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Customize and upgrade your Telecaster, instantly with the Lindy Fralin Telecaster Control Plate. With over 150 combinations available, you can select your options, and we’ll wire it up just how you like it. Installation involves soldering a few wires into place. As always, we only use the finest-quality USA-Made parts we can find.


Select Options Above To Display Add-Ons


Pre-install our Volume Kit for a few extra bucks. Add Resistors to optimize your tone if you have a Tele with a Humbucker or P90 in the Neck or Bridge. Only select the Resistor where the brighter pickup will be. For instance, if you have a Humbucker Neck, add a 500K resistor to your Bridge.

Volume Pot Push-Pull Mods

You can add functionality to your tone by adding a Push-Pull Pot on your Volume Pot. Choose between our Bright Switch, Engage / Disengage Volume Kit Mod, or a regular Coil Split if you have a Humbucker.

Tone Pot Push Pull Mods

Need even more functionality? Choose between the Bright Switch, Two-Tone Cap Mod, and Series Parallel Push-Pull Mod..

Tone Cap

If the Two-Tone Cap Push-Pull Mod is chosen, select two tone cap values and use the “Notes” field to let us which cap you want in the “up” or “down” position.

Output Jack *

Let us know what Output Jack to install. The Pure Tone Output Jack contains dual tension grounds and dual positive tips for optimal signal and the lowest possible noise.

Esquire Wiring

Wiring for an Esquire? Check the box below for Eldred Wiring. We use a Film & Oil .0047 cap for a unique tone. Note: This mod is for Single Pickup Guitars only.

Left Handed

We can make your control plate in a Left-Handed configuration. Please note that Push Pull Pot mods are unavailable in a Left-Handed configuration.

Additional Information:

To speed up your Control Plate, we need to know which tone cap goes where – please use this field to give us all information!


Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


We recommend using 2-Conductor With Shield Lead when purchasing a single pickup. 2-Conductor lead allows you to reverse the phase should you have phase issues. Learn About Lead Choice

Lead Time

A Lead Time of 4 Weeks is just an estimate. Lead Times are subject to change depending on the current shop capacity and size of the order. We will always try to complete your order quicker than the stated lead time.

Our Wiring Skills, Your Personality.

Want to learn more about our Prewired Telecaster Control Plate? Here's all the information you'll need:

Prewired Telecaster Control Plate FEATURES:

Our Pre-Wired Telecaster Control Plate is designed by you and built by us. Chrome and Aged Nickel Prewired Control Plates come loaded with the highest quality materials available – from CRL® Switches to CTS® Pots. Of course, all our parts are made in the USA and are assembled and wired by hand in Richmond, VA.

Look & Feel

We offer Chrome Telecaster Control Plates and Aged Nickel Telecaster Control Plates. Aged Nickel Telecaster Control Plates all have a unique patina to them to make them look slightly reliced and older. Due to the aging process, each Aged Nickel Telecaster Control Plate is unique, and no two are alike.


We can wire up your Tele Control Plate a couple of different ways: Normal Orientation and Flipped Orientation.

  • Normal Orientation: With a Normal Orientation Telecaster Control Plate, your switch is closest to the headstock.
  • Flipped Orientation: With a Flipped Orientation, the Control Plate orients with the Switch closest to the Output Jack, and the Volume Pot closest to the headstock. This is great for those who love to utilize volume swells.

Lindy Fralin Pickups Normal Or Flipped Orientation











We can wire up your switch a couple of different ways – here are your options:

  • 3-Way CRL: This will give you normal Telecaster functionality – Bridge Only / Bridge – Neck / Neck Only.
  • 5-Way CRL: This is perfect for Nashville Telecasters, with three pickups.

Pot value:

Choose 250K Pots if you have single-coil Telecaster pickups or pickups that are brighter. 250K pots will make darker sounding pickups too dark and muddy.

Choose 500K Pots if you have Humbuckers, P-90’s, or other dark-sounding pickups. 500K pots will make single-coil Telecaster pickups sound too shrill.

Tone Cap Value:

Read up on our Tone Caps here.

  • .02 mfd sounds excellent on most Fender guitars and will give you a medium roll-off in tone.
  • .05 mfd will offer a much deeper and darker roll-off than .02.
  • Magic Cap: This is a low capacitance cap (.0015 mfd) and only works on the Bridge Pickup only. The effect is extremely subtle – not like a regular cap. It tends to make treble strings sound slightly fatter.










  • Can you wire it up without the Chrome Plate? As it turns out, No. If this matters to you, you can pull out all the wiring once you receive it to put it in your Control Plate. It’s just too time-consuming and unsafe to ship without a solid control plate holding everything together.
  • Can I return my Control Plate? No. Since these are so custom and made to order, all Telecaster Control Plate sales are final, and not available for exchange or return.
  • What if I don’t see what I want? Please use the “Notes” field on the checkout screen to type in any special requests. Use this field to describe how you want it wired as well if you wish to have anything customized. We’ll make it to your specs.










Telecaster Control Plate Dimensions











Installation is easy, and only takes  a few steps. Check out our in-depth Telecaster Control Plate Installation Guide Below:

Telecaster Control Plate Installation Guide










Prewired Telecaster Control Plate Questions And Answers:


Have a question about our Prewired Telecaster Control Plate? Ask it here. Your Question will be publically visible. If you want to ask a Private Question, please contact us through our Contact Us Form.

If you have multiple questions, please call us at (804) 358-2699.

    is there any way to get a black finished control plate & knobs? how about 2 push-pull volumes for 2 hum buckers, no switch?
  1. Q is there any way to get a black finished control plate & knobs? how about 2 push-pull volumes...... Read more

    Hey Charlie, as it turns out, we don't have a black finish on our control plate. If you find one, you can send it to us and use the "notes" field on the checkout screen to tell us that you're sending the black plate. We'll wire everything in the plate you supply.

  2. The form says, "To speed up your Control Plate, we need to know which tone cap goes where." I don't understand the question. What are my choices?
  3. Q The form says, "To speed up your Control Plate, we need to know which tone cap goes where." I don...... Read more
    A Hey Francis, if you selected the Two Tone Cap modification, please let us know what cap you want in the "Up" position and what cap you want in the "down" position. Otherwise, you can ignore this.
  4. The tone pot bright switch mod states that it removes the volume pot and tone pot, would be possible to add the volume kill switch to same plate as a tone knob bright switch? Additionally would I be able to swap out the selector for a 4 way?
  5. Q The tone pot bright switch mod states that it removes the volume pot and tone pot, would be possi...... Read more

    Hey William,

    As it turns out, we do not have 4-Way blade switches in stock - we only have Series Parallel Push Pull Pot Mod that will accomplish what 4-Way Switching does. This mod takes place of the Tone Pot.

    If you're looking for a Kill Switch for your Volume, keep in mind that we do not have push-push pots, which are pretty standard for a Kill Switch. All we have is Push pull, so it will be (pushed = on, pulled = off).

  6. I would like a 4 way volume switch added to the control plate to make the SP43's a humbucker if possible. If you have another recommendation, please advise. Sincerely, Donny
  7. Q I would like a 4 way volume switch added to the control plate to make the SP43's a humbucker if p...... Read more

    Hey Don, select "Series / Parallel Modification" - we do not have traditional 4-way switches - only this push-pull pot mod which does the same thing. - Tyler

  8. What is the option/combination that would configure the tele control plate similar to the American Ultra Teles with the S1 switch upgrade?
  9. Q What is the option/combination that would configure the tele control plate similar to the America...... Read more

    Hey John, select the 4-way Switching Mod (Series / Parallel) for the closest operation to the S1. - Tyler


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131 Genuine Reviews for Prewired Telecaster Control Plate

  1. Frank
    Verified Buyer

    Best thing was turn the plate upside down! Love it! Controlling the volume is much easier. Thanks guys

  2. Bob Phillips
    Verified Buyer

    Great quality, nice clean sound/output. Love the feel & taper of the knobs. You can’t go wrong with Fralins!!!!

  3. Jack Tunnicliffe
    Verified Buyer

    This pre-wired solution was perfect for me. My guitar tech removed the factory pick-ups and control plate and installed the Fralin pickups and pre-wired control plate in an hour and I was on my way. Tremendous sound with my new Telecaster pick-ups and all the noise I’d experienced with the factory wiring is suddenly gone. Everything I received was far superior to the factory.

  4. Mark Hartman
    Verified Buyer

    This first time I’ve ordered a prewired switch plate from you guys but I did want the Eldred Esquire wiring and it’s perfect! A couple of solders and I was installing and ready to go! Highly recommend

  5. Aaron Campbell
    Verified Buyer

    After popping off the controls plate on my brand new Fender Ultra Luxe Telecaster, I was very disappointed with the cheap parts and a very complicated jumble of wires and pots they used to make it noiseless. The prewired control plate from Fralin looks amazing and I was able to install it and new pickups in a half an hour, even with my limited electronics experience. It was a piece of cake!

  6. Ed Wholley
    Verified Buyer

    Again as always the guys down at Fralin’s have done a wonderful job for me. I have over the last 3 years or so have been using Fralin’s products . Their stuff including fabulous pickups or prewired control plates are the best I can find. I have enjoyed building quit a few guitars now that I am retired . Doing guitar builds has led me to Fralin’s shop and I have never been disappointed .

  7. Bill Tomson
    Verified Buyer

    I apologize for the delay, but I need to sing your praises. The Tele pickup, P90 and the harness you built for me is beyond words. The tones I am able to achieve are heavenly and a thing of beauty. I can not thank you and your group of technicians enough. Your recommendations were spot on and just as described. Thank you, thank you.

  8. Martin C Steen
    Verified Buyer

    Great item! My guitar tech was very impressed with the quality of the wiring and pots. Well worth the money spent! Super high quality. Can’t wait to leave more feedback for the pickups (Blues specials) used in the build. My guitar is better than any Fender custom shop piece and plays and sounds FANTASTIC! Lindy is a LEGEND that truly deserves that moniker. He called me personally a couple times to resolve some issues (due to my ignorance) which he solved in a very timely matter. Turn around time was much faster than advertised. Great work Lindy – more to come from me for sure!

  9. Kelly Pidgeon
    Verified Buyer

    This is actually the second Telecaster prewired plate for a Telecaster build I’ve gotten from you guys. I can do these myself, as Tele’s are about the easiest guitars to wire in standard configuration, but it’s nice to have a pro setup. These are great pots and components which made for a great easy five minute solder job for me. This time I had a series/parallel switch as part of the package, and this thing sounds great! You made my builds go a little more smoothly. Great quality and great quick service. Thanks!

  10. Martin
    Verified Buyer

    Juste amazing … great tone… great product … with the blues special tele pickup: this is the best upgrade ever!
    Thanks so much!

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  • Aged Control Plates are aged by hand and feature slight defects and a raw look. We cannot guarantee that the plate you receive will look like our photos - they are all unique.
  • We cannot guarantee finish matching of the plate and knobs perfectly. Because of this, we cannot provide a return to you if you are unhappy with the finish matching of our Prewired Telecaster Control Plate.
  • Our parts and wire lengths are designed to work seamlessly with our Prewired Telecaster Control Plate. Due to various guitar and instrument designs, we cannot guarantee that our parts will fit properly, and due to this, we do not offer Wiring Harnesses.
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