralin Blender Pot gives you the ability to blend your Neck and Bridge Pickups, as well as get all 3 on single-coil guitars. This is a great product for those who love to “tinker” with wiring, like Lindy!

The Blender Pot only works on Strat and Tele installations. It features a 1/4″ bushing, suitable for pickguard and control plate installations only. For Archtop / Les Paul installations, check out our Push-Pull Blender Pot.

Available! Estimated Lead Time: 2-3 Days


Include a Sleeve to convert your Blender Pot to a Solid Shaft Pot.


Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

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Blender Pot Info:

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One of our favorite and most powerful mods, the Fralin Blender Pot is an easy way to blend your Neck and Bridge pickups to achieve new tones. Achieve Telecaster tones on a Fender Strat by blending the Neck and Bridge together. Blend all 3 pickups together by choosing either position 2 or 4 and playing with the pot. It installs easily by replacing your tone pot 2 (closest to output jack).

The Blender pot includes the following hardware for mounting: Hex Nut and Lock Nut.


Lindy Fralin Blender Pot Installation

Installation Note: The Blender pot’s wires must be installed into the same terminals as the pickups, otherwise, this modification will not work correctly.

With this mod, you can Coil-Tap Humbuckers, Blend 2-Pickup Guitars, and forget 2 Volume Knob wiring.

Follow the instructions here to wire it up in a Standard Fender Stratocaster, utilizing a Master Tone.

Tech Specs

Tech Specs:

Taper:Audio Taper
Bushing Length:1/4"

More Information:

*Value doesn't matter when installed as a Blender Pot | **Turning Blender Pot Down rolls in opposite pickup

Customer Reviews

26 Genuine Reviews for Blender Pot

  1. John Rocklin

    Verified Purchase

    The only way to go on a Strat.

    Volume, Master Tone, Blend. Absolutely the best option for any 3 pickup Strat and easiest to wire !!. This enables you to blend the bridge in with the neck and vise versa as well as blend in on 2 and 4 or have all 3 pickups on. No downside whatsoever.

  2. Gregory Coates

    Verified Purchase

    Used in a Strat Partscaster
    Works great, still getting used to it, but it makes more sense than 2 tone controls to me. This is in an HSS setup.

  3. Kasey Rife

    Verified Purchase

    Greater Blender Pot!
    It does exactly what its supposed to do for my strat. However at the time of installing this I also installed new pickups and needed a new selector switch. The switch was a 8 pin import switch (all 8 pins on one side). I couldn’t find a diagram for the life of me for an import switch. So, I got a regular American Fender switch and wired it according to the diagram! Case-in-point, I’d recommend ditching the import switch as the pins are very small and hard to solder to wires to one pin.

  4. Gerry Juster

    I installed this on my ’92 MIJ Fender Strat and couldn’t be more pleased. This guitar had a set of Lindy’s Blues Specials but I wanted a thicker tone when in the bridge position. Like so many players, standard Strat wiring of the bridge pickup does not have a tone control, so your tone can emphasize too much treble on the output. I tried a wiring mod that provided a separate tone control (Premiere Guitar Tone Split Mod by Dirk Wacker) for the bridge pickup before ultimately settling on the blender pot. The blender pot gave me the flexibility and tone I sought. I don’t think you can go wrong with this modification. If you have a guitar that tends to emphasize more treble, possibly feeling frustrated by the no tone control stock bridge pickup sound, or if you want more flexibility with the overall tone of your guitar, give this a try. Thanks Lindy for offering this tone changing product.

  5. Bill Stewart

    Verified Purchase

    Installed the Blender Pot in my Strat and love it! Many tones to be had with the switch set to the bridge pickup as well as set to the neck. Blender offers variations in both settings and all-on in position 2.

  6. Richard Tompkins

    Verified Purchase

    Blender pot for Strat
    Game changer for me! I’m a middle position guy on everything: Tele, Les Paul, This made my Strat useable for me…it’s been in the closet for 16 years! Bravo Lindy Fralin!

  7. Randolph Jackson

    Verified Purchase

    Lindy Fralin is as good as it gets!!!!
    Professional and consistent with an incredible team.

  8. Gerald Smith

    Verified Purchase

    Blender pot.
    Since installing the blender pot circuit in my American Stratocaster it has become my go-to instrument. I absolutely love it. Always had a great neck and was very playable, it just sounded like crap. Not to mix reviews but, I also dropped a pair of your P90’s into my Gibson Melodymaker and boy do I love the sound of those pickups. I had tried several other top-rated pickups and these blow them all away. The third time was the charm.

  9. Robert Griffiths

    Verified Purchase

    Works great! What can I say? Works great. Someone needs to make a ‘reverse’ version. Then the blend would be off on ‘1’. (I made one; it works great too.)

  10. Andrew Hogan

    Verified Purchase

    Blender pot
    Works great. Adds a lot to tonal possibilities. Received very fast, all around great experience

  11. Bob Martin

    Verified Purchase

    Works great!!

  12. Mark Flemmer

    I agree with the other review that states all 3-pickup guitars should come stock with this. I have it on my Stratocaster, and can’t imagine owning a Strat without it. Myriad tonal variations are possible—a must have mod if you want to maximize your Strat’s tonal possibilities!

  13. Michael Mason

    Verified Purchase


    I really didn’t know what to expect when I purchased this. It was recommended to me and since I didn’t really need a second tone knob, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. Whatever my expectations were, this beat all of them. The different range of tones and the ability to switch between what pickup(s) you are using is incredible. I would highly recommend one to anyone who is on the fence or anyone who is looking to broaden their guitar’s range.

  14. Jamey Stevens

    Hi Lindy, I’m currently having a partscaster put together and I believe Garret Park Guitars In Annapolis is using your blender pot. I’m not exactly sure how to achieve what I’m going for but we thought we’d give your pot a shot. I’m basically doing the Brian May thing with Trisonics and want to primarily run my guitar in series on the Bridge and middle pickups as well as the neck and middle. Neck and Bridge is the final setting I’ll be using. This guitar is to be used only for Series sounds. Another guitar is for parallel sounds. Will the blender work for me?

  15. Daniel Raine

    I’m a total newb with regard to pickups, but I’m trying to learn more. Can this blender be used to blend between a humbucker (bridge) and single-coil (P90) neck? Does it matter which pickups it blends between?

  16. Michael Murphy

    Verified Purchase

    Useful option! Blends the bridge and neck pickups together. Different characteristics depending on which pickup you are on. So far, I mainly use this to smooth out the bridge pickup when not using a lot of gain. I like the neck so much that I rarely blend that one. And blending it when there is no OD helps give the High Output bridge some richness.

  17. David Chamberlin

    Verified Purchase

    Blender is the way to go! All 3 pickup guitars should come stock with these things! I put it in 2 of my strats and love it.

  18. Michael Hart

    Verified Purchase

    Great tool for any guitar. Never cared for the bridge pick-up in a strat, this blender pot was ideal so that I could have the neck pick-up on and not worry about hitting the switch back to the bridge

  19. Bob Emmerling

    Verified Purchase

    Blender Pots A Plenty
    Ok I’ll admit it-I’m a blender pot junkie. Since installing one of these in a strat a few years ago I’ve become hooked on how versatile they make any guitar. I have them in almost all of my electrics and have found that Lindy’s pot is the most reliable and I use it almost exclusively.

  20. Scott Dale

    Verified Purchase

    I love this blender idea and it works great. I often play a strat but when I need a tele tone it is right there with this setup. Or if I just want to tame a little brightness on my bridge PUP I dial in a little neck. Same thing if I want to shine up the neck I roll in a little bridge. IMO there is not a more useful mod you can make to a strat at any price and this is just $10 with no other compromise. Easy to wire up yourself if you have some amatuer soldering skills.

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