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Resistors can solve a lot of problems in your guitar. We have a few types handy.




Resistors are an incredibly handy tool to have in the toolbox. At Fralin Pickups, we use them all the time. We use a 500K resistor to ‘Fake Out Single Coils’ and a 7K resistor to provide a more usable tone when splitting a low output humbucker.



Also known around the shop as our Partial Split Resistor, this resistor solves the problem of wimpy-sounding single coil tones when splitting a low-output Humbucker.

Stronger Humbuckers, like our High Output Humbucker, don’t have this problem. Only our lower output humbuckers (Pure P.A.F., Modern P.A.F.) can really benefit from the 7K Resistor. See the installation diagram below, utilizing a Push-Pull Pot:

Fralin Partial Tap Resistor


We use this to ‘Fake Out’ our single coils in a Fender Setup.

Alright, “faking out” seems a little vindictive. However, when you have a Telecaster with a Humbucker in the Neck and a Single Coil in the bridge, it can be tough to make those two pickups play nicely together (read our in-depth article on this topic here).


Let’s set the stage: You have a Telecaster with a Humbucker in the neck and a Single Coil in the Bridge. The Humbucker needs a 500K pot to sound good, and Single Coil sounds best on 250K pots. You only have one volume pot – how can you compromise? Put a Resistor From The Bridge Pickup Hot To Ground.


Lindy Fralin Pickups Using a Resistor In A Telecaster



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  1. Jan Miller (verified owner)

    Did The Trick

    Used The Partial Tap Resistor to cure my wimpy split humbuckers when my push-pull knob is engaged. Followed instructions on Lindy’s site and now the split pu’s sound much beefier. So easy a fix, so inexpensive that I highly recommend it!

  2. Kirk Johnson (verified owner)

    Pure PAFS

    Pure PAFS Your Review I was going to sell my 2012 LP Studio decided to swap Burst Bucker Pros with Pure PAFS, partial tap resistor.It is a KEEPER now !!

  3. John Lowther (verified owner)

    Get It.
    The partial tap resistor works as described. No volume loss when coil tapping the pickups. Just follow the diagram for installing.

  4. Paulo Alexandre

    But this mode will take off part the desirable cancellation when split coil of hambucker is in parallel with a middle single coil. Isn’t it like so ?!

  5. Dave Merchant (verified owner)

    Unreal! I just installed these with some Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Antiqity’s in my Goldtop Les Paul. The most usable coil-tapping mod I’ve ever used. Single coil tones are so good!

  6. Bryce Lewis (verified owner)

    Great tone from a split coil! The partial tap resistor gives great tone from a split-coil Pure P.A.F.

  7. Wolfgang Kirschke

    great idea ; I would like to try it as my neck PU has 6,7k . What value should I use?

  8. Bob Emmerling

    I found out about this partial tap trick about a year ago and since then I have used it on all of my split HB, sometimes using 2 different value resistors with a 3-way center-off switch to get 2 distinct tones. I has opened up a whole new sonic template to me and I will not just flat-tap a HB to ground any longer. Using different value resistors can allow you not only to match the split coli tone to your guitar but also to your amp setup. Highly recommended!!!

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